Good morning met, pum pum eater has landed in Jamaica ,, ladies book your appointment and take your check book or live cash ((((I only send you facts met)))) no add or make up… worst him crew a keep pool party him ago eat more to get that money Jesse I will book my appointment soon


11 thoughts on “PEOPLE BAD OHHHH

  1. Just a gentle warning to the ladies that book di nyammings….mi hear seh braced nuh guh good wid nyammings. One gerl tell mi seh di braces tweeze out every hair root pon har tunny an crawb it up. She seh she start wid a landing strip and end up wid a peelhead. Suh mi get it suh mi sell it. not hating on your parade Player

  2. Sender, I do not see the need for you to exaggerate and send in this guy’s pictures for shock value. This little nigga look like he can’t even form a coherent thought without 2 Teachers, and about 1 week of prep time! Describing him as an “eater” is very tongue in cheek.

  3. Little Willie – your going to make me lose my great federal govt job!!! LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOL DWL

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