It is the generally accepted view among those who have very little knowledge of Occultism that it is the province of a minority of deluded individuals. Those who study or practice the occult are generally dismissed by the public, usually on the basis of sensational media stories, as cranks, charlatans, sexual deviants or lunatics. That we are weird or unusual because occultism in the popular imagination conjures up visions of incense filled temples, naked virgins on altars, bizarre rituals, secret initiations and if Christian propaganda can be believed the worship of the Powers of darkness.
The rational intellectual who is the leading critic of occultism will therefore be surprised to learn that the word “Occult” can simply be described as “hidden”. In practice those who follow the occult path are heirs to an ancient tradition of esoteric knowledge which is thousands of years old.
Experienced occultists who have probed the inner mysteries of this arcane tradition are the Guardians of an Ancient Wisdom which is the secret teaching behind all religions. Yes, if oonuh neva know, behind every religion, there lies a mystery, a secret which only the ones awake can see and know. While Occultism, like all religious systems, has its fair share of eccentrics, it also boasts members who are respectable people of high social standing
When King Saul took office he had all the witches killed and banned from Israel, but exactly a day before he and his entire army died, he sought the services of a witch, who fearfully and reluctantly conjured the spirit of Samuel the prophet to prophesy what would happen to him when he faced war next, he was told that they would all perish and indeed they did. Who or what exactly were the three wise men (Maggi’s) who travelled to meet the baby Jesus bearing gifts of Gold, frank incense and myrrh?.
What really happened to Mohammed when he went into the cave searching for God and had a vision of the angel Gabriel who took him on a journey in which the Koran was born.
Yesterday on Jmg we had a very interesting topic on the Occult and also certain secret societies, what they are, do they really exist and what is the secrecy behind their existence? The main focus of the topic yesterday was Free Masonry. For most, to even mention the name sparks some sense of fear and curiosity. From the beginning of time there has been societies which have been shrouded in secrecy, even our beloved Christ was said to be a part of the very powerful Essenes.
Let me move along, before the bible beating Christians dem run come in come sey mi ah defile the Lord.
Freemasonry for years has been singled out as a potentially corrupting influence, mainly because its members includes businessmen, Judges and police officers whose Masonic oaths and activities are regarded as the ideal cover for nepotism. It can be said that it is shrouded in secrets and riddled with terrible oaths to protect the fact of what it truly is, a business man’s club. A ladder of social and economic growth, depending who you are and who you know and what will be your major contribution to the society. The argument of the masons are that they are not a secret society but a society with secrets. To the true Occultist, who is not a member of the society but are in fact knowledgeable people, to this we would most certainly agree. The wisdom behind this statement is, if indeed free masonry were a secret society how would it be so popularly known or known about, but never forget the saying, “To hide something from the mass, put it in plain sight”. The compass and the square? Hmmmmm.
The origins of free masonry lies in the symbolic story related to candidates for initiation into the three degrees of Masonry, known as Entered Apprentice, fellow Craftsman and Master Mason. The legend is the semi- mythical story of the construction of King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. The temple was regarded as the repository of ancient occult wisdom and symbolism by both Free Masons and Knights Templar. The building was initiated by King David and completed by his son Solomon after David’s death. The master builder was Hiram Abiff, who was skilled in geometry. It took seven years for Hiram to complete the building, the number seven is very significant in occult tradition and Masonry, but Hiram died mysteriously and violently.
The story goes that at noon one day, the other masons were resting, taking their midday break. Hiram the Master Mason visited the temple, passing through the entrance flanked by the two pillars at the gate way (Joachim and Boaz). Hiram was approached by his fellow masons who demanded from him the secrets of the Master Mason’s word. Hiram refused while telling the worker that he would receive it in good time once he progressed further in his career. The Mason not satisfied with the answer struck Hiram with a blow which made him stumble, dazed and bleeding to the second gate of the temple. There a second worker accosted him and asked the same question, no answer was forthcoming, he was hit again. Hiram staggered to the third gate (the western entrance) where another worker waited who proceeded to ask the same question to which he got no response, it was then the final blow was struck and Hiram Abiff, Master Mason died.
The three masons carried Hiram’s body from the temple to the top of a nearby hill, dug a shallow grave and buried him there. The grave was marked with an Acacia tree, (one day I will tell you all the mystery of this tree, oonuh memba mi) and returned to work as if nothing happened. Hiram was found to be missing and it took fifteen days to find his body. The body was exhumed, by order of Solomon and reburied with a full religious ceremony befitting a craftsman of his rank.
The three assassins eventually were exposed, tried in a high court and put to death for their crime. (sound familiar to oonuh??.hehehe!!, nuh mind me, mi jus love laugh).
Women listen up, It is important for all of you to know that no woman can be members of Free masonry, (please take note of this as in my posts something’s will be revealed, and we will know or begin to understand our power and why we have be vilified or even demonized within almost every religious teachings…)
Hiram Abiff was from a place called Tyre, he was sent to build the Temple which was supposed to be a temple dedicated to Yahweh by the King of Trye at the request of King Solomon. Tyre was known (during the time Solomon was on the throne) as the center of Goddess worship. Hiram Abiff was a dedicated worshipper of the Great Goddess of Tyre and in his construction of the temple to Yahweh hidden symbolism of the pagan worship were placed within temple.
Let me make stop here for now, as the information which I have to share is long and will have to be segmented in parts.

To be continued….Obara Meji..

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  1. Ms. Met, as it relates to the number 7, 7 is also God’s perfect number I was told by my mom when growing up. I am the 7th Child and is often referred to as the blessed one.

  2. Finally smaddy wid some sense,black people don’t know Christianity a dem greatest downfall,same shit dem use fi hold us dwn as slaves and force upon us,then say our African traditions and religions are evil,like obeah,voodoo and all our ancient practices and also have us thinging anything with a pyramid or anything egyptian is evil lol grow up read seek, ok black people its a hard pill to swallow but most of what is in us when it comes to religions was beaten forced killed into us and our subconscious that now no one can say anything bad a bout christianity without them being labeled anti christ or evil.we are naturally spiritual people,start listen some mutabaruka lol and read bout or thing.

    1. Since all of the three great religions began in Alkebulan [African], if you are to embrace Christianity, why not embrace a version that predates the Roman Catholic/European reference–Orthodox?

    2. I agree with your every word Anon…we are the only race of people on the planet who have assumed the religion and practices of our oppressors. If our God ‘Jesus’ looks like the enemy, doesn’t look like us, then yuh nuh must feel inferior?
      As Napoleon Bonaparte said “Religion is used to keep the poor from killing the rich”.
      That’s not to take away from all the knowledge in the bible. When understood metaphysically it’s extremely potent. The bible was never meant to be or interpreted literally, there are many dimensions to each story and there is also factual history as well. One of the things that sets the elite aside, they understood the codes encoded in the bible. It’s a reason why that book has stood the test of time. However, to the common man, he believes the fairytales, talking snakes and donkeys and fail to the its power and potency.

    1. @Foxxy the real worship behind ALL of these religions and cults is the worship of the woman. Notice who the Catholics pray to…Mother Mary. who spoke to Emily rose when she was in Limbo….In our tradition most of our medicines are made with the power of the woman, even if it the men who prepare it. It is sad when men practice cunnilingus on women, they do not know what they have done to them selve, oonuh please nuh vex wid me ladies, but I know what I am talking about…WITHIN THE WOMB THERE IS POWER, This is why homosexuality was formed, in direct (falsely) competition with the woman, a lot people will never understand what I am saying and Rome was not built in a day, so I do not know if i could EVER make you understand this!!

      1. The very reason why they demonized Mary Magdalene as a whore….it’s why we say Mother Earth…the sacred feminine.

    1. Lalibella nah come without me enuh. Me and Met a hop pon di flight together. It’s my dream to visit the mother land.

  3. Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and the one who gets understanding, for the gain from HER is better than gain from silver and her profit better than gold. SHE is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with HER. Long life is in HER right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor. HER ways are ways of pleasantness, and all HER paths are peace.

    Quite strange how they dont preach much about WISDOM in their phony churches…
    People need to study and get to know Wisdom Every person needs to have HER by their side at all times…If people only knew HER…

      1. The church is only focused on pimping the congregation so the pastors can live like rock stars. Why does God want anyone’s money when the very bible says money is the root of all evil? Why does a God that gave us everything that we need to survive free of cost, want man made money?
        But it’s greed why the congregation full of poor people get up and enrich the pastor and his wife…pastor tell them pure shit bout prosperity gospel, the more you give to God the more you get. It’s the biggest money making scam known to man!

        1. yuh know summon Foxy…I refuse to go to church for that very reason, but I get on my knees and pray before I close my eyes and when I wake up everyday…

  4. i don’t believe in religion i am a spiritual being wait wasn’t i saying this the other day when Met start call me a obeah worker and a devil worshiper smh. we are in a time of thrush a lot of lies are coming out religion and the bible are not real all eyes and ears are going to see the truth and hear the truth wake up sheeples

      1. Metty don’t even gi dem ah chance fe slip, let alone fall :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer

  5. Thanks Obara for the read, insightful as anticipated, what you mentioned about the men performing cunnilingus is so astoundingly amazing (u can say that?) but I get it, it transcends basic knowledge

    1. @Riches yes it does, if we meditate and free our minds we will begin to understand life better and flow

      1. My only question is why are so many Africans now turning to Christianity if what they were doing was the right way?

        1. money and a warped idea to become more “MODERN IN THEIR THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS”..caws ah night time dem deh pon de compound ah bawl out ASEEE (ashay)..wid we and ah bring dem olive oil fi put pon we shrine fi go do healing ah church de next day..bunch ah hypocrites!!!,,ah me fi tell you!!

          1. Well just like regular church people dem go obeah man and ting but u have some a dem whey a real christians dem really bun out dem tings deh

        2. Metty, memba mi tell yuh bout the Nigerian movie mi watch the odda day and mi nayly puke up mi good good late nite meal? I was NOT expecting those kinds of movies to come from the mother land…naah lie!!!!!!!!

  6. Good afternoon every one, I’ve been here reading these threads from the other day, I have not commented, as I am learning a lot of things that is very deep, OBARA you need a school for us black people, to be enlighten by our own roots, as we were brain washed and robbed of everything by our slaved masters, the things we were being thought is so inbeded deep in our very souls, it’s only the very spiritual people will even try to learn. I know for a fact the Lord’s name was not Jesus, how do I know this, because his name which is Adonia was reveled to me in a vision, likewise the name of God. Too long have we the black people have this image of a white God bowing before, which is a lie, time for the truth, as we perish because of lack of knowledge. Thanks a lot Met for this site, it’s not just mixup as some people seems to think it is, Wonderful work teacher Obara, this silent student is reading and watching with understanding, please continue what you have started, the book of Proverbs say silence is golden, I am silent and taking notes and learning.

    1. and Sketel was calling you mentally yesterday enuh, I felt you on the site but could not understand the silence, now I know

    2. Jesus a nuh God he is the son and another extension of God …Adonai is Lord over all like u have many extensions of the spirit..Adonai is the head of all

  7. Afternoon Met, Metters and a big HAIL to Obara!!

    I have been closely reading and following the posts for awhile. May I salute yo Obara for making alot of things clear to me both spiritually and mentally? But I am really curious as to why women aren’t allowed in FreeMasons (as well as the role they play with regards to the Knights Templar) and is it because of the secrecy involving Jesus and Mary and the alleged rumors of Mary being Jesus’ wife?

    I watched a movie in which they had toyed with the theory of Jesus, being a man had physical desires and took Mary as his wife, and a secret society existed which showed that Mary got pregnant and had a child and that child was protected and his/her child and so on and so forth (Excuse me If I am just sprouting fantastical notions…the whole secret society thing is intriguing to me…) but lemme know If I am on point.

    Thanks and much love
    (Oh and Mumma Met..when the comments dem pass 100 and odd di wall turn bright pink and you can barely read the comments as you scroll down because it is sooo bright! Can you do somn bout it? Was reading the 296 comments on the Kartel thing on Page 2 and the bright Pink came up after 100 and I almost went blind trying to decipher it)

    Love you all :peluk :peluk

    1. Jesus’ story is nothing like what we have been told. As a matter of fact, the version that has been released to us is simply a replication of the Horus, Isis, Osiris story and it all has to do with worship of the cosmos. That is the reason you see Jesus represented on the back of bumper stickers as a fish. It was the age of pieces. Now as we move into the age of aquarius, many people are moving away from religion as they become more spiritually enlightened.
      The story you speak of was written by Dan Brown in the DaVinci code and highlighted the import of the sacred feminine. Notice how Christianity has served to remove the woman from the trinity and replaced with father, son and holy ghost? Where’s the woman? The mother? Isn’t it supposed to be father, mother and child?
      Well that is exactly what the trinity of Horus, Isis and Osiris is.
      Yes, a boy was born around that time but his name was not Jesus and the Jesus story is nothing remotely similar to what you have been told.

        1. @Obara, I wasn’t signed in for the above. But I do have some questions to ask you. I’m a bit busy now but how do you reconcile Jesus with Horus, Dionysis, Mithra (you know where I’m coming from).
          I am not of the belief that Jesus existed as a savior. If he did exist, there was no divinity to him. I believe there was an enlightened person of the time. However, the fact is, there is no historical or scientific evidence of the Jesus of the bible having existed. Further, mention was first made of him by Josephus Ben Matthias almost a century after he had lived. No historians of the time documented his existence.

          1. Tis is why I love you so much, YOUR MIND AND WHERE IT GOES AT TIMES @Foxxy….Of course you and I know that there was no one called Jesus, the name was very different, and although I was born in Christianity and fell in love with this benevolent being, I began to question him and his existence as I was on my journey searching for God. I refused to let him go, even after I had let Christianity alone. Foxxy I am a Medium, and it is most important that I let you and all the others know that I am not a fanatic, I am rather a doubtful Thomas. I cannot be sold swamp land in Jersey, I am a very strong woman and all my focus is on life and the truth about our existence. Foxxy, I met him, he who I call Yeshua ben Joseph, I met him…here is how

            With no thought of him I began my journey as a spiritualist. I was also a medium and would keep medium sessions at my house, and host many spirits within my body who crossed over and my main guide. I had stop going to church by then but I still prayed IN JESUS NAME, I was not yet an initiate of tradition. One night I went to bed, this was before 911, and I had a vision that I was walking some where and as I walked I saw someone coming toward me dressed as we would see him clothed, but he had the look of a middle eastern man, not a white man, almost like a Iranian or a Saudi, my complexion even, fair, but certainly not white. In my dreamed I recognized him and yelled out Jesus, and he stopped before me, I found my voice to ask him what was he doing here, and he said he came back to put PEACE ON THE EARTH, then he bend down and placed his index finger on the earth and a spot of blood was on his finger, then I woke up…..The Next time I had an encounter with him was December 2010, I was in my daughters room, and it was the day before Christmas, (I do not celebrate this holiday, but my children do), I sat as they cleaned the room and the minute they finished, I began shouting hallelujah, @Foxxy, mi initiate, mi nah practice church no more, my family know me and the children realized that I was beginning to become possessed ( I normally have control over forces that may want to enter my body, since i am strong medium), and ran to get pen and paper. I am a strong Medium and can usually control spirit if they want access to my body, but this one came in amid the shouting of hallelujah and spoke to us, he identified himself as the Christ and revealed so many things to us before we left. When he left, we all sat in silence for about five minutes and the girls both cried, such a peaceful soul, I also received another message from him explaining that he did not come to DIE for the world but rather….let me send this comment along as I continue to reply while you read this, I have not read it over so please forgive my typing errors

          2. @Obara, a friend of mine who is also gifted shared a very similar experience with me and insists that’s the reason she knows he lived but I am not convinced. I respect you and all your thoughts just as much as I respect hers but here is how my mind works. (I will be the first to say, I don’t know everything, I have trust issues and my level of skepticism borders on abnormal), but here goes….

            We’ve all got what some would call our spirit guides or higher selves. Now this higher self, if we listen to will always steer us in the right way. Most times, we cannot tap into our subconscious unless we are under the influence of marijuana, some other hallucinogenic or deep meditative session. Now, in a dream, you are no longer conscious, so your higher self is engaged. The spirit that appears to you has to be recognizable and it has to be divine and it has to have familiarity and it has to bear a most benevolent image.

            Now which other image would this bear but the image of Jesus? That is the only image of the highest benevolence that has been embedded in our psyche/subconscious. Remember, the image we have of Jesus is one of Cesare Borgia painted by Leonardo DaVinci who he had a homosexual relationship with. So why would we recognize this person, or the clothes or garbs we expect him to be in? Because we are in the spiritual realm communicating with our higher self/ God/Spirit Guide.

            Let me share this with you, once I smoked weed and I was so freaking high I couldn’t move a limb. I laid in the bed and saw 3 angels hovering over me. Those angels chastized me and told me about myself and told me unless I became more appreciate of everything I have and more humble, God is going to strip me of everything. I started to cry and the angel said, “don’t worry, stop crying, God loves you, You’re in nirvana. He will strip you, you will learn to be humble and you will gain in all back and more”

            Now Obara, I had never heard the word nirvana prior to that. The next morning I awoke and the first thing I did was look up the definition of nirvana. You know it said “Heaven. A place of peace. A place away from all conscious reality”. I will never forget.

            Another time, I will tell you the outcome but it was quite the experience.

  8. Obara…

    Why do you say Cunninlingus is something that we are not to practice? Why? is it something like a life force that drains us or somn? *child like curiosity*

    Ooooh! And Obara…I was born in November, my sign is a scorpion, and I am approaching 30. I wanted to know if you could tell me a little about my self. You see I appreciate life and nature and the earth and the sky more than the average, yes I am passionate and quick to temper and blunt and get defensive quite easily, but I have a love for people, especially those who are poor and who suffers, and I hate seeing sick and the weak and those who cannot defend or help themselves, sometimes I feel like spiritually I am called to do something more but cannot tap into what it is I am or I’m supposed to do.

    A long lost schoolmate called me out of the blue and told me she had a dream about me, that I was called by God to heal people. The sick, the weary, the heartbroken, that I was like John the Baptist performing miracles and showing people God’s way….and I’ve had a dream like that before but I cannot remember it.
    Can you gimme some insight?


  9. Sorry, just wanted to give a little bit more info.

    Obara…I’ve always had this crazy notion that I’m always closer to God in the evenings. Loll. You know like how people say they are a morning person and you see God’s beauty and wonders when the sun is shining? Well I literally FEEL God’s presence and feel his angels in the evening, upon the setting of the sun. I dunno what it is about sunset but I feel more spiritual and connected to Earth, heaven, the physical AND spiritual during sunset. I can’t tell you how many times I’m doing my business or heading from work and just stop and watch the sun literally set and my heart just swells to bursting with love and happiness towards our father who art in heaven. Yet still my empathy and sorrow for persons who are suffering from sickness, poverty, mental illness, depression, tragedy….knows no levels. Was wondering if Metty can give you my email and you help me decipher what role am I to play in the physical and spiritual scheme of things?

  10. @TT, you are on point!…THE WOMAN IS THE SECRET!!…The worship is CENTERED AROUND THE womb….again, why does the the Catholic church call upon the mother Mary, even more so that the Christ. I am a spiritualist/traditionalist and I am also an initiate on some order, I cannot TEACH, the uninitiated what I know but I KNOW. IN AFRICA WE HAVE MANY SECRET SOCIETIES one of them is called OGBONI, the societies her in this side of the world ah joke to OGBONI..and you will never find any literature on it or if you find anything on it on google it is misleading, I AM OGBONI ABORIGNE, and Ogboni focus is the worship of mother earth which we call Iya (e-yah) Onile (On-ei-lay)…SHE IS THE FOCUS OF OGBONI and her Power cannot be matched..the secret of Life lies with the woman…Jesus was married, we have been given what the church ordered to be put out there, the 66 books, but what of the Apocrypha, the book of Judas, oh yes, he was chosen for his work, his own story is fascinating, the lost book of eden, 18 missing years of Christ. Go into History, and you will see that aroun the time that Jesus was born a Jewish boy, he would have had to me married at a certain age, He was born In Ethiopia, in a cave….so much more to say

  11. Obara hello my friend now I try not to comment on these post much as I am actively seeking knowledge about my purpose n how I came to be firstly I DO BELIEVE that there is a higher spirit as I would be a hypocrite to myself considering all I have been through in life n I’m still here today now if Christ is just a ploy that was used to enslave us how do I explain the many blessings that have bestowed upon my life?
    Since I have started my inward search I have even cut certain things from my diet n I’m telling I have been getting some real clear dreams which I shared one with u the other day they are so clear I’m afraid of my self now

    1. @Cheut, while you addressed Obara and I’ll defer to her response as she has also aided me in my quest for truth. I will take the liberty of sharing my take with you.

      There is a thing called Christ Consciousness and when we hear of Christ, most of us do not understand the Christ consciousness. While it is my belief that Jesus never existed as his story is the exact duplicate of so many other gods and saviors that predated him, such as horus, Mithra, Dionysis, and a host of others, that doesn’t make the lessons any less valid.
      Oftentimes, in order for us to grasp the moral of a story, they must be personalized and as such, the elders told all their stories and parables as people but it was the moral that was important.

      Now, Jesus has nothing to do with God. We don’t need Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Mohammed or any third party intermediate to get to God. God is just that, God. He is there for all of us to access. The third party person is used to create division. Remember, the name of the game is always to divide and conquer.

      Once you understand the Christ consciousness, the power of belief and the mind, universal laws and how it all pertains to God, you’ll see yourself creating your own reality everyday.

  12. Women are allowed in Freemason and have been for decades. However it is only recently that they have become more visible.

  13. Ahh!! Thank YOU OBARA!! I knewwww it!!

    I keep on saying that the Bible is missing sacred books, texts, pages and stories that (I think) the Catholic church amongst other nefarious persons/groups have made it a point to keep hidden. There is more to the bible, many more, than what is told. And I believe that God will one day punish those who for years has kept the real truth hidden from his people. Even the story of Jesus, too many missing periods in his life from his birth to death! I knew it!! And I swear on all things holy that if one day the masses were to revolt and storm the catacombs beneath the vatican and their vaults they would find the missing pieces, amongst other holy and sacred items there!!

    (Oh and could you please gimme a leetle answer on my questions please an tonx!! Really would like di feedback)

    I think we women really have more power than we know, cuz I’m sure I read in the bible that the disciples were quite jealous when Jesus chose Mary Magdalene as a disciple and confidant…dem mussi did bex bad and a cuss why a women eh?

    1. Email me @TT, the cunnilingus thing I will explain a little about, it is not a Good practice, the woman is too powerful, it shifts the men destiny and more, way more, way way more, very true…the pig is a dirty animal but its flesh his sweet, what i mean by this we get pleasure from many things, which may not be good….which may not be good!!..but who am I to change the world

  14. I do not believe that Christ was a ploy to enslave us, that reason being is that I have met him, in the dream world of course, and have had a medium encounter with him. I believe he was real, but his story or what we have been told about him have be told to fit the powers that be who wants to control us. Yehsua ben Joseph (Jesus) was real, and was Born in Ethiopia,, a Jew. He was an enlightened being who came to help us lift our vibration here in this realms, the physical body is dense and takes away from our higher selves along with the fact that WE humans have FREE WILL…what they did with him was used him to control some of the strongest people in the world,and oppress them THE BLACK MAN!!…wHEN A PERSON IS SPIRITUALITY ENLIGHTENED COLOR OR ETHNICITY IS NO CONCERN OF HIM, the fact is color is the product of your environment and genetic codes plus social clines…WE ALL CAME FROM AFRICA….READ READ READ THE AFRICA UNCONSCIOUS PLEASEEEE!!…BY MICHEAL BYNUM…@TT PLEASE EMAIL ME AND i WILL TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW….READ SIXTEEN CRUCIFIED SAVIOURS, JESUS CAME MANY TIMES AS DIFFERENT PEOPLE..IF ONLY YOU ALL KNEW….THE WHITE JESUS IS THE PAINTER MICHEAL ANGELO COUSIN AND HIS FAMILY, DONE SO TO MAKE THEM (THE SO CALLED SUPERIOR RACE, STAY SUPERIOR.)..In ALL CULTURES EVERY ONE DEITY LOOK LIKE THEM IT IS ONLY THE BLACK MAN WHO BOWS TO A WHITE GOD!!! SMH!!!

  15. Thank you Obara…

    Can you gimme your email please? Or Met you have my email…can you email me Obara’s email please? Will send u somn now.

    Bwoy Obara I am so anxious to read your next article…please post it quickly!! We need to know what has been hidden from us!

  16. Let me say this..there are many lodges which are sects of the Free Mason lodge but NOT hte free mason lodge, dem do hat dem waan to do there, depending on the grand master there!!!..not EVERY LODGE WHE SEY DEM AH FREE MASON ARE FREE MASON!!!..If a woman is admitted into Free Masonry, there is but so far she can go, Women are directed to the EASTER STAR!!

  17. hello obara, you know how long i wan buck pon pinkwall?!?! met yu know mi nah leff yu out…obara, can you go into the cunnilingus thing? why is it not a good thing, how that work? what about felatio, dat a nuh good ting either? not knocking anybody life, just want more clarification. thanx an bless up

  18. @anonymous I am coming, let me finis with Foxxy..just a moment please…[email protected], Jesus was not the only one who came and did what he did, as a matter of fact, I probably can say, he have been here many times, in different lives…read Sixteen Crucified Saviors by Kersey Graves, He has Incarnated many time and within many cultures, Within my tradition we find him in the Odu (verse of our oral tradition) called Owonrin/Ogbe and our tradition is over ten thousand years old, Appollonius of Tyre did exactly the same exact things that Jesus did in the bible and then some….it matters NOT the emissary, the intermediary to the almighty All, what Matters is THE ALL, OUR GOD, WE MUST NEVER FORGET OR NEGLECT HIM!!…THESE ARE THE TEACHINGS OF HIS EMISSARIES…

    1. @Obara, that is very plausible and could very well explain why all these our saviors share the same exact story from so many different cultures. I have questioned how it was that so many people could have had the same story. There is also another aspect that is unexplained though. For instance, the 12 disciplines are known to be the cosmos in the 12 astrological zodiac. The dec 25 days is the birth of the winter solstice after ending on Dec 22 when the sun is at its lowest point (hence, the death of the son) and three days later when the sun reaches it’s peak (the resurrection).
      The correlation of Jesus’ story and the cosmos is spot on.
      But I do agree that it matters not the intermediary, what’s important is the Creator.

  19. @Foxxy, I do understand what you say, but the reason I knew it was him was because if the time I saw him, I did not dream him, I saw him in a vision, meaning that My physical was in a sleepin state but I was in a conscious state. The time of the day if you are knowledgable will let you be able to understand your dreams and visions and to know which is which, you are doubtful just like myself, this is why I declared it as I wrote the comment, @Foxxy, I met him. Now hear this,he who is described in the bible May not be him, but the soul the spirit of him, he who has been here in, in Many forms and called by many names is real, the character Jesus, May have also been Buddha, Martha, Heru Tammuz , Krishna, ORUMILA, one soul many names, many lives

  20. @anonymous who wanted to know about cuninlingus, the woma is very powerful, what I would like to explain I cannot go into too deep here, remember mi nah sey so because of the whole intimacy of it enuh, I am speaking from a spiritual level. I am a person who have been privy to plenty, and I know the damage spiritually this act can do to some who engage into giving it, not the receiver, the giver, the same is not of fellatio…but the woman is more than she know, so much more

  21. Foxy I’m just seeing ur reply thank you I will watch
    Obara I’m gonna email you soon I have felt a strong energy from the first day I say u here but being the doubtful Thomas I have been somewhat about a lot will ask Met for ur email Met pls send her mine so she will recognize that it’s me pls thank u

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