Email 1- Somebody send this pic come to mi phone and mi need clarification if him left? Cause Paula need fi mek him gwan!!!!

Email 2-

Young boy business gone wrong Paula dean give andrew stinga green card an him left her for a younger girl a wah coulda cause this 

16 thoughts on “PAULA WHERE DI MAN GONE?

  1. Dis extremely embarrassing
    I hope as a big ooman she set him free and left him
    All inna di big ooman Benz she rob people money fi buy him put gal inna a pose off wid. Wata disgraceful mon mi kno she shame behind dis

  2. Paula! This little boy a bring shame and disgrace to you. Gyal in yuh benz and show off, look how much people you rob and thief for this boy and this is the thanks you get. You made Andrew who he is today. Throw out the boy make him go kotch up with the rest a Stinga them.

  3. That’s why as a grown person, you have to know when to LET GO.
    I’m sure she saw signs prior to this getting public, but NO, she think she could hold him because he likes THINGS…..smh. Wake up ladies. Things/Babies/Good Pussy/Deep throat none of that hold a man

  4. Dat sound like a gyal me use to fuck get to find out a no my pickney so me jus cut her off everytime me beat it this gyal nasty up me sheet bitch is a streeech jus like her friend me duck out

  5. Hahaha lol if I laugh I pop up dem ugly old gal ya unu ca hol man wid unu things the man dem no want no ooman fi baby sit dem man fi fuck nuff gyal and gyal inna bundle unu ca tame man go find unu a lame nigga wa unu can clown jus like u maga friend

  6. Thief from thief, God laugh! Paula Dean third from nuff people so if smaddy theif har man it shouldn’t be no surprise. Leave little boys alone and go find man in a your age group.

  7. Andrew is so ungrateful,Paula take up,polish and shine you off,and this is the thanks she get yeah we all know she older but at the end of the day,she’s not the only Stella out there,is not she alone,the other one name Kevon stings weh deh wid the other thief name Nicky them left to,she probably find out seh him a fuck Dora and others too,and the one weh deh wid steph grand him a gal all over suh don’t be surprised dem leff to.

  8. I’m not surprised, I didn’t expect for him to be with Paula on till she Reside in a nursing home,he is a very young man and Paula could well be is mother” she is lucky that cute little boy of her didn’t born with Down syndrome …

  9. Old or young a just the lifestyle of having nuff nuff nuff nuff Ooman!!!and if ur main Ooman a big Ooman shi affi a teef and do something for dem!! All the others is jus a fuck!! Nuhtin cyan cool Dem not even Dem Ooman home! A jus suh di tin set! jus affi deal wid it or leave it alone cause it a get worse and worse!! U have some Likkle bwoy wey understand Dem self still but most a dem a johncrow! Dem a user! Abuser and teef!!! Dem lie to all demself cause moretime dem don’t even know if dem like dem Ooman home a jus cause why him dey dey cause it’s not fi prove to demself sey Dem can have a big Ooman a jus fi show ppl out a road sey seet dey my Ooman a big look good name brand regular Ooman! Dats all!! Cause if dem did business Dem wouldn’t put dem relationship at risk fi cheat suh loud fi get caught!!! And a funny tin it look like all a dem a drink di same tea cause every story mi hear bout dem man yah a di same!! Smfh!!!!

  10. Fel fel u a tell me say u couldn’t hold dah young stud yah either lol girl u pussy just big n Wagga Wagga suh stop mine man full time u learn ur lesson get up every day bout the ppl dem man want me dwl

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