Prescription drugs were discovered with Prince when he was found dead in his Paisley Park home in suburban Minneapolis, several news organizations reported.

ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN, citing unidentified law enforcement sources, reported that prescription painkillers were found on the 57-year-old musician and in his home. The Star Tribune, also citing unnamed sources, reported that prescription pills were found but that it wasn’t clear whether they had been prescribed to Prince.

Prince died April 21. An autopsy has been performed, but results weren’t expected for three to four weeks.

The music megastar’s death came less than a week after reports that his plane made an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois, as he returned after performing in Atlanta. TMZ, citing unidentified sources, reported that Prince was treated for an overdose of the painkiller Percocet.

Airport and public safety officials in Moline have refused to confirm that the plane that made an emergency landing in Moline was Prince’s aircraft, and heavily redacted incident reports released to The Associated Press under a public information request did not identify the person who was treated. Prince’s representatives have not responded to AP’s request for comment on the reports.
Carver County Deputy Sheriff Jason Kamerud declined to comment Thursday on the reports of drugs found at Paisley Park, and told AP that he strongly disputed reports by several media outlets that investigators had asked the US Drug Enforcement Administration for help in the case.

“We have not asked them for help, or asked them to be a part of the investigation,” Kamerud said. “We might contact them to help us, but that hasn’t happened. We don’t have the medical examiner’s report yet. We don’t know to what extent pharmaceuticals could be a part of this.”

Leo Hawkins, a DEA spokesman in Chicago, said he had no comment.

Prince’s death came two weeks after he canceled concerts in Atlanta, saying he wasn’t feeling well. He played a pair of makeup shows April 14 in that city. Prince was scheduled to perform two shows in St. Louis but canceled them shortly before his death due to health concerns.

Longtime friend and collaborator Sheila E. has told the AP that Prince had physical issues from performing, citing hip and knee problems that she said came from years of jumping off risers and stage speakers in heels


  1. These people working for the mainstream media LOVE to spin things. Until the autopsy results come back, why are you putting out information that may have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with his death? So that you can tarnish his name and chalk him up to be just another N!gg@ junkie? Have some respect!! I have a bottle of percocet in my cabinet from when I broke my femur. I took ONE and had a terrible reaction (nausea and weakness) so I still have 19 in the bottle in my cabinet. If mi dead, wah?? I overdosed because you found pain killers in my house? Just stop and wait for the autopsy. SIP #PRINCE

    1. I agree, Lurker. Him being found with it doesn’t mean it caused his untimely death. The media is very manipulative.

  2. Lurker, ah fling you were flinging the community koki when you broke your femur? It’s a hard bone to break, but I hope you recovered well.

    1. lol, no, car accident with a drunk driver and yes I recovered well especially since I could have died so praises always to the most high.

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