1. Dat look like the sketch of a Caucasian man to me. Kmt. I jus hope dem doe arrest and convict the wrong man. Or go shoot innocent ppl an talk bout “he looked like our suspect” Kmt

  2. Dis a get from bad to worse when a black man is jailed over a white suspect sketch kmft in my house nobody don’t celebrate no damn independence day black ppl still in bondage in this country

  3. Wat a piece wickednizz, dem yah police need nuh only need glasses dem need some lick a dem skin. A wah di police a try seh, dat at one time di suspect bleaching did tun up suh much it all change im facial struture/features and all him hair to? or dat im do facial surgery and di bleaching at one point . Mr Suspect ooo, a wah u do di police dem mek dem afta u suh. Bwoi sometimes u haffi tek serious ting mek joke, but nonediless it is a serious ting if dem yah sinting can still a happen to people pickney even innah today day yah. Mr Suspect sue dem ass afta all is said and dun fi wrongful arrest (if u get arrested), and all di emotional stress, distress, embarrassment it cauz u and u fam. Even u nuh get arrested (hopefully
    not) sue dem ass fi put up u pic siddah disyah sketch (which looks like a caucasian as @ Mamacita seh) yah sehing is u and dat u a some kindah delinquent. Bun dem and dun dem out Mr. Wrongful Suspect…

  4. Pure wickedness Met. The victims described a middle age white man as the sketch artist draw and the police arrest a young black man with braids saying he matches the sketch?

  5. Whomever said this MUST be blind!! They want Black Ppl to suffer so much for NO REASON. Fadda God.

  6. Murrica and dem justice system, even Stevie Wonder can siseh a two diffrant smaddy dat..kmt.

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