The grounds of a Corporate Area school was reduced to a hostile environment last Thursday after a principal, who was on sick leave, visited the premises seeking to continue his duties amid controversy surrounding his absence.

THE STAR understands that students, parents, and some teachers were vehemently opposed to his return to the institution, citing unrest among the school population as well as backlash from community members who were very familiar with what led to his absence.

Our news team was told that the police had to be called in to protect the administrator and escort him to his vehicle, as the crowd that gathered hurled insults at him and threatened to get violent.

To make matters worse, THE STAR gathered that the principal showed up at the school before the end of his six-week sick leave, obviously still feeling the effects of his injuries and was allegedly sporting a urine drainage bag.

The principal in question reportedly lost his manhood after it was allegedly bitten off in a bizarre incident that took place in Portmore, St Catherine, last month.

Following the incident, the police had to rescue the administrator after he was found along the roadway outside a popular restaurant and lounge located in Portmore, bleeding profusely from his private area.

A parent, who was at the school last week when high drama unfolded, told our news team that the principal is no longer welcomed there.


She said, “I attended this school, and now my children are here, and this type of embarrassment is distracting. The students are frightened and they don’t trust him. They tell him they don’t want him and dem run him weh. The police had to be called in and one of the officer cranked up him gun to scare away the children.”

A male parent who also spoke to our news team said he would remove his son from the institution if the principal in question continued working at the school.

“Mi a move my son and send him go another school ’cause a learn mi send my pickney go school fi learn, and pickney look up to principal. Mi nuh want nuh principal trick my child,” he said.

Bryon Buckley, director, corporate communication at the Ministry of Education, confirmed that the ministry is aware of the disturbance which occurred at the school.

“A team from the ministry went there and spoke to the staff and the principal. He (the principal) was advised by the ministry not to be on the compound so as to quell things,” Buckley told THE STAR.

When asked by THE STAR if the principal in question would continue his tenure, Buckley said that was a school board issue and not for the ministry to decide.

The St Andrew North police also confirmed that police were called to the institution to control the situation which had unfolded.

President of the Jamaica Principal Association, David Wilson, could not be reached for a comment.


  1. Is this the one weh de allegedly “starght-man” bite off him hood cause de principal wah wuk de throat n battam? :nerd

    GM Met and ALL nice and decent ppl :babyboy

  2. So dem neva sew back on d dick? Man obviously depressed n delusional y him show up before him leave up, pee pee bah n all trying to gauge the school’s response. Poor dickless mam

  3. @ Latty, is a 24 year old man bite up the Principal hood, after he (the Principal) took the young man out to drinks, then instead of driving him home, turned into a cul-de-sac, and a force on himself pon de young man, who refused his advances. The story is in today’s STAR Newspaper.

    Bwoy, dis fishy bad, fe a man (Principal at dat) mek a next man bite up him hood. As a Parent, mi wouldn’t want my yute round nuh battyman mania fever eeda.

  4. What a story. From I was born.

    But even if the 24 yr old is also a g@y man, consent needs to happen before anything can gwan, you can’t force someone against dem will. If you must have it then pay a person walking the strip and keep it moving.

  5. thanks needle an mifedup mi did just have a feelin say is a man…..a jancrow him nuffi be principal a noweh

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