Police appeal for help as US couple on luxury Caribbean boat cruise vanish after disembarking at Jamaican port
Hayden Gerson, 33, and Alisha Frank, 32, vanished early Tuesday morning
Police believe they had been planning to make a trip to Montego Bay
On average, one person every month disappears while on a luxury cruise


Police in Jamaica are trying to locate two Americans who disappeared on Tuesday during a luxury cruise stopover on the Caribbean island.
Hayden Gerson, 33, and Alisha Frank, 32, of San Diego, California have not been seen since they disembarked at Falmouth Pier in Trelawny two days ago.
Gerson is the father of a young daughter.
Police believe they were planning to make a trip to Montego Bay – a popular tourist city on the island that features duty-free shopping and golden sand beaches.
Gone: Hayden Gerson and Alisha Frank (above) vanished early Tuesday morning

Mr Gerson was wearing light-colored shorts and a grey t-shirt, while Ms Frank was wearing a red skirt and red blouse, according to the Jamaica Observer.
Making matters even more difficult is that Ms Frank is off social media, so she will not be posting any photos that could lead authorities to the couple’s location.
She posted on her Facebook and Instagram accounts earlier this week; ‘I have decided to take a much needed break from social media for the next seven days. I challenge each of you to do the same by consciously leaving your phone at home while you go out into the world to explore.
Locationb: Police believe the couple was planning to make a trip to Montego Bay – a popular tourist city on the island that features duty-free shopping and golden sand beaches

Locationb: Police believe the couple was planning to make a trip to Montego Bay – a popular tourist city on the island that features duty-free shopping and golden sand beaches
Crime has long been a problem in major Jamaican tourist areas but is largely limited to pick-pocketing. There is also the occasional armed robbery, which can turn violent if the tourist is resistant to hand over their valuables.
A majority of the crime in the country is carried out by gangs.
In 2014, there were five US citizens murdered; 36 reports of robbery; three reports of rape and/or sexual assault; 14 reports aggravated assaults; five reports kidnapping (attempted kidnappings); 10 reports of domestic violence; nine reports of child abuse; and seven other crimes against America tourists.
The number of sexual assaults committed by hotel staff and workers against tourists has decreased in recent years.
Most of the crime in the country is Jamaican in Jamaican, and the island nation has one of the highest murder rates in the world of 45.1 people for every 100,000.
Source: US Department of State
‘It is up to each of us to take a break and come back to our inner goodness by being as present as possible.Wish me luck!I miss you guys already.xoxo.’
Ms. Frank, who details her past struggles with drugs on her blog, now works as a a life coach, Reiki Master, yoga instructor, intuitive healer and writer.
Such disappearances from cruise ships are surprisingly common – on average one person a month goes missing from luxury liners.
While many resurface only hours or days later – and are more often than not hit with Immigration Act charges – some have disappeared entirely.
Theories include something sinister has occurred on land, or they may have wanted to vanish, or that they had an accident while at sea.
Cruise Law News reports that in the past four years there have been six passengers who have gone missing in Jamaica, but that all were eventually found safe.
In all those cases the individuals were trying to extend their stay despite the fact that it is illegal for cruise ship passengers.


  1. This is going to prevent people coming to the island to vacation, people are going to be scared to travel out a road… Good hard working citizens are going to hurt from the tourist folks not coming into their shops… The island is getting from bad to worst, these criminals just don’t care who they hurt, just as longs as they get something from it..

  2. Lord please let this be a case where they up in the hills with some Boobo dreads a smoke weed and drink rum, enjoying them life. This is NOT good for the economy of Jamaica when these things continue to happened. I felt so good the other day when I saw the article that Jamaica is number 3 on the list for best vacation spots. Lwad please mek these people be safe.

  3. I wonder if they went looking for weed and looked in the wrong place. Why dem won’t name di ship just luxury cruise over and over again..kmt.

    Were they scheduled on a ship excursion, booked a private tour or doing their own thing? Too many ppl come looking for weed and end up in sticky situations. Book unno tour with a licensed tour operator if you are new to the island, there are many legitimate tour operators that are reasonably priced.

  4. I’ve seen how white people act when they are abroad and Jamaica is no exception. White people think that the world is their’s and they are free to go anywhere. My cousin said that he came across a bunch of tourists in Kingston, whilst after visiting Bob Marley’s museum decided that they would venture out and visit Tivoli Guns too as they had heard so much about it on TV in relation to the Dudus trial !

    I sincerely hope that they find this couple though.

    1. Yes, they can be very naive. Places where even Angels dare not tread, they want to go. No always good fi off the beaten track, sometimes best to stay on the road everyone walking on. Where the CCTV from the dock? Dem can at least tell dem movements for dat short time.

  5. When a black people dem seh ‘run off’ but white people ‘vanish/missing’. Maybe they just fell in love with the island and decided to extend their stay. They can afford to and mi sure dem don’t give a phuck bout Jamaican immigration sanctions cause dem can still go any weh else..

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