Allegations are that Managing Director for Bright Light Funeral Services was shot today in the vicinity of Maxfield Avenue in Kingston today..Stay tuned for confirmation and further details


  1. Forgive for I am about to sin but if it’s true, no tears from me…..when people engage in f**kery they invariably shorten their life span.

    1. :thumbup To be honest is perfectly acceptable in my book. You sin when yu play hypocrite.

      BTW, Did they find the missing funeral home oman?

  2. jah know star mi see him bad up a photographer pon a show that was covering sizzla , just how he dealt with that situation and how he disrespected the individual hag get hag food or chicken get corn…no mercy fi di merciless

    1. wen mi watch di first time …mi seh him lucky seh is a humble ras cause him coulda pick up a shot inna him face right desso…….di first impression of this man was not good

      1. I’ll never forget seeing this…. I felt it to my core… that shit did piss me off, and being reminded of it piss me off again.. I didn’t know who the offensive ass was.. now I know

  3. This serious nobody dnt have any good to say abt tht man. No sah this strange a wonder whe dem shoot him fah. A hope Kerry nuh involve inna him f**kery

  4. Bwoy, when ppl nuh have nutten good fe say bout de dead, mek yu mind ponder pon dem livity. But mi nah lie after mi watch de video him an see him declare a level of badnis not even rum mi woulda waste ah him grave site.

  5. Gm. Something happen and he had to go! wen yuh live dirty an claim sey yuh ah bad man dat is what yuh get gun shat inna yuh pussy!!!

  6. u guys are way late…. if unnu jus a find outbout wha really happen to lizard …but GOD nah sleep …police even though they know ..had not enuff evidence

          1. Afta met neva sey nothing directly bout affiliation… a NO fat man is only an associate of both men and not a stakeholder.

          2. yuh hard hase eh…he and Howard are long standing directors on the supreme team..he’s not just ‘there’

            from sting 2002

            ”The Supreme Promotions team included leader Isaiah Laing; managing director Heavy D; directors Tommy Thompson of Brite-Lite Funeral Homes; and Howard McIntosh, as well as spokesperson Dimario McDowell.”


          3. a ur ears… because mi tell u say him not doing anything there does not contribute nothing n u a steady run mi down..laing himself dont contribute much more him :travel

          4. ”did it say what he is/was included as? no”…hahaha

            Did it say Howard is included…are you telling me Howard is not a director of the team also ?

            u lose!

          5. I just realized I read it wrong so u have that. He is not anything there. U cudda go fi wikipedia next. When Sting time come he is present at Jam world that is all……..he does not make any decisions nor gets any profits …since u still waa cherry o behind mi

          6. Oh yes he was at sting launch in the U.S n JA.. a doe know what involvement Laing slide him in under but him is nada..di big joke is..brightlight drive him vehicle fi di funeral home him own to di people dem funeral and when sting time come him a ask fi body guard…mi done now..brightlight a know u reading..a velly velly hello

  7. I just checked his Fb page and on the main page he has pics of dead bodies. Is this legal for him to put up these pics? ( just wondering, not trying to be funny) I don’t think I would like my relative pics up on a website in that manner.

    1. I don’t think it is cause Jones Funeral Home and Supplies does it and there’s nothing wrong with it.

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