KINGSTON, Jamaica — A video recording showing what appears to be a cop shooting a man during a conflict, has been making rounds Monday on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter

The video is captioned, ‘this happen in Hopewell this morning.”

Hopewell is a community in Hanover, Jamaica.

The video shows a man in police uniform in a struggle with another man. Both men were on the ground in the midst of a crowd. The officer then apparently discharged his weapon several times before standing up.

The man was left writhing in agony as the ‘officer’ removed what looked like a machete from his grip.

The extent of the man’s injury has not yet been ascertained, however passers-by were seen assisting him before the recording ended.

The Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) has confirmed that they are aware of the video being circulated but has declined to comment on the matter, only offering that they are not sure of the circumstances leading up to the confrontation that was videotaped.

Several social media users have commented on the video, most of them stating that the officer used necessary force based on the circumstances.

“All the people saying the police wicked, did you not watch the video??? the police had all right to use force at that point. that is clearly self defense,” one person posted.

“I find this rather interesting how people are quick to say police wrong but didn’t acknowledge the crowd there standing around to observe instead of separating them and if any of y’all know anything about the law u would know attacking an officer gives him the right to use excessive force,” another added.

While another Facebook user said, “Jamaican police need training, them too trigger happy, a bunch of dunces they all are, every one a dem.”


  1. Met morninggggggg! Smh…….sad, but why him feel like him did need fi a fight the officer? Then the woman a seh him fi lose him wuk. It was all fun and games when he was fighting the officer. All I saw was a man defending himself. *sigh*

    1. Morning, I agree wid you.

      Fi all we know a somebody him pull the machete pon and the officer intervene and have fi a fight fi him life…then we have dat oman a chat fart. Machete man lucky…it look like a inna him foot him catch 3…lol. Poor officer alone wid all dem sharks.

      Morning Madam MET *wink*

  2. I would have shot him too. That person talking bout wikked police an him should lose is work.. Mek somebody have a machete a try chop u an yuh have a gun a si if u wouldn’t use it too. Wrong is wrong an right is right….. Look how much ppl try fi help an that man incite an fighting. :thumbup

  3. I don’t think it was a Machete the Cab driver had. The police was picking up his baton, not a machete. Either way, you don’t argue or fight a police officer no matter where in the world you find yourself. This guy was very lucky he got shot in his leg(s) and arm.

    1. It was a machete and not a baton. The Newspaper that report that it was a baton got it wrong. Tek if from me the cabbie look like him di sniff something and feel him strength.

  4. You can’t fight with police, even american police will shoot you in the case of the firefighter and the police who got in the fight and the cop shot him. But let me ask something, proper procedure in Jamaica, when a person is shot by police, is the officer to walk one side and look. Where is the call for back up and emergency medical. Do Jamaica even have an emergency medical.
    Also how stupid can the crowd be to stand there while the officer is fighting and not try to help or support. Then even while the officer is firing his weapon to stand around like idiots. Even that bus driver that was passing he should be hunted down and license taken away what if the fight and moved out into the road and the officer got run over.

  5. Good morn everyone,but wait,that woman in the back ground blind or what?look how much people on the science to paaawt then n not one,bcuz dem a say police dis n dat,y fight a man wid gun,him lucky d police a rustle so long n never shoot him long Tim,d people dem look like dem on d man side,usually police or ppl fire gun 5 times smaddy dead,at least the police was considerate to disarm him just in the arm and leg,,,Dah man deh lucky bad,,,,so dwl that man in d white shirt doh serve a purpose look how long him deh de a jump him or dem cud da tek off the man off d police,,dem think a toy gun.He is one of the good cops,saved himself n spare a life,woman deh need a haaaad earzaz.

  6. All mi see is a bag of idiots in Jamaica, why nobody neva help the officer and look how much strong body man stand up and a look. Den dem a di first fi bawl out police bout brutality.


  8. I think the Police was well within his right this time to do what he did. I dont know what got over this cabby for him to think it was ok to physically challenge a Police, maybe he felt he was unfairly targeted by this officer while he was just going about his way trying to make a honest living. I dont know for sure, but maybe thats the case. I for one thinks that sometimes the Police target taxi and bus operators, although they are doing their job, but it can become very stressful when you have to pay exorbitant fees to license/register your vehicle and be constantly ticketed and plague by these officers, some of whom take it out of context and intentionally target these operators bout left or right, left a thing (money) or write a ticket for the simplest infractions, sometime all when nothing nuh deh deh fi ticket the taxi and bus operators dem find something fi ticket dem fah, because as month end come dem pay dun. Maybe he was a ticks in this man skin one too many times, although this does not give him the right to challenge the law and anger and frustration just got the best of him, but either way, he should have just maintained his composure and know thats just how it is in his line of work as a taxi operator and comply with the officers command. The Police was definitely in the right this time, gi Caesar wah due to Caesar, cauz mi nah have my pi pi and mek no machete wielding maniac chop up me, yuh mussi mad a would an buss it off pan him fassa dan lightning, him fi glad seh dah Police deh got patience and tolerance cauz if a some hot head Police (like d ole crosses 1 weh shot d pregnant woman in a har head a St Thomas the time, all him would an dead) him fi give thanks seh a just couple superficial wound him get and him walk weh wid him life. God was on him side that day. But the Police could have done some better damage control, he could have at least summoned back up or medics rather than just stand there looking dazed and confused like the cat who just ate the chicken but I guess him did a see blinky having come so close to nearly getting chopped to bits or possibly lose his life, either way d 2 a dem fi thank God seh the outcome wasnt worst, but dah cabby deh nuh easy a baxide, only smaddy wid gun mi would an try challenge must a gun man weh a try fi kill me….. No sah not a kassie, him mussi a 1 a dem cabby deh weh seh dem nuh fraid a nuh Police. But a same so mi did see 1 Police stop a white plate taxi and tek out d cabby by him pants waist and the cabby put up a fight to him yuh see, and all run left the car in a d middle a d road, but the Police partner tell him fi mek the cabby gwaan, a guess cauz him know him partner over stepped his bounds by dragging the cabby from his vehicle and the Police same like wah an a talk bout the taxi man lucky seh him partner was there, but a him lucky cauz the taxi man never did a back down from him, but that Police was really over bearing and cauz undue stress fi bus and taxi operators before him go look fi d criminal weh a cauz more problem fi society than d likkle man dem weh nah cauz nuh harm and jus a do dem lil hustling fi mek a honest bread.

    1. You should be aware that nuff a de taxi man dem don’t have a drivers license (illiterates and cannot pass the test, revoked or simply don’t care to get one), no insurance, no permit, no carriage license, unsafe motor vehicle, unpaid tickets in the tens and at times one man alone have a 100 (no lie).

      Then you have the rapist them a pose as taxi drivers and the one dem a look a hustle fi de day and a interfere with traffic and taken away fares from legitimate taxi drivers….don’t believe de hype dem selling. Thanks to the police (Ret. SSP Lewis) me can go in a taxi and don’t feel too fearful besides de bad breed driving.

    2. Onedrop………De sisters jump de officer that day a St. Thomas. The scene was very similar to what you just saw in this video. This version comes from those without bias. On top of it de likkle duty police partner who a friend wid de gal dem RUN leave the officer fighting for his life because dem gal de…pregnant one included (aggressor also) are know out a square and bout road for being tegareggs.

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