So met Pinky & Finely turn big time enemy now bare shadez a drop pan IG. Well Chin told me pinky is the reason for all of this mess cuz she too f**ky f**ky, she guh New York last and went to pick up some stuff from finey man and f**k the boy and tell him all a finey dirty. The boy left finey and nuh badda send ntn fi her little after Pinky got back to Ja Chin follow her guh pick up money the boy send her, so Chin tell back Finey and that’s where the problem start they both delete all the pics they had together off social media and a bare shadez a drop.
Finey is a pretty girl and a great mom from what I see and heard.
Pinky the amount a belly u kill that’s why Mario left Yuh. And o don’t know why u always look uncomfortable in all our pics like wtf is the clothes to tight girl buy ur size man


43 thoughts on “PINKY VS FINEY

  1. Something uno wah no poor uno pinky and finey nuh friend how long and dem nuh say ntn bout each other suh wah dis now how uno live Fi ppl see uno suh leave ppl alone mon a wah uno wah wid ppl suh it nuh luk gud tuh uno if ppl don’t fuk wid each other nuh more but still don’t av shit tuh say about di other smh uno live Fi Ina ppl life tho

  2. Chin is a politician because the last time we talked pinky was the wickedest person alive so now that I see them together I’m surprised because it was all bad when they wasn’t talking so I don’t get it now when your not friends with a person stop talking bad about them because it looks bad on your side to talk so low about a person but now y’all chilling it’s not a cool thing to do if y’all don’t talk just don’t talk but stop tarnish the person reputation then y’all bestie again

  3. This story is so not true I guess because someone isn’t too sure about what’s going on so they’re just coming with something.pinky looks comfortable in that dress and she’s also a pretty girl so is the other girl both females are doing good in whatever way they’re living I just don’t understand why people have to speculate about other’s and in that same time try to get them to have a beef witch they’re not having at the moment leave people let them leave there lives and be happy just be happy for them too…

  4. KMT y uno cum wid dis pinky STP fuk Mario longtime how much year’s now a wah true uno c di gal n chin uno vex everybody chat ppl cause pinky chat chin and finey tuh but at di end a Di day if dem wah chat dat nuh av ntn Fi duh wid uno . uno luv c ppl live bad tuh much uno miserable life a bada uno true uno c di gal dem still luk gud afta di years kmt cho a suh inquisitive ppl stay still always wah Ina ppl business but true uno nuh no wah a gwan uno sen in di gal dem a hope dem nuh fool Fi buy into it cause anything weh did tlk pass n gone longtime a progress ppl n deal wid n old longtime story uno move up wid uno longtime mixup

  5. Mi seh mi think a me one did shock !
    Chynn what a way u n pinky turn back friend
    Di way yuh hate pinky mi couldn’t believe to BBC
    And the last time is pinky tell d bwoy yuh set him up
    Fi get rob that’s why him did a look fi yuh fi kill yuh !
    No man the way chynn chat pinky me no believe up until now

  6. No really pinky only red ! Bout pretty kmt
    Every minute she n chynn over Pegasus a look man fi
    Sell to ! Dem lucky dem soon fall out again member me tell unu

    1. Me can’t tek the pegasus reference at all! pegasus a me breakfast spot or me cup of afternoon coffee spot. Unnu can’t go catch man a de jerk spot cross de road? Chooo rasta :malu2

      Me ago get missa chin fi eject you hoes out of there with haste!!!!!

  7. Chynn di way yo hate pinky and couldn’t wait Fi dem sen r home but di gal did deh a head a u di gal did married n n yo Neva no a fuka yo tlk how you guh Embassy guh tell dem how yah secretary and dem tun yo dung nuh cause yo bleach out n fulla tattoo yo think yo can fool immigration yo badmind nuh bloodclaat but pinky nuh av yo as nuh friend cause shi no weh yo gifted fah

  8. Chynn di boy still a look Fi yo Fi kill yo so stay deh think a peace and safety memba a Di same pinky tell him say a u set him up so mi nuh knw how u up n dwn suh like yo Fi get say yo life Ina Dippity

  9. Chynn nuh use to nuh weh enuh suh a wen pinky carry r guh Pegasus shi guh out Chynn gud tho cause pinky so wicked n yo still a chill wid r a u wicked n not pinky

  10. Chin the other day I was talking to Candice and your name comes up Candice said that you’re very hypocritical and she only talk to you don’t know how to keep your distance but she knows just how to deal with you because the way you talked about Pamela she couldn’t believe that you guy’s are friends your very evil I told Candice I know because I remember what took place the last time I was in Jamaica and you were adamant that you hated Pamela now she’s is your BESTFRIEND again chin you need to be watched because you’re not a good person and you hide that you went to the embassy but it is no secret because you went to my friend for advice and she told me you will not get it with a heart like yours

  11. Pamela I’m happy the day you fixed that toilet at your grandmother’s house because that’s the reason I wouldn’t stay there when ever I visits Jamaica because I couldn’t believe with such Instagram hype and you were still sitting on the stone thing you called toilet omg i wouldn’t use it even if you payed me to I’m happy you fixed it though even I haven’t seen it myself but I’ve heard about it that’s good & I hope you fix the roof also so that it can be real comfortable for her because that roof in the her bed room is a god damn disaster so I hope you fix that seen your there now it really need fixing & thumbs up to the good start

  12. Dwrcl I’m so fckin weak y’all bitches is truly wack as fck pinky come from TIVOLI dirty dirty tivoli and chynn from tower hill suppose u see dem areas me nah laugh dwrcl !!! Mi Nuh kno who dem idiot ya can really show off pan plz

  13. Nobody but that chop up chop bitch send in this for attention Finey u need a new ole an a new life f**y f**y Finey weh ever hungry.u need fi get up an look sum thing fi do an stop bring u pickney go thief bitchhhh..u a good mother wherreeee the ppl them need fi know seh a since t bom dead u involve in Terrell life where where u when Terrell was 8-9 months??? Finey reply. A f**k Stella Bredda…good..a roun of applause so quit pretending for the media bitch…

  14. The time Finey have a put up ppl she need fi take the time out an go feed har raw dog sister weh wear out the wholeeee a Michi clothes while her pregnancy an har beggy beggy mumma weh walk an pick up the kick weh food them inna market kmft…

  15. F**y f**ky Finey show weh u have Finey ur nothing but a empty barrel Finey weh f**k fi bay clothes onlyyyy if the media could a see weh u mumma live fineyyyy before u come pon media a try talk bout me talk bout u stove inna u kitchen an u kitchen door not to mention t bom family basement weh u live inna up town lml Finey come again baby come again

  16. Wicked finey a good mek paris paradise baby father left yuh dirty nasty bitch yuh a good fi yuh God don’t like ugly.

  17. Finey yuh need fi go on ur knees and pray to god cuz u evil n yuh cnt keep a fren yuh fi stop tell lie on pinky bout the gyal go farrin n f**k ur man cuz u know thats not true yuh sid dun a town n class up pinky n she hear back everything n the gyal tel wey her self from yuh memeber if pinky nuh cook a ur yard nuh food nuh cook kmft finey need fi sidung and stay inna her lane cuz nuh body nuh member her she need fi CALL JUNIOR A FARRIN N TELL HIM BOUT THE BELLY SHE DASH but wait WHICH JUNIOR THOU CUZ SHE FULL PURE MAN NAME N HER BODY lmaoooooo

  18. Finey u too evil ,stop bite d hands that feed up ,u don’t see how visa a dash wey ,u need fi go look one t bam dead and gone and u a ketch inna ppl garage uptown ,my girl u worthless and have no ambition go look Something fi do u ave a son a depend pon u ,u seat down a watch and chat gal that better off than u ,talk say a mad u mad cause u nah no more old clothes fi get a 2016 same old time everybody a fly past u none ambition bitch u f**k all a t bam frens and family too u sad my girl u can’t tek off u clothes inna light u full a crack and stretch and buss u body sick stomach bout u a good mother a wen tin bam dead u get u son u careless no bloodclat nasty whore Finey all u do a sell pussy pon the internet and use u money buy hair and clothes u can’t talk to nobody bitch bye

  19. Finey u lonely mi know ,u betta mek fren with the buss dem underneath u nasty legs ,pinky look uncomfortable inna d and u mad cause u could get it eeh ,u luv too much old bruk and mad with ppl wen u can’t get it ,u fi wash pinky food and drink the water d amount time she save u from hungry u too evil u will never find a fren like pinky and u know that so send in any story u wah cause ppl know d truth nasty whore get up off u worthless ass and find something uplifting to do wen u chat u frens and dem hear back and avoid u ,u mad a wat nobody have time fi no hypocrite

  20. Finey u a try look a story ,bout shade on IG ,u fail, a Radigan everybody a talk bout right now gey with you worthles s buss up no ambition whoring self u hungry go bathe and come out a ppl garage bitch u nah live no life ,a which man u have a foreign nasty gal ,bye bitch a tell lie fi get attention ,u need fi go seek attention a d embassy a time fi dem know u now visa a dash wey ,how u so worthless,u need fi go look Something fi do memba u ave a son depending on u ,go put on a stocking and dance gogo buss up finey

  21. Lml bloodclaattttt nicky them a rubb u out lol a weh har batty man friend deh where where where shadow.where where where shadow where could SNOW be hahaha SUCK COCKY SNOW come diffend u friend

  22. Rip tbam good soilder ,nasty finey whoring suck wood gal a so tbam style u wen him use to call u phone bitch I would rather do a 9-5 them tek that disrespect from a man u r nobody and him know that so him treat u like dog shit ,if anybody d count ask tbam bby mother u see d expensive jewellery that tbam dead left yea the chain that value how much thousand USA dollar and d rest of stuff u would get it ,u don’t see say tbam breeda send fi that and have it no one count you bitch bye ,a wat u never know so the time u a send in story bout other ppl check u self and go look a head way fi u child cause not even tbam dead left jewellery u could get

  23. Dirty finey go look at life yuh Pussy dash Weh all Bohh Inna we fone Weh yuh send the man fi money…..Caz yuh wanna live like michi and can’t Caz yuh wanna be bitch come out a the garage Weh yuh live Inna,yuh Pussy ugly nuh f**k yuh Pussy wah go dung a madden

  24. A candy a Terrell mother and she walk and chat candy like dog and candy take care her son more than her…that buss up dirty bitch just a front facing the fb an gram,gyal wicked yuh f**k wah day mi stop up and hear her a rub out michi_hottaz and the gal feed she and her clothes her families dem,,,,,all battyman drew the gal a carry news to pon michi

  25. Nicky yuh Pussy ugly nuh f**k go look at life and leave we alone we a live better than yuh bitch….yuh life sad nuh bloodcloot while we ova ere a enjoy life funeral Pussy Nicky stop carrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yuh son Terrell go theiffffffffff bitch,,,,,yuh whole family is a mess bitch hungry and naked like beer bottles Debbie beggy beggy like dog the ppl dem scared fi walk pass yuh gate Caz a Debbie with the begging

  26. Nicki yuh need fi broke up the toliet set wey pinky give u fi put inna ur bathroom girl u need fi tile ur bathroom wall wey full a pure insect way deh nicki do u have a proppa kitchen fi cook dinner but as soon as yuh reach a me want u want put n big pot n snap like its ir kitchen yuh need fi come off a pinky now cu di lil gyal forget bout u long long time oh mi hear say if it wasn’t fi pinky barrel nuh come a unno yard. NICKI WHEN LAST U GET A BARREL CUZ PINKY COLLECT 3BARREL A WHARF N MI SEE HER

  27. Since Tibom dead the gyal get a hype and a show off with Terrell a candy a Terrell provider straight and she chat candy like shit,,,,,candy she seh yuh grudge her fi Terrell and yuh caah breed chop up body Nicky yuh sad bad dogshit suck cocky Nicky all slaughter f**k yuh fi things dirty f**k truck and come a gwaan like yuh yuh nice decent mother

  28. Chynn and Pinky come offa d ppl
    Dem site chynn is clothes u a look from pinky or wa?
    All finey u use to beg clothes why unu don’t stop
    Chynn why u so hurt u know for a fact u chat pinky
    And pinky u done chynnn tooo ! Chynn u Nuh stop repeat clothes
    So a must sumn u a look ! Chynn go look a work plz all u do a follow back a Cody real talk .. sell pum pum and scam that is chynn u a talk seh finey fi look visa Miss do u Av a visa lmao ????? All ah unu a hypocrite to each other by the time u look a unu dat again chynn u can’t fight so plz stopppppp pinky done u name a road u look like a foool a run back a pinky !!!! Pinky wid r green arm lets be serious lmaooooo unu life luddy bad

  29. I’m from new York know of finey and pinky off bbm and Facebook I really don’t know why finey and pinky not friends no more but pinky talk a lot of shit about finey to me, she came yo new York and I was gonna give her sum stuff for finey and when she start to talk how much man finey have and don’t live nowhere and how finey baby daddy beat her none stop and dis her up I just knew if I gave her the stuff finey wouldn’t get it. And Chynn to how pinky mud u out it’s crazy how u and her r bestie now smh. Pinky don’t know what it means to be loyal she ain’t even loyal to her own pussy cuz she f**k out the whole a Bronx kmt bout married married to who that bitch ain’t no wife round here kmt

  30. Dutty finey next time u know say don’t come fi ppl unless ,them send fi u ,cause we don’t do shade we luv the sun light ,we don’t do tea we spill the whole tremeost,next time u a send in you exfren that have nothing to do with you cause u mouth have diarrhea u think twice buss up bitch right now u get chain up like slave and beaten like a whore ,all now u can’t recover u Neva know we know u dutty secret bitch, lonely girl nobody wants to be your fren u too lie and mixup and nasty with no ambition ,you biggest goal in life is to buy the longest hair and wear whatev a in style and go a d biggest dance ,bitch bye none ambition slut bucket

  31. Hungry belly Nicky aka finey wateva u wah call u self tbam treat u like shit wen him alive ,u a waste of space instead you look a job fi take care of you son ,u sit dung pon other gal name that don’t memba you ,look betta than you have something going on for themselves have them visa to fly out an bring odown couple barrel with things fi sell and etc ,you ever go wharf go clear 3 or more barrel yet ,u ever work and gain you own independence as a woman bitch go sit down memba say tbam fren that u use to call and beg dead one day before tbam so sit and gwan watch and chat other gal business u better get pon d winning bus cause right now finey you are the weakest link

  32. Pinky deh a foreign and u down ere pon r name and she fly down and don’t even look pon u and u mad a from last year she don’t deal with u so what’s the problem,u miss the sweets u use to get whenever she come down ,Hush bitch ,so u start pon chin the gal dem don’t Memba u finey ,a step up time no body ave time fi no waste gal ,tell d ppl dem something progressive you do from year start to show you a try make a head way in life for you and you child ,and please don’t say u leave Tivoli cause a ppl garage u live inna uptown so please say something else ,the internet don’t pick up inna d garage after a while cause mi can’t see u response bitch # worthless ,# none ambition # badmine #mixup # slutbucket u get all the attention that u wanted and the main topic is still Radigan cause don’t ones knows are care about a slut like you you
    Get a 5 min of Attention and it done Bye Bitch

  33. Bitch bye pink deh a Jamaica f**k out of here with the bull shit pinky ain’t nobody mi bro and no cousin f**k pinky Inna the same night less then a hour apart then send her come pan a tax kmt pinky come a new York cum sell f**k if buy the cheap hair and resell u fools for a arm and leg kmt

  34. Dirty house love act like she full a class eSI a caah take the dirty chop up body gurl she don’t like nobody but her ugly self.I see her Pussy in my cousin phone what a ugly site gurl lie if she tell yuh run walk hear mi tell yuh if she seh run!!!!walk!!!!her Mada wicked to eSi her muma look like walking dead and f**e f**e just like the daughter

  35. All Michelle the bitch walk and slaughter like dog then turn round a act like the gal do her shit just to how she badmind the gal fi her things dem,bitch go follow and buy all puppy and caah show it cause a Michelle wanna be…and gal take nuff page out a Michelle book then a gwaan like she can hype pon gal finey a Michelle make yuh Pussy stop stink and yuh arm

  36. Bwoy all i know is if a finey send in this ya she really a seek attention and a fren cuz all the f**k wey she sey pinky f**k a finey put dun the f**k n a frame di gal bout pinky f**k her man finey u need fi cum again cuz the whole world know ur profile it dirty so you need to stop oh and the one wey write sey pinky f*k her brother n cuzin inna one night CALL UR BROTHER NAME IF U TALKIN FACTS BOUT DI GAL

  37. I know pinky n im on her ig fb n snap n one thing mi know she nuh short a clothes panty roll arm r lotion so unno need fi talk facts bout the gal pinky is a very nice girl so finey cum on EVERY FREN U HAVE YUH DUN THEM N THEN ACT LIKE A DEM BADMIND YUH KMFT FINEY DONT HAVE SHIT SHE PUT N A SHOW FOR THE GRAM EVERYDAY BUT WAIT DEH FINEY U LOVE F**K THOU HOW U FI F**K STELLA BROTHER N YUH DUN STELLA N PINKY N PINKY MADDA HOUSE A TG SMH HOW U DO IT

  38. Can’t stand pinky she stink like shit !!!!! Plus d bitch ungrateful and act entitled wid r overgrown self like seh she a nobody

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