1. these sexual demons very bold now a days! unnu see killa tell di guy to leave from round here? bout him a try tek selfie with the killa…lol

  2. Eh look like me DEFF cause mi Nuh believe. Woman a seh Dem tings and proud an full a confidence Suh??? God mi will Tek mi Bax Dem pan each cheek…Suh a wah Dem get outta dat now. Like really? Really?

  3. Lmao so wait deh, we nah go talk bout the biy iina the black shirt weh get a early check from killa? Yeah man run weh unno love tek too much selfie. Yuteeee!! (inna me bounty killa voice) :alay

  4. I swear blind mi nuh know nuh decent poochie. If mi buckva girl n all if she pretty like money, educated n domesticated from u pet name a poochie mi tap ramp. Mi done it right desso bcuz drama bond fi ensue.

  5. I believe her because the batty gal ting tun up in Jamaica. It’s like every female nowadays out there young and old is into it. It’s interesting to see these hypocrite men constantly bun out one form of homosexuality but fully endorse the other, which lesbianism by the way, would be more of a threat to a truly heterosexual man more than gay business. Gal clowns love these carpet munching batty gal dem because they bring in girls for dem that they normally wouldn’t be able to get. Jamaica has gone to the sodomites.

  6. Poochie shouldn’t put mi dj name in har nasty mouth shi need fi talk seh shi get more pus-c dan har baby father Oniel fresh fish shi know she is hustle Oniel beard

  7. Met I want to see that interview Sher did saying the child is to be blamed for the pastor raping her. Because Sher could never be a sane person to say that bullshit…..then again bitch ain’t that bright.

    1. Wah (popcaan voice). Listen @Met, get here now cause mi miss dat. A joke you a mek. U can’t get the video Met. Suh my question is if a true wah she seh and a man rape her if we can blame her for her close to naked dressing and all them stripper moves in the street?????, how you going to blame a child???!

  8. Did she say Bounty is the only man getting more girls than her?
    Anyway, the lifestyle in Jamaica has gone to the dogs fi real…I cant believe the amount a gays loud and proud walking around. This site have my two eyes wide open on lifestyles I never thought would reach JA.

  9. Everyone Inna dancehall knows poochie a sadamite is she next CDA need fi stoop dung pon she ain’t better than the dam pastor man ohhh and she and fat rat nasty in the threesome department with the Likkle gyal them. Just wait u soon see ppm run in. Them use the liquor store money frighten the little girls and boys. Time mon time

  10. Claudia a get nuff camera time dey wid Killa doe….gwaan ya Claudia a u sey u naah leff no matter how much matey u have

  11. Suh all a dat fi 18 comments and 4 a dem Neva a refer to u and Yu nastiness? Mi cyaan do this a rass. Nobody f**king cares what u do in the privacy of ur home or wherever u do it. This is a colossal fail, dis nuh gi Yu nuh kinda forward. Try again

  12. This was a colossal fail. All a dat fi 18 comments and 4 of them was not about Yu nastiness. Try again, nobody nuh too care weh Yu waan do wid Yu tongue.

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