ide my id, chin chin chin…. Why woman must look so when man lef dem? Chin fix up urself girl life goes on. Chin loose bout 20 lbs in a week 😂😂😂 chin is not a good look at all. D famous Tristan was spotted with his new bae at Kelly Upsetter fashion night out. Poor chin u should be happy he left cause all dem box n kick deh we u used to collect gone! Be happy hun!


8 thoughts on “PEOPLE NUH FI BAD SUH LOL

  1. A lie yah tell every girl a try put on likkle meat these days, nobody nah aspire fi wear size 0 no more dem days gone

  2. All when Chin get slim she look better than the new bae . We all know the new bae is just there for the perks cause she throw cocky padna real good before she go buy a new head ugly rass

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