Petagay mi seh what mi seh reggie dont want you and you run go breed for him n him tell u dash weh the belly.yo friend twiggy talk it yo cousin meeks talk it b*tch.remember reggie never look pan u when u a breed n u never have nothing but if you pay reggie fi f**k u n what u expected when you fi a run dung (Edited) ya run down cocky n a mine man nobody na hide back a fake page whoring gyal stop call up mi bl***t name n ill leave urs go find the right father because reggie na look pan u or happy seh u breed n gi him the belly ee him own friend dem say the baby not his. Mumzel yo life nuh interesting and the nex time u hear seh ya call up mi name a problem. Bear Red bottom u n him wear. N yo baby don’t have a crib🤣


 but u hype.purposely breed fi keep man. Reggie and the girl met inna accident and 1 week later him buy car a she u fi hot fa not me.mumzel you n yo friend thrm come offa mi name


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