7 thoughts on “PETAL ANSA DAWN

  1. Yes petal bleach or down but you for got the ammonia wicked dawn you or getting thing that you deserve and it’s only going to get better you and your spider looking kids.. dawn remember say a Aids kill you mumma talk bout all a the battery that you got from Tivoli Garden go right back to chances lane

  2. Oh yea you think america will play to sentence her ass for life in prison. Petal you made a big mistake putting up a video with bleach on social to pour on Dawn ‘ this is evidence if you ever carry out this act . Good luck petal . Also please invest in some community class in the evenings you can’t sprak for shit . You sound uneducated & illiterate for living so many years in america.

  3. Petal yuh face swell like spaded cat go tek care of your mumma an grands. Yuh shoulda shame causen seh Nafessa or yuh odda ruff daughter don’t respect yuh. Dem finish school before dem tun yuh mek granny????? Try tek care of yuh last daughter an don’t mek she breed up like yuh fuss unruly two smh Petal YOU ah police Arab so nuh badda come try convince di crowd of you not being the type to call police. This is America, no fight is fair so cut yuh shit.

  4. Anonymous go suck dawn pussy u can’t stop petal kids them have them good job dawn no have no good kids one kill and duty Wendy carry jugs and money for your man that has is wife remember Wendy is taking so one husband no ambition just like her a take people husband dawn kids them don’t have a job petal kids them have job and go to school so anonymous go suck u mother and leaves petal kids them comfortably.

  5. Dawn I can wait until the police find out because me no is not petal or patra duty dawn u a go shame when u find out

  6. Durrrrrty good gal wid di roach infested pussy, guh suck yuh fadda an don’t come tell me shit bout Petal bad breed picmey dem wey walk an TEEF JUST LIKE PETAL. DEN AH CARRY LIZZY BAG FROM DEM IMMA GRADE SCHOOL Nafeesa tek man like dog an di likkle pit bull one wey come up from JA inna the 90s tek Petal fi beating stick . Good job WHERE? Huh lick out yuh mumma

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