1. I read what he wrote and my heart goes out to him and his family. RIP to his brother…..HOWEVER….I’m not sure what to make of his “tribute” or his “speech” about his brother. I know we all express ourselves differently, based on what we are used to or what we are familiar with…..but is he calling himself a star even amidst his brother’s death? Maybe a just me. Regarding his brother’s death…..the truth will come out cause a nuff ppl we swear nuh ina tings an we shock fi know the truth. IJS.

    1. Mi seh mama is di same ting mi deh yah a tink..not u alone wah..disyah tribute yah nuh sound rite a boxcova…Sorry for his lost tho, human life nuh wut nuttn to some people now adays

  2. Burial suit buy fast doe, didn’t people post y/day, how him wouldn’t even send di $50 whe him bredda used to call n beg him?

  3. as mi done read it mi hear mi grandfada voice rite inna mi aize ole ..”if yuh nuh hab ntn gud fi sey,sey not wan wurd till yuh do.” wid dat sed R.I.P yung man
    yea mi know how young pell (spell) a wah …..

  4. RIP to the young man.I don’t want to be negative Susie but if u say your bro is low key and don’t know much people why is he and I quote “wheneva he is locked up”..That’s not a low key person, the circumstance suspicious

  5. I can’t see all of it, but it seems to me like he is expressing his feelings on how is brother looked up to him, he might also be feeling guilty because his brother might have told the wrong person that they were brothers and that’s what got him killed. I’m just speculating because I don’t know neither of them..but R.I.P. he said that he has kids..:(

  6. Hotstepper….yes. I guess so, das why mi say mi know some ppl express dem self different but him nay haffi say him bredda call him when him need clothes. Den him say something bout you give a man your hands but cannot force him to take it…. what dat mean cause him say him encourage him bredda fi hang round him but di bredda neva wanted none of his life….. an di bredda say no . Well if dat is the case mi nuh wrong di bredda cause mi nuh know of Paul Range having a ligit job or any positive surroundings fi anybody waan be a part of. But him a mek it sound like him was offering di brother something good and the brother refused. Dats why mi a bit confused but RIP to his bro anyway.

      1. Mi know wah u a talk bout Simply, chile dis yah tribute sound selfish and base pan wah people did a seh yesterday..u know u rite fallah di saying but someone wi bust it out anyway..

  7. Don’t know his brother.. or him, But is this how he wants people to remember his bro ? A guy with kids who always asking for clothes

  8. ppl mourn differently convo should a be between him n his family don’t see da reason to share it with social media hope him don’t go put up da brother funeral pics is not everything u fi put on da worlwide web

  9. Paul stop lie u just like Natalie you never give Russian nothing you know that why lie .paul you brother was dying for hungry in ja him was a crack head Paul why you an ur sista so lie . God bless ur mon Pauline she alway there for her son Paul lie to big up ur self you know u was not there for your bro god know best that we’re The Lord want him to be it could be worse . Miss u will never here your voice again see u in heaven god know best you aways call your family begging for money an food they will here you again .

  10. What really get me is the fact that he said “STAR” Dancehall people really delusional, RIP to the Young man.

  11. Ok I didn’t read comments yet and please Unuh don’t strong mi… I am entitled to my opinion. First I should say Paul, I’m sorry for the lost of your brother and may his soul RIP. Didn’t know the fellow but you are in a better place. Paul!!!! Mi waah ask you efffff a yuh brother you a write bout har yuh self???? Mi say it’s all about you in many ways, him waah clothes from yuh, him big yuh up a jail, road, inna sun, snow, him look up to like a. Star/celebrity… No tuh pussyclawt tell me something that impresses you about your brother and growing up with him. Saass crise yuh cawh so vein!

  12. Yes gawd I’m reading thank yuh Anno me alone si say dis a tribute to himself. Young man may your soul RIP Causen sehhhhhhhhh????and Paul is not you write this because you can barely read muchless.

  13. Sorry for your loss, and may his soul rest in heaven. What a self centered bastard yuh be!!!! There is a time and place fi everything man. Yuh couldnt say he was kind and caring, and so on and so forth, mi see some cold blooded ppl dead & dem family still find good fi seh bout dem all when there was none! Mi nah tell yuh fi lie, but Im sure u cld have highlighted some of his good attributes as well. U did not have to let d world know that he begged u clothes, that cld have stayed between u and him, u dont talk abt what u do for ppl, especially family, just for fame and glory, that is just wrong! Im sure u meant no harm, by it, but u cld have phrased it in a different to let us know that ur brother looked up to for support and stability and respected u. Instead, u paint a picture weh gi mi di impression that he is a beggy beggy jail bud, sorry but thats what im getting from this so called tribute; self proclaimed stardom!!!!!

  14. R.I.P mi get weh yuh a try seh, yuh brother never waan tek di road yuh a travel,but him a speak highly of yuh,

  15. WHAT A NARCISSISTIC or self centered f**ka this guy !
    What stood out to me…is u must mention yuh brother use to borrow yuh clothes and ask people if dem know yuh ?? Wtf!!! These so call celebrities way too big fi dem small brains.
    It is sad he cannot humble himself enough to take a true minute to reflect.
    D batty bwoy post ” i cant stop crying”…so wait .u stop cry to post this ?
    People need fi wake up and see how social media ah really MASH UP we life and human emotions. Everything bout likes and hits. People fake like f**k all ova this earth.

  16. A simple, “I miss and love you brother” would have suffice. A him tell di wul seh di bredda a jail bud who nayn hab no clothes. Dis yah fambly a summen else. Any ooman or man guh eena dat fambly afta dis muss have a mental condition.

  17. My goodness, you people are the best! Can’t you all just say condolences or something to that effect. People express themselves in different ways. Allow people to grieve without criticism.

    1. Stand up for something fi once in your life and stop condone di fckery! Ppl called out him ass and rightfully so. Dere would be no criticism if him never humiliate him bredda even eena death. Wi nah support fckery in life or death, a juss suh it stay ova yah. Nuh meck chu di wall pink u tink seh we a talk bout unicorns and rainbows yasso.

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