What the hell wrong with Microwave popcorn?He is the main Dj boosting Spice and her dutty behavior,now we see why.

23 thoughts on “POPCAAN A DI NEXT ONE

  1. Dirty popcaan stfu…onnu always know who fi gwan so with enuh. U memba when d police the lick u rass onstage? Mek u neva tell hom fi go suck him mada???? Pedophile poppy weh breeed u baby mada when she 15 a hope u know u soon get exposed :najis

  2. Poppy just watch yuself seen, nuh need fi guh desso, just stand apart and rise, cah if yuh a defend spice yuh nuh different. it was a simple question quoted above by the panel and yuh quick to jump like a wasp, be like a bee mek honey poppy or you ago eventually lose out to..

  3. That’s why I am no longer a fan of his. If it was Hot97 or a big time farrin show he would never have said that. Instead of worry bout Naro and him 2018, guh teck on di ppl dem who alleged your hands have dirt pon dem. Leave di young man and him show alone cause when farrin ppl style unno not a word come outta unno bumbo. Since him a small fry what does it matter if him place you at number four, him and him show should irrelevant right? Unno claims how unno life so fabulous and successful yet unno full a misery. Simple ppl living simple lives have more peace than unno will ever know with all the money and fame.

  4. But wha wrong wid wha dem seh?? It look like a countdown and him deh #4..a wha??..Why the aggression why the comment did I miss something?? Mi no get the reason :bingung :bingung

  5. So him fi always be no.1??? Dirty boy relax if a neva fi jail you would neva be on top as long as kartel deh a rd…cause drake wouldnt look pon you ova kertel dutty bwoy

  6. But look pon Popcaan weh him mouth Eva look like it ah jump water…kmft, illiteracy in its highest form.

  7. God has a way of humbling us neatly. Spice and Popcaan epitomize unprofessionalism and enlarged egos and should humble themselves before it is done for them.

  8. What type of reaction is that from a so-called professional.

    My oh my, this doesn’t look good at all.

    Yes, I know that I’m repeating what may of you have already concluded, but I am in so much shock that I had to get my piece across also. Wow!

  9. Referring to that lady as a bitch also??!!!

    Popcorn, you have gone even FURTHER down in my ratings- damn disgusting!

    I was watching a show that he did in the UK recently; if I tell you how it come like every ten seconds he needed to stop and catch his breath- the audience were doing more performing than him!

    Should be lucky he was at not.4 in the listings KMT!

  10. So we need to put this to any promoter that book him and let dem see how him a bitch up females. Popcaan is a low life germs.

  11. Apart from being a duncebat this dummy is a narcissist, u nuh see him refer to himself as God cuz him swear think him above everybody else. Wah the people dem do him ???? When Drake did kick him offa the album him did haffi tek it and him run backka him and lick out him batty till him sign him. Him need fi guh find who kill him fren cuz him look like a punk in the streets right now.

  12. Most of these sufferers like popcaan when they get exposure because the lack of education and proper home training they normally act like a scumbag and a moron. People really need to put this in the UK website and let promoters there see how this boy behave. Popcaan is 1 minute away from looking like a damm goat. When last uno see him with the Trinidad girl, den little poor boy yah whey get likkle money normally show dem real colors.

  13. Don’t understand some man Popcaan a bad man know where was this badness when Kartel a box u dung worst than how shawty get box down s wah this

  14. Andrae, shut the FUCKKKKK up!!!!! What the hell is wrong with you????? That’s one thing I hate when ppl do, if you and dem have supmn, they stupidly try to prove a point and to make you look bad, by bringing up an issue you had with someone in the past; whether or not you or they are right in the current situation, or you were right or not in the previous one. Oh, how I hate that shit! Andrae, SHUTTTTT UPPPPP!!!!! DO NOTTTTT BRING SPICE INTO THIS!!!!! Naro and ANYONE for that matter is allowed to have an opinion of you; you are a public figure! Don’t be silly!

  15. @FUCKA DEM, When him find ah who kill him fren, weh him fi dhu afta dat, mum????? Mek him stay, looking like a “punk in the streets right now”, looks damn good on him! Yuh si unnu, man…..! Weh dat haffi dhu wid dis, now; tell mi????? Ah prison yuh waahn si Ms Rhona pikney, don’t????? That’s why ppl fi just life dem life and DON’T LOOK AT UNNU! Suh him fi guh hunt dung man and kill dem, suh him can look like Ninja and Kartel and Dudus and Zeeks and Tessa, and end up weh dem end up, suh dat him look like Chuck Norris and Shaft, just fi please you, right Movado; cause you’re so “Special”, right????? Hmmm…..!

  16. Popcaan nuh who him seems fi be him puts pan a bad man act but him really pussy an everyone cya seet beside fi him group of 50 yea Man. Him beats girls him ave RAPED a gyal before. Him obsessed wid seeming like a gud person inna di media but him really a pedophile who tink. Of course him dates girls dat hores dem deh a di ongle girls dat wi tek a chance fucking fi him herpes infested ass Shai Trendii fi him white gyal Kavell Cecile an all di old hags him fucks probably ave gotten sup’m from him. RavILOSO RaviLOSO a waah hore too just a top tia hore wid a bady dat shi shows pan instagram shi wud fuck popcaan just cuz of fi him link tuh Drake. Drake bout tuh drap Popcaan from fi him label cuz him bad mind an it coming out, Senda yuh chatting chuu things. Him a narcissistic fool mi nuh rate Flopcaan.

  17. Popcaan treats fi him own cousin Unruly Cuz like shit dat wah mek Unruly Cuz ave even change fi him instagram name tuh rid of di Unruly affiliation Quada no longa friends wid Popcaan cuz Popcaan thinks him God an dat fi him shit nuh tink dat him cya duh whateva tuh whoeva tek whateva from whoeva yea Popcaan really did get tump inna fi him face! him lying cuz him pussy eff him did fight back it did through fi him yea man willing tuh fight all fi him battles fi him

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