Parts Still Make Up The Whole
In order to fix the whole of anything emphasis must be given to its parts. Just like with any mistake,
error or disagreement, these are just parts that make up the whole or should we say parts that gave us end results such as divorce, dissolved friendships, lifelong enemies, dysfunctional families.

It is quite normal for human being to disagree with one another. Abnormality would be those folks who are a part of that disagreement individually analyzing themselves (which are the parts) as a contributing factor to the disagreement. Isn’t it amazing how no one wants to concede in an argument, everyone wants to stand their ground while subliminally refusing to be a part of the solution unless it’s on their terms?

Sometimes the peace we seek in a relationship begins with us, which are parts of the whole; meaning, the way we handle being right or wrong in an argument, the way we speak to others, our unteachable attitudes, always missing the point but insisting on sticking to our points, which for the most part has zero to do with a solution.

Rather than pointing out everyone else’s faults why not look at yourself and evaluate your contribution; did your behavior, words, and over all contribution make things better or bitter? Were you seeking peace or a resolve or were you defiant in getting your point across at any cost? Did you ignore the contribution of others because you’re in charge? Do you see yourself as prideful, controlling, rude, self-serving, arrogant?
Well, it is parts like what I have just mentioned that are fueling the whole.
This is why Jesus said that we must remove the beam from our eyes so that we’ll be in a better position to remove the specks from our brother’s eye (Matthew 7:15). In other words, we must acknowledge and address our issues (parts) in an effort to make better the whole. Mom, dad, husband, wife, boss or whoever may have their faults: could it be our behavior, attitudes, condescending words that are contributing to what we are seeing as a whole?
My friend, my words of wisdom this morning have been pulled from the pages of experience and they are, “check yourself before you wreck yourself”
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
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