Well God spared my life today again. I was trailed from the bank in New Kingston to Cross Roads. One thief followed me in the building while the other stayed outside and broke into my car. My sixth sense picked him up and my belly gave me such a cramp he followed me out the building and as if someone was shouting in my head go back inside go back inside I obeyed. He waited awhile for me to come out but I stayed inside until they drove away in a white Toyota Axion. When the police came I was the second victim from morning same car. Please please please be careful when leaving the bank. Luckily they just took my bag that was left in the vehicle. Be alert always. Thank you God.



  1. What is wrong with ppl? Sick of these scumbags who can’t sit and thing up a plan fi get ahead, damn parasites.

  2. Nuff a dem yute ya nowadays just want money de easy way – tru begging, teefing, scamming, conning, etc, and dem have no shame inna dem game eeda. It’s so damn sad dat so many people have to be living in fear because of these parasites, as somebody up top say. Sender, mi sorry fe know what happened to you, but mi glad say dat you are alive and well. Thank God fe dat!

  3. Sender glad your ok. Unfortunately this has been going on for donkeys years. It just never reach you till now. Whenever I’m in Jamaica and going to the bank or remittance office. I always have my male cousins or friends accompany me. No guarantee but I don’t appear to vulnerable with 2 big rusty man with me.

  4. Wow, I’m happy you are safe and thank you for sharing. Awareness is important. So sorry your window was smashed, hopefully covered by insurance at no cost to you because side windows more expensive than windshields.

  5. Give thanks you ok sender, will cost a ting to fix the window and replace the contwnts if your bag. Side note, we nah support petty thief round ere. As a precaution be careful how we leave our valuables in view of unscrupulous individuals, dont wait until you reach your destination you put you bag under the seat and so on. If something doesn’t feel right it usually isn’t, trust yourself and your senses.

  6. The employees of the banks are the main culprits.The manager should not allow them to use cellphones during work hours.

  7. Ano just bank Dem fall a from airport, western union an dem tings an all clip u when driving so Yuh stop an come out… An Christmas no even come yet.

  8. I give thanks to God for your life and safety. I am so glad that you were obedient to that that quite voice. Thank you for sharing and reminding us that God is with us and will direct our path. Stay blessed

  9. Sender give God all the praise and Glory for that day… I thank God he was with you at that time… I’m taking a trip to JA shortly and I’m afraid for things like that because it can happen to anyone… I pray for my safety and my family safety while we are there to enjoy the island and what it has to offer… I’m glad that you are good and nothing bad happened to you, could of been truly worst, Thank God to see another day and I hope those men are captured real quick… Thank you for sharing your experience…

  10. Them nuh just a trail dem a ork with ppl in the banks, airport etc. These ppl tell dem who have money etc. A two weeks ago dem follow mi brethren from the bank to work n dem stay a d man work whole day til him leave dem hold him up n tek the money. Insiders a the prob bcuz hundreds a ppl go inna bank how dem know who have mek the big withdrawals. I waah kill two f***g shit dem.

  11. Sender mi glad all is well wid yuh. Thank God for your obedience to that voice. Mi detest di dutty wutliss lowlife dem is ah shame. Every day dem getup and study how fi rob people. Caaan stand dem..

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