o yuh did a call me cheater and player all the time when your di one was cheating and bagga a things. Well yuh tek God affi di cross yuh never cheat on me yet cause yuh loves PPls things 😂😂😂 anyway idc still di facts his you should be honest about its more than lies and why di poor kayon girl never dAh wid you cause she never f**g feeling please what you where telling her and bagga things, your just a liar 😭😭😭 yuh tell her but heaven but heaven still alive where is your kids? Dem died don’t cause yuh switch and tell ppls bout heaven too much and God nuh like ugly 😁 me did tell yuh inna yuh inbox I f**k pan you alots but yuh still f**k a bitch and a hoe what you said without a condom due all di 4 months in jm so what now.


    1. The last time I expressed my desire for well written mix up “SOMEBODY” said if that’s what I wanted, I should send in my own. Soooo don’t come type what now!!! Take weh you get…. Yup I’m petty Tiffy

  1. Where’s “DWRL” and “Stocky Chick”? You’re being summoned to come and translate AGAIN cuz you know a chick be slow…. :bingung:

  2. Ok so a now mi see that u kemi, crystal whatever u wan name is a mad gal in a real life, but girl the time u on fb and sending in met to pink wall u would use the time and go back to school. ppl like unu mek it bad on Jamaicans cause unu sit down in a the ppl dem country a waste time but the UK sent home 42 ppl the other day so dem soon know weh fi do with some a unu… now this is the real story the girl who send in this live in England she in a relationship with that guy him name leon but him dea with a girl here in ja. Him a mad the sender cause she a mine him but she ugly and stay bad so him no want her all that she doing, plus she bad and she bi she no have no sense she tell him she have a baby but is not for him so wah day she come ja and wen she go hm back she tell him she pregnant and in space of no time she have twins and say it’s his now she see dat nah work she saying them dead cause she want to come ja to come see him but she no have no baby to show lol. She style him up all the time on fb and put up other men and woman saying she f**g them and she Sey leon suck her and him is a clown. But now it look like leon not giving her any attention so she sent in this cause she deh a England a mad.. girl please to deactivate your account and go to school cause kemi you fool and dunce bad and leon don’t want u leave the boy and his girlfriend alone u look like baby giant , u always on fb a cuss the girl and u so dunce no one understands u kmt.

  3. unuh to badmines come offa kimmi name unu a live shit pit life dung a jamaica an vex cz we reach ova england lol gwey

  4. Leon and that kemi girl don’t break up plus it’s not kemi put up that’s shit!. Because that girl in the photo and kemi is friend. Leave the girl name out with unu mix ups and f***ry

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