Met mi always a admire dis Make Up Artiste finished product, but she caan care fi skin whe she pile on d makeup pon. Look pon har skin at starting at 1:24 pon di video.


  1. It look very good fi true but as the bredda did seh pon the other post dem ladies a deal inna ‘special effects’ bwoi

      1. This kind of dramatic transformation is deceitful. While her application is impressive, the eye brows and fake lashes create a drag queen effect. Most men do not find this appealing and I would personally complete a whole make up routine at bedtime in fear of being seen without the makeup. While makeup is girly and can be used to enhance what’s ready there, it shouldn’t be used as sorcery. It is a better investment to periodically get a skin peel and microdermabrasion at the spa. Remove the special effects and invest in spa treatments that will dramatically enhance the skin.
        You are not pretty is pretty comes in the form of this much effort. Another thing, I’ve seen white women wear fake eye lashes and they are invariably undetectable but black women….what on Earth makes you thing this whole pile of bristle is attractive? Seriously?
        Go to Contour Day Spa, book an appointment with Andrea and believe me, ya’ll won’t find this necessary.

        1. Foxy mi agree because makeup a gi face contour etc dat nuh right…ppl a get straight nose when dem nose not straight as simple as it is the world is becoming one big a tink dem a oman and ooman a tink dem a man all a look like man…no limit

        2. FOXY while I do agree with your statement, but one can also do spa treatments at home, buy: TEA TREE OIL, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, BUY BROWN SUGAR AND HONEY FOR BODY SCRUB, WITCH HAZEL and a skin toner which can take out spot and not bleach tooo much…..just can take out spots.

  2. OMG this is so deceiving her face wah steam and scrub, she need fi give make up a break man. Her face is atrocious. Lyric head big though.
    Can imagine you as a man go home with she and she wash off the pund a make up and then wake up wid dem black spot deh eeeeewwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      1. GM Met and Metters, in all fairness to her, she has skin problems and has tried various stuff to get rid of her acne, I’ve always maintained that at the end of the day to each his own, but yes she wears make-up everyday and that cant be helpful, as an aspiring make-up artist, and someone who is interested in skin care, I know that skin needs air to breath and excrete but Lyric wear make-up everyday suh dat might exacerbate d skin problem. Otherwise, she is excellent at what she does

  3. I can never understand why is it that when someone is doing or have done something positive people always point out the negative things…ppl have skin issues no matter how they care for there face and it’s not for her to tell anyone how to care their skin…she shows how to properly apply the product to achieve the perfect look…

    1. of course but there are some people who dont want to spend all that time putting on those would be good if we learn some skin secrets on how t care for our skin

    2. I agree, some ppl just have bad skin no matter what they use. The purpose of her videos is not skin care, but applying makeup and she does a DAMN good job. I follow her on youtube and she is happily married. Who don’t like it DON’T WATCH IT!! LAWD!!!

  4. Ispy she happily married and shes also an artist she sound good to and yes she need more input in the taking care department cause when you wear makeup daily it affect yuh face bad ,and thats her line of work an if yuh search youtube its not just she most makeup artiste got skin problem cause those chemicals are bad for skin everyday i got to be working hard on mines to ensure no breaking out

    1. If God is accepting of prostitutes and thieves, who are you to define christianity!
      Stick to the topic and leave the judging to the judge of all judges.

      1. Miss Lady not judging, if u fully in di church TEK out dem worlian symbols dey. Is not like dem permanent, so tek dem out.

      2. Gone are the days when Christians wear two big granny plat an dem things deh mi nu see nuttin nuh wrong if she fix up harsalf.. If you can’t grow it sew it .. If you can’t achieve it weave it.jus because yuh a serve god nuh mean yuh fi jus throw up yuh self as me granny would a say

      3. Anon, you are correct in stating that God is a forgiving and accepting God….but when she deh pon the church pew ah blurt out the hymnals and the tongue ring ah expose ana buff up itself inna ar mout, what do you expect people to think or whisper??? First thing come to my mind if freak, blow job. When mi start watch the video and it touch the 1:24 mark, mi jus tap eeh right deh suh…no MA’AM!!!!!!!! :hoax2 …..BIO OIL ASAP!!

        1. Side note: Is it just me or does anyone else notice that this emoticon right here>> :hoax2 << seems to be uttering the words "no ma'am"?! Does anyone else notice that??

  5. Whe shi said starting at 1:10? Ants bite har pon har good, good tun up face?? Where???dats not ants bite is ugly spots whe want medication fi clear up dem dey prappa bruck out sores

  6. Why oonu nuh leave the lady and har “Good Good Tun Up Face” alone?? Dwrl. Seriously though in her defence it looks like she has a bad case of ackne which is not always easy to get rid of, have you seen Alicia Keys without make-Up? That’s probably why Lyric make up always tun up! Mi like her still.

  7. Listen no one is bashing her work, all mi a sey is this why we women have to be so superficial, talk the true her skin stay bad.
    If she took a break from all that layer she will be just fine. Drink plenty water, and use moisturizer.
    Them fi stop deceive ppl man. One pound a cake. I dont wear make up period, cah mi hate fi it mess up my clothes and mek mi feel hot and sticky.
    Give your face so breathing space.

  8. But met to each is own when it come to skin care…I personally have acne and am 35 and it not from not because I have not practice proper skin care I drink plenty water change my diet visit several dermatologist and it’s still an issue…..she promote applying make-up and for some ppl it’s to much but one can still learn from her videos and apply the techniques to one preference…

    1. no doubt but as I said we can benefit from good skin care…if u add lots of berries and green juice to your diet in less than 3 weeks u will see a change…the spot may not disappear but it helps..women over 25 need to practice anti-aging skin care…makeup isnt important as good skin care because it nuh fair fi get whey u did not see

      1. And Im saying this because I have just started learning this myself. ..water collagen scrubs every other day…we need to learn that

        1. Hellooooooooooo metty n jmg metters

          wah kinda water collagen scrub met yu caan post di name r sumn also wahappen di health n nutrition page kno yu bizzy still….

          lyric u talented badddd! skill level pon di make up tun up! mi suffa wid di black spot too. mi own is a hyperpigmentation issue di dermatologist seh. nutn him av can tek dem black spot outa mi skin. ano my face doh pon mi body. it naffi be dat shi nuh care fi har skin cah mi try nuff tings. tru mi nuh eena di bleachin jus try live wid dem.

          1. collagen i will post and some other stuff later today…the pills and liquid are good , topical only good for moisturizing

          2. hyperpigmentation get worst with age…di citrus good for it but u have to use at sweet orange oil if it nuh irritate ur skin

      2. Met yuh Damn right bout wey yuh sey! The spot will disappear also. Natural remedy fi dat Metty, raw homey and lemon will do the trick. If dem study food and how to eat to eat to live in stead of how to eat and get full and use make up to hide dem will see a difference. It lies in the science of food. Changing diet is only a very small piece of the puzzle.

      3. Met thanks for the tip, I will definitely try it, becuz I too have struggled with acne for years and could really use the help, if anyone else out there have any more useful remedies/suggestions keep dem coming I would most definitely appreciate it, cause after becoming so frustrating after using 1 product after the other I too have resorted to using make up to cover up

  9. Me nah lie the makeup look good and har teeth dem white so I’m gonna be positive and say she takes better care of her teeth than she does her skin.. Dat positive right?

  10. She does take time out and care for her face though, Iv’e seen countless videos on this channel as well as her other channel where she comes on with facial mask etc and talks about different supplements she take for her acne.

  11. Make up is a concealer, enhancer , it fool nuff people and ketch Nuff tuh. It nuh different from Di fake batty dem, Di fake breast and all these other things that people use to soothe their “imperfections”. Can you imagine if make up distributors stop manufacture make up what would happen! People fi tek heed. Nice skin can be achieved through proper eating. Some people are just indiscipline and fall for the easy way out. Study the science of food. Not taking away from the artist though because she is talented. It’s just a double edged sword, which boils down to what matters most to the person. Cover it up or study and work to achieve what you want…

  12. This is really fckin madness fi ppl say when ppl a do something good ppl find negative shit .. Umm we are stating the obvious the girl face stay EXTRA BAD! That make up is irrelevant !! Cuz that’s not what she really look like!
    Idc wa cause deh sitten deh but it need fi get rid ah …

    & how is she a Christian with tongue ring n nose ring !!!
    Nope ! Who wa vex jus vexxxxx bout Christian!

  13. Thanks for the tips Met…..I just recently learned from watching the Dr’s is that make-up isn’t bad for our skin but it causes skin issues if proper routine is followed to remove and cleanse skin and the worst thing one can do is sleep in make-up….I agree that some ppl looks almost fake after applying make-up and personally I think make up should be worn to enhance ur features not to look other than one self

  14. met she has a video on her other chanel that says she has been struggling with her acne problems n weight for a very longtime n she has tried many products over the years but none has worked.

  15. Juss like how dem have hairdresser weh dem hair always wad do, no sah..
    People need to invest and promote their professions to the fullest. Me wouldn’t wah she do nuitten to my skin when me see fi har own stay so.
    I bet you the cause of that problem is all dem knock off makeup-up weh dem a get cheap. Anything weh come from China mi nah Truss. Dem everything and sell it cheap just to make a dollar and doh care about the side effects on you John Public. Lyric ,Please to check out the ingredients in you makeup and where it was made, I bet you will find the source of your problem. I have seen several of her videos and her skin issue was not this severe.

  16. Here is a few tips for anyone struggling with adult acne and scars. Lay off sugar and bleached or process flour. Washing your face daily at least twice a day is key. A mixture of baking soda, very fine sea salt and a dab of your favorite cleanser is all you need to wash your face. Always moisturize after washing your face (to lock in moisture).

    Eating healthy is important, juice if you can (mostly vegetables and a little fruit).

    * Change your pillow case and linens regularly…
    Best of luck and trust your skin will be clear in no time.

  17. She is talented.. Because I would of never though she could cover up those black spots.. Hopefully she will get something for her skin and clear it up..

  18. Here are a few tips for anyone struggling with adult acne and scars. Lay off sugar and bleached or process flour. Washing your face daily at least twice a day is key. A mixture of baking soda, very fine sea salt and a dab of your favorite cleanser is all you need to wash your face. Always moisturize after washing your face (to lock in moisture).

    Eating healthy is important, juice if you can (mostly vegetables and a little fruit).

    * Change your pillow case and linens regularly…
    Best of luck and trust your skin will be clear in no time.

    1. @sameso is how much a each ting needed fi di cleanser? is it fi be thick r thin? can yu please elaborate…. plz n tonx

  19. When u check other make-up tutorials, most of the artists’ av baad skin, me frighten how d make-up (stacks of it), cover-up all dose spots.
    I myself have flawless skin, no spots, blemishes, blackheads, nun ah dat, y? Good genetic make-up.
    Cleansing and moisturising go together, to achieve clean skin. Other factors, your best bet is a good dermatologist who can prescribe medicated facial creams.

    A comment was made on the kartel blog and the person stated that it look like the make-up ting gawn clear, due to the changing of ones face; once makeup is applied, the woman face nuh look like fi ar own; the face almost look “devil like”. This is in reference to the “kartel camp”.

    Again i try not to pound on to much make-up, caw me nuh waa luk like devil. :salahkamar

    Good day jmg, met, jmg crew, bloggers, peepers and all, bless-up!

  20. all I have to say is me sorry fi di man dem out therd imagine going to bed wit 1 person then waking up to somebody else da next day lmfao

  21. Sulphur masks are very good for those with acne. And yes, the key is your diet and environment. *Positive for those with acne, you most likely have oily skin which helps keep wrinkles at bay, best to learn how to properly care for it* Alot of doctors know money is in the treatment or a problem not cure.

  22. All e while unu cuss man how wi a liad, as met wud seh wi coming to di table wid one hand behind wi lol suh met a how much hand shi have behind she? It seems makup naa use fi enhance nuh more, it a use fi hide an disguise tings loll


    1. Thanks anonymous 1:28 I hope this will work for me, I share your sentiments, I love my natural look too, and it pains my heart to wear make up to cover up, becuz I have mild acne but nothing seems to work for me, I even try herbal/natural products and dis herbal doctor tell mi seh a too much sugar in my diet and mi cut back on the sugar and the problem persist, so I fell hopeless and helpless yah man, thanks for the tip and free advice.:peluk :2thumbup :shakehand2

  24. Guys also remember your scalp and dandruff’s helps contribute to acne, if yuh scalp is dirty then its a possibility yuh face will breakout.

  25. Metty mi nah si mi comment dem, for some strange reason Im not seeing them appear on the thread, check it out for me nuh plz and tonks

      1. Metty mi just try fi memorize weh mi did type and it gone again (bus out a big cow bawling) :mewek2 cho mi cant badda eh nuh, mi a ask fi some advice and d computer a nyam mi comment dem :mewek2

  26. So how dah comment deh just register and the others are lost??? Anyway mi a respond to yuh post @ 11:56 seh Thanks for the tip and free advice. I too have struggled with mild acne for years and have tried almost everything as to no avail. So if there is anyone else out there with any other solution/remedies keep dem coming. I would appreciate that very much, cause after trying all those products without any luck, I have resorted to make up as a cover up for a temporary relief to my problem. So HEEELLLLPPP, caused this is the first in my life I am using make up and I love my natural beauty so I would be more than happy for a permanent relief and not just a temporary fix. Please and tonks in advance somebody, anybody??!!!

  27. One can also do spa treatments at home, buy: TEA TREE OIL, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, BUY BROWN SUGAR AND HONEY FOR BODY SCRUB, WITCH HAZEL and a skin toner which can take out spot and not bleach tooo much…..just can take out spots.

      1. TIP: NO ONE DROP, YOU WASH FACE WITH LIKE NEUTROGENA that hs salicylic acid. Then use a cotton for the Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs with the “mother” in it) and rub on skin. (The smell is atrocious at first, but you will get used to it after). Then you use a moisturizer (Aveeno is good). Tea Tree oil can be placed on affected areas after. Repeat daily at night. This worked for me, I have sensitive skin.

        1. same collagen moisturizer good…exfoliate your face every other day…and once in a while apply pure petroleum jelly in the night and sleep with it…or di same mineral oil there..from u ketch 25 buy a eye creme…it is your eyes that start aging first..moisturize day and night …light for the day and u can use a heavy one at night..will ask a friend of mine fi write some skin tips..she say castor oil good fi di eyebrows and lashes …mi jus start use it :hammer

          1. ye castor oil very good met….mi addicted to di apple cider vinegar it gooood so til and tea tree oil

          2. Yes the black one…I am really trying with my skin because mi nuh waa live ina foundation n powder

        2. next ting fi people wid dry skin u can use a cold creme to wash your face every other day..di drier your skin is a di more it age but it nuh fi over greasy because u will get acne….blend up berries and drink..hydrofacial is good I hear..mi nuh get to doing one yet

          1. Well maybe a d grease mi fi stay far from den, cause every morning mi grease mi hair and wash twice per month, every 2 weeks, so mi affi guh work pan dat n use less n wash more, and mi love buss black head too yuh see every minute mi fine sinting fi buss all when nothing nuh deh deh, mi affi go try kip mi fingers out of mi face too.

        3. Thanks KK a gwine try it, a hope it work wonders, lol cause I desperate need a break through from dis acne break out :shakehand2

          1. Good cleaning regime, exfoliate regularly, in addition, I have eczema (although you wouldn’t guess that now) and the thing I swear by rubbing skin with the actual Singlebible plant at night and if you can manage to taking the sap out to eat or drink it with fruit juice at least once a week.

            If you do buss black heads try to put pressure around the edge of it and push down (if it is ready it will squeeze out) instead of picking or squeezing them. Make sure your hand are clean before you start and once you’ve finished clean the area with Which Hazel and again rub Single Bible or tea tree oil.

        4. Aveeno (green cap) is the only moisterizer my face can tolerate. The first thing my face and neck sees in the morning is a combination of Cethiphel mix with apricot scrub. I use a rag different from the one I bathe with to dry my face.

  28. Love the make up tips, she applied her makeup beautifully. Her high lights and contouring are clean. You look flawless.

    1. maybe she can come gi us some answers…why contouring needed etc..she doesnt look over done when she finish

      1. yu kno mi tink lyric did a answa upa to deh wish shi really wuda come talk up bout di contouring an tings. mi nah wear di foundation and blush now but mi feel fi stawt wear dem dwlll har make up luk flawless nuh lie

  29. Having a flawless complexion is most often genetic, but some people has real bad skin, they would do anything to achieve that smooth look on the face, at an early stage make up is to be used, that is the most common cause of the skin problem, young women started using too much make up, and not taking proper care of their skin, the make up and not exfoliating the skin clog the pores and cause these black heads that are so have to get rid of, then next poisonous thing to the face, is the finger nails, I used lime when ever I saw a pimple on my face, never put my own finger nails to squeeze a bump in my face, I take real good care of my skin, for years I have never go to bed without cleanse my face and use moisturizer, I use moisturizer heavily like how she uses the make up. I am very serious on my skin care, I spend on my skin moisturizers like I spend for clothes or food, I drink a look of Acai berry juice, it has 1000 anti oxidants, very good for your skin.

    1. I saw one day this person pan tv do one deep cleaning pan dem face and when the person check what came out of her skin she was able to tell that she wear makeup sidung ina di pores

  30. Met I forget to mention the eye cream, or cucumber, very important, the eyes shows the most signs of aging if not treated early, learning the proper way to massage the facial tissues are also important, always working the skin up wards , while pulling an stretching it upwards, the mineral oil is excellent, and the coco butter formula, don’t forget to add a little bio oil to the mix,

  31. metters n metty mi luv unno :peluk thanks fi di skin care tips :peluk mi a try wid mi skin an prefer di natural tings like di tea tree oil an ACVinger use now fi my dandruff an it wuk well

  32. If Ms Lyric is reading, I hope she has seem these valuable tips by the Metters. Is true spend as much time taking care of your face as you do putting on all that makeup.

  33. ya some f**king haters. di gal makeup stay GREAT. as someone with acne prone skin i will watch to learn some tips for coverage. and yes i also have an appt scheduled to see a doctor. But not because ur skin is clear doesnt mean the girl is negligent. some ppl just have acne prone skin.

    the point is she is good at her craft. yes its her CRAFT. some of u need to find one

  34. I use African black soap, 100% Moroccan Argan oil and unrefined Shea butter. They work wonders for my skin. The trick is to get the authentic stuff, which is not always easy. I get my stock from a lady I trust. If anyone wants to try them, be sure to do a thorough internet search and read reviews about vendors. Her makeup is beautiful, but I would not want to have to do that every day…

    1. Yes argan oil n black soap but not everyday fi di black soap it will dry ur skin..argan oil on wet skin not dry

      1. And mi glad u say di everyday one wants to put on all those layers everyday…I love how she does the eyebrows too

        1. Yes, Met, I use the Argan oil on wet skin. The thing with the AB soap is that there are so many fakes on the market. Also, some people leave it on for minutes but I don’t. I just apply and rinse, right away. I also see my dermatologist every few months, but just for maintenance because my skin is in pretty good shape. I have all kinds of other skin care stuff, some of them quite pricey, but I really prefer using the AB soap, Argan oil and Shea butter.

    2. The Raw African Black Soap, Shea Butter etc is available at African Queen Market, I know they have a store on Flatbush in NY also one in di Bronx. I’m sure they have a website as well. They sell di genuine african stuff.. Dem even sell di good quality bleach cream (Ritas n MJ) fi all dose whe a use mix-up mix-up and a spwile up dem skin. Their rubbings work.

      1. GENUINE African product whey mek inna some nasty place, by unscrupulous chemist or villager. Hence onu later- on- dung de road health issues wid mercury poisoning inna lead.

        1. A wha u naah sey Phoenix mi did always think dem products a di genuine good up ones. Where can one get di genuine black soap, shea butter etc?

  35. Jenklemen….please take note. Walk wid unnu rag and thinner to di dance or unnu aguh gaa bed wid Sindarella an wake up wid di UGLY sister. BEWARE !!!

  36. This is precisely why a thorough shower is necessary before any dugu dugu gwaan. Now…can you imagine di ring inna yu baat tub or di brown wata whe a run affa she an dung di drain when yu put she unda di water? Is like when pikney a roll roun inna sand pile an yu hose dem awf before dem come eena di house.No sah!!

  37. Good-Night Met, GN all…

    Jencare deh a Jamaica, Miami, and Green Acres Mall. 75 US fi a facial plus another 100 fi products. Now, I stand 200 percent with Ms. Jen’s products. I suffered from acne a long time UNTIL my mother, who has been going to Jen for years, referred me to Jencare. I have been a client for almost ten years and trust me, within one year my face CLEARED up entirely! For this young lady and others suffering from acne —–>

    unu welcome :thumbup

  38. Stop scandal the woman Her face wasn’t always like that. It could be a recent skin problem as those marks are not in prev videos . Make up like that is truly meant to show the art of or for pics n TV. I guess the excessive makeup is for other females to admire n ting . Trapping makeup is no makeup or a “no makeup” look . She has skills as an artist.

  39. Me realy applaud Lyric cos she talented bad. Ano everyday ppl a go waan look regular. U have special occasion where u mght waan turn up d tings n get d flawless look like 4 a wedding or a nice event etc. Nothing wrong with being natural but there are exceptions to the rule. We women haffi memba say we experience time o d month and when dat a happen all hell start break loose pon ppl body especially u face plus things like pregnancy othr harmonal changes can lead 2 skin problems as well. From time to time me experience acne so d last time me go a d dermatologist d man was of a different race. Hear d thiefing dr no 🙂 – him going 2 prescrbe something 4 me which might b pricey plus him ask me if me was planning 2 have anymore children because it can cause birth defects or infertility. Me just spin me roll n walk right outta d man office n cut me eye afta him with him choopidness kmt…Another thing is nuff ppl come a farin or even back home n MOSQUITA, n other INSECTS not 2 mention d BED BUG dem wa deh all over d farin train station dem n even pon bus, or inside buildings invade ppl skin. If anybody have any solution for removing resistant dark spots caused by any of the above please advise somebody has 2 keep it real 🙂

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