Ancient Memories of Goddess worship also survive in Jewish myth of the she-demon Lilith who inspired sexual desires in men by sending them erotic dreams. In Cabbalistic teachings Lilith was the first wife of Adam before Eve and taught him the arts of magical enchantment. From their elicit union was spawned the elemental realm of elves, fairies, and gnomes according to occult lore. Lilith was not originally a demonic figure but can be traced back to a Sumerian goddess with the title of the Lady of the Beasts who was is depicted in the form of an Owl. In Africa, the Owl and Birds over all represents the witches. They are called in the Yoruba language Iyami (e-yah-mi), Osaronga (Oh-sah-roongah), or our mothers, night people or the elders of the night, or Aje (ah-jeh). Lilith symbolizes the dark aspect of the great Goddess of the pagan old religion in her femme fatale or enchantress form. This aspect of the feminine has always been rejected by patriarchal cultures whose sexual puritanism transformed it into a demonic symbol because they were incapable of handling the potent erotic energies associated with it. Oonunh gwan read is a reason why mi ah explain these things!
Solomon who contracted Hiram Abiff, (oonuh memba him) master mason from Trye to erect to temple dedicated to Yahweh, who died at the hands of his workers, had a reputation of a master magician who could raise the elemental spirits and several grimories or magical workbooks were either named after him or credited to his authorship. He was regarded a powerful magus, healer and exorcist and today some born again Christian denounce him as a devil-worshipper who led the Israelites away from the true God. In the Apocryphal book of wisdom, written in the first century BCE, Solomon is quoted as saying “God gave me true knowledge of things as they are; an understanding of the structure of the world and the way in which the elements work, the beginning and the end of eras and what lies in between…the cycles of the year and the constellations…the thoughts of men…the power of spirits…the virtues of roots.. I learnt it all secret and manifest.’ It was said that Solomon was a secret Worshipper of the Goddess.
Solomon’s conversion to paganism and his worship of strange gods is blamed on his marriages to foreign princesses who introduced his foreign customs to his court (1 Kings 11: 1-8). The Queen of Sheeba also introduced him into the mysteries of pagan old religion. It is even written in the Old Testament (1 Kings 3:3 that “he sacrifices and burnt incense in high places”, which were the sites dedicated to the worship of the Great Goddess. The evidence suggests that the temple was wholly or partly used for Goddess worship…Solomon had erected shrines all over Israel dedicated to the Goddess Ashtoreth which the High priest Hilkaih destroyed, (1 Kings 23: 4-7)
The Goddess-worshipping Solomon had sent to Tyre, a centre of pagan worship, for Hiram Abiff, the master builder to become his chief architect at the temple of Jerusalem. Hiram was murdered at the conclusion of the building work in the circumstances described in part one of this story, which suggested a ritual killing or human sacrifice
…side bar…in recent years, I have heard of many mysterious happenings in Jamaica. Killings befitting rituals and human sacrifice. Men abducting and raping other men and children being kidnapped, raped and murdered. As a person with certain spiritual knowledge some of the murders I read or heard about seemed strange to me and needled me in the back of my mind that they were spiritually orchestrated. I heard about the klans men and how they beheaded their victims and I KNEW as we say in Jamaica that it was not soe soe suh!. Something DARK was behind these happenings, some Don or Donnette were getting some advice from some ruthless evil persons who called themselves Obeah man or woman, dabbling in the dark art, but without wisdom, knowledge or understanding were instructing them how to GAIN, through human sacrifices, but unbeknown to them, what they are doing will have terrible consequences. Even scamming, the scammers are involved into the dark arts, tutored by foolish Obeah men and women who has probable read the Greater Keys or Lesser Keys of Solomon and without proper understanding or correct training have unleashed a terrible demon in Jamaica. When Met sey we need fi pray fi wi Island she is absolutely correct. Let me continue, as I said before I will try to write in parts, because mi nuh waan bore nobody but these explanations are important for your understanding of what I am trying to convey.
Let me give you a little story, years ago I had a client, a very nice guy, but he was a hustler, outta ah road ah do him tings but he kept up with me with divinations to see the direction of his life and where it was going. His spiritual number was 10, this is not astrology, and I told him that with the number ten as his spiritual number, he must never attend any funerals, wakes or dead yawd, ten is the number of Jesus Christ and so he must be careful of being betrayed..he was loved very much by the dead and they would always find ways to bring him to their side. I told him that he cannot take any charm or medicines involving the dead or any items from dead people cannot be given to him and this was according to his spiritual number, we all have one. For about two years I did not see or hear from him, one morning he showed up at my house, and I read him, while I was reading him, It was revealed that he would die, this was not the first time I had seen death from him and with and through the power of God it was removed. The revelation came back again and was told to him, but as we sat talking I saw that he had on a ring on his finger which he never had before, what Jamaican people call GUARD RING. I asked him what it was and he confirmed it, I asked him who gave it to him and he told me a man in Jamaica. I immediately felt sad, because I knew that I would not get the chance to help him to remove the death message from him. He had gotten that ring, made up of dead man’s bone and he had sealed his fate. The person who gave it to him, did not have the wisdom to see that this man could not have anything like what he was given or he would die, needless to say I begged him to come so we would move the death, he promised that he would come back and the next time I heard which was two months after he was dead… Let me continue with the original story.
It is probable that Hiram incorporated elements of paganism into the architecture of Solomon’s temple. The temple was built in a pagan style with a vestibule, a nave and an inner sanctuary with two pillars guarding the entrance, historically known as Jachin and Boaz. The pillars were placed in position to imitate the obelisks which were erected at the gateways of the Egyptian (Kemetian) temples. You can find these obelisks on the Thames embankment in London, in Central park New York, in Washington and other places….mmmmmm..ah wonda why?
Ok, mek mi stop yah so,..but before I conclude this part, remember I had made a comment that I believed that Kartel was operating from the elemental realm of Yetzirah? Yetzirah one of the sephiroth on the cabbalistic tree of life is the realm of seduction where Lilith the she-demon rules, from him come out as an artist, I peeped this on him and I spoke to some elders about him and we all concluded that he was operating from that sphere, we all through our personalities are influenced by forces from the realms, we may not know it, but it is true…now I do not believe that he even knows what Yetzirah is or its function, because I believe that whatever he was doing was self-taught or he was under the tutelage of an idiot bearing the title of a sage. He/they seriously unleashed some terrible demonic entity and his problems has only just began or as Jamaican people use to sey probably dem owe obeah man, To be continued…Obara Meji.

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  1. Wow this is deep. As a believer in God and reasoning with others who believe in God at times it is hard to accept the face that there are many forces out there seen and unseen. The bible does tell us that “we battle not against flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high and low places”. Dem take away what was ours and call it evil and people look into it and use it for gain and mislead others and get led astray but black people need to wise up and understand that we are the beginning of all things. Seek God first and all other things will be added onto you. Even the psalms can be used for ill gain by people here is good and bad in all things

  2. Thanks Obara…I’m really fascinated about what is being revealed. Especially the part that says everyone has a spiritual number that means something.
    So this guy who you know, his was number 10 and that meant that the dead love him? But I thought that when you died as God said your soul lies in sleep until it is time for judgement day? And do you think the reason he died was because the dead loved him so much and he went against what you told him that the dead claimed him?

    (Still awaiting response from you on my thing please an tonx :angel )

    I asked because when my late bf died I used to go to the graveside at least twice a month every month (I was in deep grief, so much so I could feel his spirit with me especially at nights) and my Great Aunty who was 92 (God rest her soul) said she felt both good and bad spirits come back with me whenever i would visit her. She always knew when I visited the graveyard because she would warn me that she felt somn follow me.

  3. @TT I responded to you twice, you didn’t get them?any way no one dies, we just lose our physical bodies and ascend to another realm which is determined by how we lived our lives here and what we have learned. Everyone has a spiritual number, and this is encoded within the spiritual structure of all of us, it takes a learned person who have access to a certain oracle to be able to know these things but once a person knows these thing they will know almost every thing about the person which is his destiny. This guy was spiritual and his spiritual vibrations was on par with the dearly departed, he had a light within him that they were drawn to so many peopl have this but they do not know…send me an email caws mi Ansa you in detail TT

  4. Good day, ladies and gents. High crown wearer Obara…good day to you all around.

    Met, are these being placed in their own ‘folder’? That would be great so that I can read dem, and use them as reference when I have time to re-read and go hunting to follow along. Thank you.

    Obara, when me not busy me going come your way in private. Fi now, yu know me on a few life tasks.

      1. :maafaganwati

        xie xie, Met ( Thank you in Mandarin sounds like she she) It good fi have archives with important information, it look like JMG nah go nu whey so we can come here fi cultural information.

    1. Madam Obara, please to do one on “elders of the night” to remove the holloween imagery. Thank you, kindly *wink*

      1. yes @Phantom, I will, however I do not want to scare people, but I believe if things are explained properly it will remove a lot of doubt and fear that have been placed in our minds through, media, Hollywood and religion, if we have a proper understanding of the function of the Universe and all things within in, which we as Africans should have then we would be able to understand life better and guide our children properly, when I say African I mean EVERYONE, REGARDLESS OF OUR SKIN COLOR, we are all Africans, civilization began on that continent!!!

  5. Hello met, metters n obara. Ive always been intrigued in seeking The full overstanding of God and the real truth about “our” existence. Im always reading, however i do not comment. This time i wanted to ask Obara a few questions that she may b able to answer or give me insight on. Esp my birth date/ yr. i always feel as if im being cld for a higher calling. Met can u pls give obara my email contact. Thxs….

    Obara can u speak a bit on the significance of ones birth yr/ date all of mine add up to two numbers of which i think its of importance

  6. Obara, you write with such command; but yet, with great restraint, decline and grace–I love it 🙂 Sarah McLachlan is a big admirer of Lilith…

    Solomon with profound and seemingly super human wisdom, states that when it is all said and done, it is all vanity [not verbatim].

    At the same time, he was not equipped to–lost his path/lack of desire–deny himself the worshiping of false gods.

    As it was written, the woman is the most powerful entity on earth–as it relates to non-celestial beings

    Negeste Obara much love…

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