princemarni”The worst risk you can take is not taking a risk at all”- Peter Nygård
Today I had the pleasure of spending the day at Billionaire fashion design mogul Peter Nygård’s beautiful island getaway #Nygårdcay. Truly an inspiration to see what he built from the ground up in @nygardfashion and @nygardslims. His new line #nygardslims is revolutionary!!. His knowledge about the human body and his strides to continuously grow is amazing. Thank you for a great experience and I most definitely look forward to working with you in the near future. #peternygard#nygardslims#nygardcay#bahamas#nygardfashion @nygardslims242 @youngstar_86 @julienbelieve @twentyfourtwojay



  1. Young man watch your self . I always say to myself you play that role Susan too well seems you got his attention on the other side .

  2. Yea ah and I just checked out ” nygard slime I mean ” slim ” fashion on Instagram and NOT ONE BLACK MODEL IN SIGHT !!! But so unno LOVE SUCK UP TO THE WHITE MAN all on the name of money and status … it is d down fall of a THE Jamaican culture that has SOLD OUT the beautiful island to culture vultures and vampires

    So tell me WHAT does Nygard know about the human body that u don’t ??? WTF !!! That comment kind of creepy star… wait, u let him expolore yours in exchange for a ” buss???”” $$$$$

    It is foreigners like this with no morals and sexual deviance are the CAUSE OF SEX TOURISM IN JAMAICA especially and the worrisome RISE in young men selling their bodies for SEX to other men especially

  3. mi literally hear mi grandfather inna mi ears a seh wen yuh don’t av gud tuh tawk den don’t.. is a pity him neva seh write :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    Ppl a try build them own brand these days nd most find themselves working independently due to how Social Media can now be banked from, all I will say is be careful what door you av open.

  4. If unnuh never see seh suptn wrong wi dah bwoy yah from day one den unnuh really blind!

    Nuff a dem weh out deh pon social media! If unnuh follow dem den nuff time unnuh will pick up pon certain things over time!

    And him nee fi explain dah knowledge of the human body part deh!

  5. This is hilarious. Peter Nygard is a very wealthy man who flies out women to his island to participate in his poop fetish. He likes women to poop on him and vice versa.

  6. Him look so uncomfortable. But a him say “buss” by any means necessary. That’s why nuff of them mek themselves uncomfortable just to get what dem want. Smh

  7. Him disable di comments from under di pic. DWL must be a reason y. Mi nuh like Prince from long time…mi know him shaky. Him eva a post videos inna hotels n yuh cyaah see who a video it.

  8. The comment can be taken at face value. A designer has to understand the human body to select the right fabrics etc that is aligned with his vision of the final product. Why does it have to be something illicit? Having the ‘Susan’ alter ego or character means that he isn’t heterosexual? Business relationships should be restricted to people with the same sexual preferences?

    1. People shake hands in business relationships or hold each other on shoulders. Wah kinda hand roun waist supm this? Straight where? KMT

  9. Even him Guyanese gf she can dance yes
    Me no see d drama over she cuz she
    Fava man ! Tough Nuh rass

    Prince gay from long time
    From him mek d song bout
    Suck out batty like oxtail bone
    Comedian or not who says such nastiness
    And jokes about it ????? FOH

    @inhaleme ur man a batty man!!!

  10. Prince Betta leave TAZHMOYE man eno
    Before she use r doctorate weh she get a d UWI
    Weh she never go an sue him. :ngakak

  11. Spoon right on the money. Something no right bout him, don’t want to say what I am thinking, keeping my thoughts veiled.

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