Dirty pick pocket bwoy tiffing hungry belly bwoy weh love walk and use ppl gyal pickney You are a f***g user! You deh a prison weh day and nuh stop message and ring down people phone and mek how much promise to how much gal. and now you deh a road you don’t look at them dirty blacks member seh you have gyal pickney and what goes around comes right back around suh gwan enjoy your like ungrateful life.


ppl always get whats coming for them suh you gwan deh a road now and a gwan like you a somebody a drive up and down inna rented car and gwan like you a money bwoy well you flop big time because we all know you Bruck and hungry! As for this likkle whoring gyal weh you frighten over you don’t worry because your time soon come look how much time blacks Diss you and yu still a run him dung fool fool gyal look how much time him put up ur picture and tek it dung b**chMAN😅😃 you have o shame from him come outta jail ask him how much gyal him f***g him soon gi yu still again! Ppl please be careful off this user him will trick you and Diss you all will tiff from you because a dat him do for a living walk and tiff and then try hype on ppl.

10 thoughts on “PRISON PROMISE NOTE

  1. di man just did a look smaddy fi keep him commissary well top up. y u wuda spend pon a man in prison, he obvs didn’t go in there because he was a good citizen

  2. sender your soo damn stupid you ah talk about kris brown who just came outta of deportation centre and you put up picture of father rup DWFLL loool SO WHICH MAN YOU TALKING OF KIRS BROWN OR RUP

    1. Anonymous u sound stupid can’t u see DAT ah blacks from when he did inna jail how u ah mistake him fi di wonky eye yute father rup u have sense make sure u know wat u ah talk before u comment mi CNT tek these fool fool uneducated ppl. Kimberley bitter pussy sweet why u nuh tell Blackz how much man u f*** n suck while him did ah jail how much threesome u part take in u nasty suck buddy girl u n friend dem nasty u f** me nuh understand how Sophia ah allow Marvin fi f** uno so ah so unno ah live inna foreign it files them soon leak blacks ain’t no angel either u soon get replaced

  3. I did know that f**r girl Kimberly Sweets was up to something when i saw her on the Turner British cook out dvd a fishy round Blacks, LONG HEAD did a f**k are out fi champagne and fi allow her to par round him and now as Blacks touch road him just start jump up ina are belly. She lef are clean nice well respect husband/babyfada name Reds weh have up him assets and gawn run road red. You have no respect fi yuh children dem Kimberly Sweets and yuh worst have no respect for yourself. A your pussy still but it ago be the end of you gwan guh repent and stop f**k dung the dance hall my girl

  4. lucky can’t upset ova kimberly. Lucky left r N she run go f**k blacks to mek him hurt. But lucky ah laugh afta them cuz blacks N lucky soon start par back N laugh afta that no sense having gal that f**k everybody Fi name N hype. Papa versatile f**k r N duck r left r at d bus stop beaux lucky did tell him f**k r Fi £200. Lucky did only have r as him shit toilet. Now blacks posing with r N lucky show him fren them d video where him a cum inna r now this gal run go put up video ah kiss blacks. Lucky ah boss blacks lookin ah hype with ah dancehall mattress.

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