Gangsters, scammers force cops’ hand in St James

ST JAMES, Jamaica — Gangsters and scammers in St James have forced the hand of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, prompting them to split that parish’s police division in order to get ahead of them as crime spirals out of control in the western parish.

A recommendation which has been on the table for some time but was never implemented, Commissioner of Police Dr Carl Williams today disclosed that the St James Police Division will be divided to make two distinct divisions for the parish.

“This was on the table some years ago when we had the problem. The recommendation was that we should divide St James into two distinct divisions.

“We didn’t proceed with that recommendation at the time because the problems were essentially in Montego Bay and if we divided the division we would still have the same number of problems in Montego Bay and the other division would be quiet,” Williams told the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) President’s Forum at the Jamaica Pegasus in Kingston Tuesday.

The police commissioner said that back then, whichever division incorporated Montego Bay would have given law enforcers the same amount and extent of problems.

However, the scammers and gangsters have changed their approach and the police have reacted.

“… Now what we have seen is that the scammers and the gangsters are being displaced from Montego Bay and they are travelling out from Montego Bay into the rural communities of Anchovy, Spring Mount, Maroon Town, Cambridge,” Williams said. “They are setting up their own gangs there and the local youths are falling in line.”

The police commissioner also said they are re-establishing the Lottery Scam Task Force, which was successful in clamping down on the illegal activity in the west.

Anika Richards


  1. Jlp always inna problem wid war a Jamaica … Why?? Andrew a tell ppl Fi stop beat dem pickney and him figot Fi tell Di shotta dem Fi stop beat dem gun

  2. and neither will ever get it right because one say “control crime” and the other say “manage crime” …… you do neither ……. you ELIMINATE crime ……. but since thats wishful thinking, the next best is to SUPPRESS crime or to COMPRESS crime, which neither have the will to do.

    1. You are wrong crime can never be eliminated you can only control it as long as there is poverty, greed and corruption there will always be crime.

      1. I second that…The young youths are growing up and there is nothing for them to do. Poverty stricken areas, lack of education from generation to generation.

      2. Poverty has nothing to do with murders, poverty is the gloss over. If poverty was the true reasons for these crimes, then the crimes would have been theft of food, toilet pape, toothpaste, clothes and medicine. What does poverty have to do with murders? Both my parents come from poor pastoral stock and none of them or their siblings are murderers. Ppl who take pleasure in the shedding of blood will still shed blood if you gave them a million dollars tomorrow.

        Montego Bay is on track to becoming a dump, the gene pool is fckd up because their is an overabundance of useless fckrs who have no damn good intention for anyone else, walking around with guns, and they and their fck up genes and mindset are reproducing as we speak. Parents need to start going to jail with their kids, maybe if they knew their was a penalty involved in raising germs they would make better decisions, raise their kids right or fckng report them once they got wind of the shit they are doing, nine times out of ten the very parents are complicit in the criminal activities of their offsprings.

  3. @ both Anonymous ,,,,,,, please read my comment CAREFULLY and THOROUGHLY if you both are literate! the 4th to 5th line of my comment says “but since thats wishful thinking, the next best…..” if both of you are literate open a dictionary and look up the meaning of the 4 verbs MANAGE, CONTROL, COMPRESS, SUPPRESS analyze the difference in meaning (if you both are literate enough) and see which 2 verbs are the proper prescription or the solvent for the current crime problem, why do I get the feeling 1 or both of you are members of the security forces, THE PROBLEM AND NOT THE SOLUTION!

    1. Ram goat,Stop it. Security members committed to the job know what you talking about. The Anons are driven by politics and repetitive shop front chatter.

      The security force can deal with the matter, but they are being curtailed by Mobay business owners (elites) due to tourism. Prisons, hospitals, morgues, cemeteries and the courts would be overwhelmed if dem truly go hard; it’s no secret that Mobay have a bunch of criminal police which would endanger officers brought in to counter that hotspot. They’ve been in place from Bibi gi birth to scamming and before then.

      Building up other cities/Parishes and reducing the tourist flow would be away to temper Mobay, but that’s just me falling into a dream while typing :nerd

  4. I NEVER EVER EVER believe that the day would come when the crime rate would be higher in Montego Bay than the one in Kingston. A 200 people dead inna Mobay already since de year start, and we still have 3 more months to go. In the meanwhile, Cookie Monster a tell de media say dat “the Police is not helpless”, while him and him friend dem siddung and a watch Sesame Street to bloodclaat!!!!!!!! But a mus dat dem a do!!!!! Dem tings ya mek mi vex, and get mi parro!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. All I know that Jamaica has to put some type od handle on the crime and the guns once and for all, yes crime will never stop but at least you can get some type of system in place to be able to catch these criminals and get the guns off the streets and also focus on getting to the source of where the guns are coming from and nip it in the bud… But I total agree that poverty and lack of jobs and lack of resources for these young criminals push them to the streets to grow and become killers, some programs really need to be put in place to help and prepare these young men and woman for adulthood and work, work programs needs to be created give the people something to hope for and hold on to and see if that will decrease the crime as well. But tourism is needed all around the world because it provides jobs and the more the tourism booms then more jobs are created. I just do not understand government and politician because if I was in the chair things would have to change of the betterment of the people because I would put myself in their shoes.

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