Met send it this pretty little wortless bi*ch chystal u mean to tell me seh u in a good job and u cah fix up in a u dirty room me seh if u go in a this gyal ya house u fraid fi drink water how the house nasty and stay bad met 1 sheet the gyal have and is a pretty pretty dun a town sheet and she have a next stay bad sister name manda she dunce so till not even a little heart test she cah pass



  1. Low out di rass gyal and guh mek sure urs clean… All you met wrong to post this… Kmft… Unuh love bring down women too much.

    1. Maybe met post it to show that bad mind is active!can’t see how she wrong fi dat.the senda bitter than bitter gal cuz none of all she said has any bearing on the facts that this girl is gorgeous n ambitious!

  2. Sender sound hurt, a dat you go the gal yard fah? @ least she working for her own unlike some laying on their backs for everything. Do you boo, take your time n sort out yourself.

  3. I can’t tell if the room is dirty or untidy from this pic. It’s clearly a minimalist decor, but wouldn’t encourage any young people to spend out their money decorating room just to put pics on social media. kmt

  4. The sender got it right, SHE IS INDEED PRETTY! Sender your use of oxymoron makes you very transparent, She is pretty with a good job, go have several seats with your hating ass.

  5. Mi nuh see ntn wrong wid the backround in this pic. U are a straight up BITCH for taking the girl’s business and spreading it like this, mi haaaaaate people like u thats why mi nuh bring people a mi yard whether it run down or luxurious, unuh is a wicked set!

    1. Same suh
      All dem do ah come ah yuh place n try find something to criticize. An d one dem whey dweet, moas ah d time dem inna NOOOO position fi sey ennyting


  6. Chrsytal clearly have many yuh so badly want and need,that it a cloud yuh hating ass heart suh yuh cum wid dis fi tear de gal down,lowe de gal a live she a live yuh little unliving germs yuh

  7. Sender what’s really wrong she took always your man are something because I don’t see anything wrong with the girl room kmt

  8. Senda yu seem like you are the dunce. If is one sheet she can afford and is the down a town price, what wrong with that? You sleeping on it? So people that you consider pretty must have pretty room? Senda smh go learn yu ABC

  9. The sender is very mean and hateful. There is nothing wrong with the young lady, she is pretty fine. Leave her be, you need to be gainfully occupied. #hater #badmind #evil

  10. no i cant believe the sender is so badmind…i have to believe that the sender is the girl in the pic looking for likes so she pretend to be someone hating on herself. I couldnt find one thing wrong with the pic

  11. The sender sound very bitter and bad mind, first i cant see the entire room to say its messy, secondly she is a very attractive young lady. Why are you trying to drag this young lady. Sender please send a picture of your current situation so we can judge you too with the caption “bitter”. Go kick rocks and dive head first in a pit toilette sick stomach.

  12. She is wearing uniform and a name badge, so clearly she works so leave her and her dirty house and sheets. Maybe she is working hard to make a life for herself and as a result her housework suffer. Leave her alone. She’s gorgeous and have ambition. Bad mine people really deh a yard bad.

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