Any body weh name priney a u the b*tch petagaye hot fa…. a facebook messenger strength them have she n ar bad fren twiggy weh sleep around n f**k all kinda man…. the story nuh talk good ano twiggy alone hate dream a she n petagaye how them chat the gal weh petagaye buy out the story true dream a descent gal n the gal bby father never want ar twiggy memba u chat ar with me from she just a breed n then gwaan like uno like the gal…. petagaye cum outta reggie batty ole n go get yo child a visa every child needs their mom…. petagaye yo p**y shit up ya talk bout priney always a compliment u a compliment n hotness uno a walk a run dung.

11 thoughts on “PRINEY A WHEY YUH DO TO DI GIRL?

  1. Dis likkle gal nah stop walk n grine out har cratches weh always carry odor so it no mek no sense unnu kill up unnu self yaa..

  2. So them walk n chat people dirty petagaye and terry true the gal better off than them…. how the gal better off than them dem a carry feelings…. petagaye love behave like she a saint n she mix up like dog…. the bitch them just troubled n hate c ppl live priney dem hot fi u tho

  3. Unu love attention bwoy o bwoy the girls nah pay unu no mind and unu just a seek social media fame TPC pink wall fi block unu!!

  4. Them chat kedrine fi true true true dem slaughter the gal name terry did a f**k ar man weh she calm seh a batty man n ar baby isnt his terry bout everything about everybody life n she walk n tek all kinda man petagaye she na stop own Reggie n post up boy weh not even a comment them a laughing stock inna america petagaye only worry bout hotness yo son cant tek plane…. reggie cant put u up the ole a uno calyiss alike

  5. Y uno a mek them a topic petagaye terry n the ole a dem a hypocrite ano kedrine alone them chat them throw dirt on evrrybody name dream have all right to not even give them her time of day because a same way them chat rue blake wife n how the man dont want the girl and they act as if they are cool with her they envy everybody thats better off than than … dream man never wa ar? Terry ur man want u…. petagaye your man want you? Leave the man them name man yall sick stomach pink wall fi block uno petagaye yo need fi go sort out yo self n stop stalk n worry about the man every move him mek u watch him sort out yo life n tek yo child weh u love so much…

  6. But dream let me show u how ya idiot gal because the word is a long time the man dont deal with you dream the man say if ano fi the baby him dont chat to you dream the man say u not coming to ja to him because you and him not involved so how ya count down to see bae dream. The man tell me seh him left u from last year so why ya post him on your facebook dream are u a fool a look a hype n the man not looking at you boyy dream you sad dream u have a right fi quickly delete the posy because you no a lie n is a hype ya look pan Facebook but you get flop dream the man hate you

  7. You all needs to get yuh facts straight and come back. poor girl probably loss to what’s on here. Address the girl directly unno too jealous and bad mind lowe the girl.

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