1. In my Nicky blacks voice…Tamara Tamara Tamara smh me wah see di face not di head top… Fan out metters and sen on

  2. That mean say them know all the people who she hired to go in the store to get the goods . Them all on camera cause them been a watch them . More lock up deh fi gwaan. Dutty rass them . Then go on IG a brag like them rich and a people card them a swipe. Christine a u next them a look for u nasty rass the apple because yall go inform on each other.

  3. Metty, what mi did seh the other day bout di Feds compiling the collateral damages before them mek dem big move?…unu nuh si nutten yet!!

  4. Wat ah “disbaraaaasssment” caz embarassment 2 pretty of a wud fi dem..Lo and behold di TheifTs…no sah. Ah wanda how de life dem did a life going 2 sooth dem sorrows inna jail..red yei fi di high life widout a honest days wuk gi u jail life..hold dung u head but fi how long?

  5. All di shoes whey apple wear go har man party dem retrieve from di gal. Mettt dem say when she go inna di shop dem a queens eno my girl go wid har laptop, go online and ask har customers what they want to rass… Donkey shape twins is har favorite client, di apple she and har work together sometimes but apple still buy from har cuz a she have di real Saks links. Anyway I found out Saturday this bitch got her papers upon her release from jail she said that the best things happened to her after going to jail cuz her lawyer took the opportunity to work on her papers then, next di man whey shi deh wid she talk say she meet him in jail through the toilet I don’t know how it possible but hmm, she got release before him and went to visit him and saw what eachother looked like, they both criminals. It’s sad. GN metters, metty big up!

  6. Really give new meaning to di term “black market”.
    But wah dem really a hold dung dem head fah? When dem di a use up di ppl dem credit dem head was higher dan fi giraffe.
    All I knows all dem Black folks who dream of work inna luxury shops have a uphill battle fi dem now. You can bet seh some a di buyers dem shitting bricks now..woieeeeeeee

  7. The sad thing about it they all f**king blacks they are a disgrace all sake a clothes dem gonna make a example outta they dumb asses.

      1. Shake and Bake? lolol Dem gwan get Roast and pressure cook! lolol
        Now when hard working and accomplish black women wear them things that was PAID for LEGITIMATELY…people going to wonder if its a Saks Five Finger Purchase!
        Now we know how these bitches have de chanel purse dem in all colors, lol
        FYI: Who feel like taking a bite out of crime? Saks would appreciate it! dwln…NYPD/D.A. office would put in a good word to immigration for you on the act of good morale character. Accepting and being in possesion of stolen goods is a chargeable offense

  8. Tamara was running a major enterprise. I was in a salon on church ave and she came in pulled out her Ipad and started taking orders.

      1. Bitch mussy did a sell at Saks price so inventory slow to move. 100 shoes box…that right there along with more than 4 accomplices make her eligible for sentencing under RICO. We have theft and fraud/scamming.

  9. No sah one felony after the next vanity a go get u and u man deport bout him want turn citizen him can’t even help apple a matter a fact no body can help apple no sah all because the wan live like Jay z and beyonce

  10. from smaddy say a hope a nuh quena dat( the half Spanish girl) me nuh see har and normally she come in longtime and chat two Spanish word weh we haffie google.. maybe she busy a sell house! LOL

  11. Met a weave shi have in? Never knew you allowed to wear weave in jail..wid all that shi still a try outsmart the camera by hiding her face. She can’t be so elusive, someone must have her social media pages.

    1. smaddy muss sen in by de day fi end a chue dis shit a move slow nd mi deal wid sup’m but a must find a link outta a link

  12. Okay Simply…this is some big time shit and big time embarrassment. The stores were already reluctant to hire black people and only do it because of Civil Rights laws, this just set us back many more years.

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