After robbing , killing and abusing just about anyone who came into his way.. Sadly this 21 year old was put away for many years. Court documents show that even in prison he has still not stopped
Patrick ‘P’Money’ Lewis, the young man who made the news last week because of his surprising but not shocking charges which included first degree murder and conspiracy to rob. Leaving questions in the minds of many who wondered how it all started.
A look into Lewis’ background brings a string of emotions including sadness and anger as his behavior thwarted cries for help and at the same time made many feel that he was beyond help. Sadness because, Lewis father had died beside him at the tender age of nine. His father we are told, was second in command to an area leader who came from the south side of Kingston in Jamaica. Lewis was plagued by this and spoke often of meeting a similar fate.
After travelling to America, Lewis and his family, headed by his mother were said to have had it difficult and his mother had to do questionable things in order to survive. These means included men, homosexual recruits, young men and women were also lured and encouraged to do lawless things. Sources close to the family, disclose that back then ‘’Little P’’ complained of the intrusion and had to be outside the home while ‘’things ‘’went on.
In his early teens, Little P as he know as then, changed his name to PMoney and formed a gang with some of the teens that were already in his home , the gang was called ‘’Four Tray’’. The color purple was used to signify the gang’s power. Each member of the gang had a designated area of expertise in lawlessness which included carjacking and various forms of robbery.
Four Tray eventually became Throwzay when many other young men joined the gang, some of whom declared themselves aspiring Rap artists. Misled and gullible young women flocked to them a few granted a place to sleep by Lewis’ mom in exchange for accompanying her on suspicious mall trips.
In late 2011, Lewis posted himself fully dressed in polka dotted female lingerie bringing his sexuality into question. A brief glance into his background exposed his somewhat strange childhood brought to light that, Lewis’ mother was said to have not brought home homosexual men, but gave them shelter, ”Little P” complained about his mom fitting many stocking cap wigs on his head.Making her personal wigs while he sat.
Patrick Woodbourne , young man who was killed on December 26,2010 was an associate of Lewis and when approached by mutual associates was said to have responded to them via Facebook saying ‘’Some have to die in order for others to eat, if you want money for his funeral I can give you’’. Lewis was said to have also befriended one of the victim’s close relative on Facebook. This behavior angered many who feared approaching him.
It is said that Lewis targeted drug dealers, one of whom threatened to shoot him, bringing one of his girlfriend’s party to a halt. Lewis was said to have entered the young man’s apartment via a window that contained an air conditioner. Many personal items were removed by Lewis and his friends. Lewis’ theft did not stop there. The items which included an expensive pair of sneakers and belt were worn by Lewis in a video he made.
Lewis appeared fearless but vulnerable who undoubtedly became a victim of his inner demons



  1. him lawyer did a try get him outa di murda case but HIM INSTAGRAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM dis social media ting gwine be di death a dem

  2. oh wow…another life gone to waste…wat will he do wen em degree, no job, no money…commit more crimes? he’s so wasted. Yet few will take heed cause IG FB lit rite now wid some a dem same kind yah smh

      1. afternoon shani :peluk bwoy some a dem madda yah hype pon dem bad breed pitney like royalties put dung caw yuh wah tel mi seh yuh neva birth em wid mark unda em yei and yuh nuh question dat…tear drop signifies wat?? I feel no remorse shani none

      2. Met I cannot imagine how his mom feel, but I can imagine that it is killing her, because my sons friend went away to prison for 3 years and I was so hurt, and is not my child…

  3. Hello met who is pmoney ? Who is his woman, side chick and so fourth I’m just trying to put a face to this story smh prison is no bed of roses. Who did he roll with while he was on the streets ? Is he apart of jicon crew?

  4. a wah tel yuh sey mi haffi sneak fi come see yuh lately and a bare virus mi a pik up to pon di media smh…mi miss mi second yawd jmg CHO! :mewek2

        1. Try Firefox and put the ad blocker on. I have been using Firefox with Ad Bock Plus for years, best thing I ever did for my computer and sanity.

  5. Social Network is di new cyanide….it ah slaughter dem slowly but surely. Dat bwoy nuh too normal, suh dem jus right fi put him away neatly. PMoney all fi yuh bills paid fi di next 25 years, an dat include food an clothes. Yuh did well fi yuself son :bola

  6. Met she must be hurt but you as a parent cannot know for sure what your child is going to turn out to be .you can do your best but at the end of the day its up to that child to choose to listen to the good or the bad. I hope is mother’s understands that this was his choice at least he’s still alive

    1. Yes but mothers shouldnt train their children to steal, as a parent you try to train your child in the right way and filter the wrong things as much a possible. I would feel bad if she did not know what was going on

  7. I recall the jailhouse postings and our prediction that he would further incriminate himself. Despite being aware that law enforcement checks and tracks their social media activities, the love of likes and internet recognition will not permit them to desist from posting.
    Funny enough, with his little skinny ass, he has never struck me as any kind of badman.

  8. social media will be the downfall for many jus fi get a few likes from strangers sometime is even undercova a like up them pics n da idiots don’t even know

  9. met lookat this.. this is p money brother, look what he wrote on his facebook
    tell me now dem look like smaddy a learn?
    Chris Bigred Carter
    20 hours ago
    30 in the crib im tryin to see a 100 racks

  10. bwoy mi nuh sorry fi him at all innuh cause when him did deh a rd a bare gun & garbage bag full a weed n dem ting deh him use to post pon him IG page and look at life nuh .. When him just get lock up everybody a scream free P.Money .. From side chick QQ to babymother(s) & if mi never come pon Pink wall mo wouldn’t memba seh him did inna jail a so life go still

  11. P Money can rap now about who give di bes head and who can tek it di hardest inna dem batty he’s living in a fools paradise!!!

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