The St Ann Police are now investigating the murder of a pastor who was reportedly shot dead Sunday morning.

Bishop of the Valley Spiritual Healing Temple in Harrison Town, Delroy Bingham, was shot at his Discovery Bay home after which he was rushed to the St Ann’s Bay Hospital where he died while being treated.

Deacon of the church, Daniel Mitchell said the bishop’s death was devastating for the church.

“We are all grieving,” he said.He said there was no church service on Sunday as members rushed to the hospital upon hearing that their bishop was shot.

12 thoughts on “PASTOR SHOT DEAD

  1. Guh suck unuh self unuh know how much poor ppl this man help including me how much motherless n fatherless him tek in n see dat dem go right feed dem school dem n set them pon the right track. Unuh bloodclaat day a come bout fishy Bishop trust me ur missed a nuff a we u Mek have bread daily. Only God knows

    1. Bishop Eddie Long was doing the same thing, did a lot of charitable works, and dressed flashy same way. Every person is multifaceted, just because he did you and others good does not mean he can’t do bad. If he was such a good man, how can you honor his memory with such vulgar speech? However, since the police is investigating we will wait for their findings.

  2. You should go and suck yourself, come and talk that he was one of the biggest obeah man in St Ann.How much thousands he was taking to protect scammers.Facts mi chat because him give my nasty little brother how much ring fi keep off police.God is watching and he knows everything.

  3. Bitch confession good fi yuh soul mi sure yuh Dutty bredda a feed yuh anybody hold gun a him head n tell him fi go get guard?????. Just go fi show seh u Nuh fi talk cuz u n ur Dutty bloodclaat bredda nah come offa no table. Yuh bredda a tief Dutty gal Gweh Bishop anuh tief him get a gift n him work with it. Yuh Dutty bredda Nuh have nobody fi stop him blow now. Guh ring yuh mada n Gweh bitch. Dem kill Di man cuz he wasn’t willing to give up his money when dem go to rob him Suh suck out n Gweh n loww him. U Nuh know shit bitch

  4. No man can serve two masters…the end!

    He was cut off without remedy…unuh think god a play play god?
    Unnuh think god is a normal likkle man?

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