A well-known St James resident, Kenrick ‘Bebe’ Stephenson, was shot and killed at his Ironshore home last night.

Details surrounding the shooting were unclear up to last night, however, head of the St James police Senior Superintendent Egbert Parkinson, confirmed the incident.

Stephenson was recently selected as the vice-chairman of the People’s National Party executive for West Central St James.

ST JAMES, Jamaica — A well-known People’s National Party (PNP) political activist was gunned down by unidentified assailants at the gate to his home in an upscale St James community Sunday night.

Dead is Kenley Stephens, also called ‘Bebe’ of Winchester Terrace, Coral Gardens in St James.

Reports are that about 8:30 pm Stephens was at his gate when he was attacked by armed men and shot dead.

The Coral Gardens police are investigating.


  1. Bebe is also the father of the Lotto Scams in Mobay. Acts and talks like a girl and walks around with an arm of gays boys behind him.

  2. A bout time dem start knock out di politician dem n dem frens stop kill off poor ppl. A must some body him cross

  3. question…..di article only described him as a well known mobay resident or a pnp acitivist….why did you have to bring up di battyman argument inna it?……..see dis is what mi talking bout…when yuh bring in di whole battyman argument yuh sensationalze di story unnecessarily,and give di battyfella dem a yard and abroad a platform fi jump pon again wid dem alsmhouse because now di focus is not on di person or whatever it was dat cause him death….now di focus will be dat di homophobia in jamaica has claimed another life…which from the article is clearly not the case…..ive said it before…..dem a rob and commit crime….report pon di crime….just like a regular criminal…dat way di issue of homophobia is bypassed……..in other words…if yuh dont mek it an issue it will f**king disappear in its own time……leaving di powers dat be ample time and opportunity fi deal wid dem raas illegal acitivities widout di hampering of watchdog enitities ready fi jump pon a bandwagon at what dem feel is di slightest hint of discrimination and prejudice….

      1. True but a nuff things him do fi phuk up Granville and he is well known for been gay. This a from back ina the 90’s and dem walk strap nobody nuh mess wid him and Jasper. A him deeds ketch up wid him, about PNP activist. Lord if yuh nuh busy…


    1. Dick r…repost pon de photo cause dem all give credit to the argument pon buju song by flinging it up.

      Good Evening Obara.

    2. sorry to ay but yes he is a well known homosexual. when i was working at kfc at howard cooke blvd, when him come my god, half a the battyman them who inna kentucky run out gone inna him car, mi nuh know how it drive off but if 50man nuh in de car none no in de. May his soul RIP in the literal sense of RIP. Its a real shame nonetheless that the PNP associate themself with known criminals but yet still the smaller scammers they prosecute. its a real shame. i however codemn the way his life was taken and will not there say to others to tke this as a message

  4. true tlk dick r harde a dat mi seh 2……cuz dem well waan summen fi push dem agenda likkle faster…..

  5. one battyman down how much more left now? since sum ah dem run gone ah amsterdam weh di rest ah hide out?? r.i.p to di “man” not di battyman!

    1. A what a way yuh a keep up wid what a gwaan inna di battyman dem life dat yuh all know whey dem run gone!

  6. demya batty man yah a infest dih place like rats and roaches why dih rat poison and pyro a tek suh log fih wuk???? Slowly but surely…..

  7. How long ca these PNP continue into shame and distruction. How many more scammers they hire fi give them underground funding fi win the election> Can anyone see God is going to remove them like yesterday?

  8. Sometimes I despise the fact that so many dunce are from Jamaica. ..A man is dead..respect that..what if it was your child would you not honor his death in a decent manner…The law of karma is a funny thing that which you despise and judge most ALWAYS fi d a way to become a part of your life…yes I’m a lesbian and it’s not about gay rights..I don’t know why they killed him..don’t matter..it wasn’t right..point blank…Some of you sound so uneducated. ..that’s y I don’t associate my self with the likes of you…and whatever comments will follow I care zero..I said my piece

  9. if god was like man he that is without sin cast the first stone, is time as Christian we stop take side with negativity in this world we need to start asking god to intervene so that Jamaica may be a better country is time we stop look t the negative side and know that people can change regardless of who they are if we were getting down and our needs and pray for change than be an hypocrite this land would be better the sin of this young man is equal to the sin of lyin lips back bitting adultery fornication etc we need to start to pray for a change and let begin without us

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