Met ,Tina and Andre are all over social media .She professes her love for him but everybody know seh Andre nu stay down for long .mi feel so sorry fi har and she jus a hype up .she comments on all posts related to her man and his friends .she even a call herself a celebrity just tru she deh wid Andre smh.hype no dun ya so

13 thoughts on “POST CELEBRITY

  1. I really hate when ordinary people get sent into met. Who are these people? If there is no mixup or story involving people out in the media who cares if she comment on his pic? Stop embarrass people who aren’t bothering anybody kmt

  2. Yes Met get into it bc him lef d baby modda forreal.mussi tru she drive caz him no stop pose up inna d gyal car like a fi him

  3. Yes Met get inna it ,him lef d baby modda .tina drives and him no stop pose up inna d Gyal car like a fi him .him just a use the poor girl

  4. lol Tammy sounds hurt met, Tammy goodly a suck how much cocky and can’t get the man fi left the wife fi she cause mi nuh u sees tan how it sweet she suh. The baby mother move on and a f**k oda man suh mek dem both live dem life dirty Tammy. Go look a Wuk and come off a mix up site u damn stupid a want dem find u out and tek set pan u raaas

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