Oonu dancehall people help mi tell this ninja turtle ,Hector natureboy please we a beg you fi stop it man stop try look a hype. All you ah do you still na go get a ram party. Hector you couldn’t even full up lowkey lounge much less albany manor cho rass if mi laugh mi dead today. You always in everybody buisness you a try beg attention from facebook everyday people mi tired a that ninja turtle mother f**ker. We jamaican people oonu we need fi stick together stand up and run weh hector. Everybody come inna hector car him lie tell the people say he f**k off the gal them when in reality him don’t have no cocky in between his steroid looking legs. Hector you suck chynna rose pu**y and give her little money and put the gal pon flyer like say albany manor ago ram everybody know say a your party not chynna. Hector everybody you go dance and pree and them have a ram party you try friend them all of a sudden you a pop bottles and a give champagne shower you a look a hype stay in your lane little nigga andplease mi ah beg you stop it man it don’t look good.


  1. I thought the send was about to say ‘black people fi unite and come together’ instead the sender said ‘black people fi unite, stick together and run wey the man’.
    No sah! The man a network fi secure a crowd. What the hell?!

  2. That guyanese gal chyna rose so fking easy, who no trick har and fk har a who no born yet, All you affi do a pretend you have a few dollars and you get har. All the queens man dem dun pon har. She no tired? Smh

  3. Maybe he broke from sending his kids to Harvard, well a so him seh. Showoff bring disgrace smh. Maybe push come to shove he can live inna the kids dorms

  4. 71G fi a Yukon no star dem rip him off man……..That come with 5 year worth of gas.mi nuh believe . nobody nuh suh fool.

  5. NY mentality, dem ppl prefer drive Benz and sleep eena it dan have a roof over dem head and ride bicycle. I nuh fancy car, mi hab two foot wah never bruck dung a road wid mi yet, and nuh vehicle wah meck nuh more reliable dan dem, mi will walk, bike, teck train, bus, ferry, swim, but gimme mi house,land,and mi gold.

  6. @Anonymous 7:52 ah di best comment real talk!!! Me naw waste house money pon no rass vehicle soon as u pedal off da lot price drop car nuh worth a shit again me prefer save up me money buy vehicle cash N live in a me nice property. Half a dem fool yah dont even have driveway fi park up dem vehicle end a month time dem hiding from repo man

  7. Everybody in life has different goals they would like to achieve. House nuh mek fi everybody, not everybody wants to own a home and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just as not everybody wants a car or wants to drive. Some people want degree some people rather learn a trade. Some want kids others don’t. God mek everybody different. If everybody seen the world with one type of vision the world wouldn’t be what it is today. Just as how you people say some bwoy love buy car and live in people basement and can’t afford di car is the same way some people get up and buy house but can’t afford to put good food in dem fridge or sleep in a di house beause dem haffi a work like dawg to maintain di house. Sometimes di house all get tek wey from di bank the same way some bwoy car get repo. A life.

  8. Lol@ Superstagirl, wah u seh? house nuh meck fi everybody, if I laff tideh. Every single money advisor advise ppl fi own dem own, cause when you owl pension is a fixed income and will not be able to keep up with the yearly rental increases. Nobody seh u fi push u basket furda dan it can reach, a 500k house is not fi everybody, get a 150k townhouse den, or a 30k condo, there is a home available at every price point, even a 10k motor home. If you can afford a 70k vehicle cash you can afford fi sit under your own roof and nuh eena nuhbaddy mouly basement. But you are perfectly right, ppl have different goals and wedda dem foolish or wise is their choice at di end of the day.

  9. What is your f**king obsession with me? Damn man everyday you sit on my page and look for shit to send into this forum. At some point you will realize that I am purposely giving you shit to say. You can call my name because you know who I am but I can’t call yours because you are a coward. If you have such an issue with me why don’t you confront me in person and state your concerns instead of hiding behind a laptop, tablet or smart phone. Come on man stop being so f**king obsessed with me. And for you illiterate f**ks that want to question the price of my vehicle Google the price of a 2015 GMC Yukon SLT with every option available. And for your information the last time I paid rent was in September of 1997. After that I become homeless and lived in a Mazda millennia for 4 months. I January of 1998 I used my va loan and purchased my first home. I have purchased several investment properties since then in Texas, Alabama and Florida. Chyna Rose is my family so that should put an end to your stupid rumor. I am not looking no dancehall hype I just love to have fun. I have been in Jamaican dancehall since biltmore ballroom and empire roller rink days. I was one of the people that got shot Christmas Eve 1987 when the roller rink for shot up. The only reason I am putting this information out there is because I want to disarm whomever is the clown that keeps sending this information on me and feel like they have accomplished something. I do not live in a basement, that was started as a joke between me and some friends on fb and it has taken on a life of its own. Also to all the women that say I look them please beware that I am a constant flirt and no harm is intended of you perceive it that way I sincerely apologize. And yes my oldest daughter is in medical school at the university of Michigan and my son starts Harvard in September. They are both on academic scholarships. Whatever needs to be paid is taken cared of by the VA because they are my dependents and I am a disabled veteran. My finances are fine because I am retired military and also disabled so the military sure does take care of me. I also work in the legal department of the worlds largest advertising company. So please folks give it a rest now. There is nothing else to make up about me. I don’t need no hype no ram party or none of he sort ign5 people come or 500 trust and believe I will still have a great time and everything will be paid for in advance. Also all of the people that have taken the time out to get to know me will tell you that I am nothing like what is said about me. This person that sits on my Facebook page and monitors whatever I do please know that if you really need a job I have influence with my HR department and I can get you hired of you are not an illegal alien and have a clean record. Oh yes and I will be graduating next Monday with a phd in history. Please have a wonderful day folks. Let’s stop trying to tear each other down and start building each other up and celebrating our successes

  10. But no your girl friend andrea say u graduate last yr and you are now an attorney. Did u pass the bar then to be an attorney. Think u did post one time say u a teach a one college. Unu pick a lie and stick with it.

  11. Andrea was celebrating prematurely when my thesis was accepted which basically meant I was going to graduate…I have a juris doctorate degree but I did not pass the bar tried twice and gave up in 2008… There is no shame in my game i didn’t want to be. Lawyer that bad because I didn’t prepare myself properly. I want to be a history professor and that is what I am after. Andrea never said I am now an attorney. Oh and those rumors about me and her being involved are so sad. That girl is like a sister to me I love her to death

  12. I will answer all questions today on the condition that you will not post any of the filth that is being sent in by the illiterate people that are stalking my page and making up lies to try to degrade me.

  13. At anonymous I am hector what is your name? There was never anytime that I represented that I teach at a college. I stated that my goal is to be a college professor. No one has to lie here my dear. That’s why I came forward to clear this all up. I want to put all of this nonsense to rest now once and for all

  14. By the way let’s play this game fair I am Hector I am not hiding behind any fictitious names. If you are going to ask me a question or accuse me of anything I think it’s only fair that I know who you are also. We are all adults here and if we are brave enough to make a statement then we should be held accountable for such statement . So I will not reply to anyone unless I know who it is. Stop being cowards. Own your comments

  15. He took his ribs out to get a six pack he’s Guyanese he is so gay oMG Melissa lavish lets me eat her ass that nasty Guyanese mother f***** that’s why he’s back in Texas because what make it nasty

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