Hi Met,

I’m trying to find news on this in the print media because it was on the news since week and the police Inspector announced follow ups.There was a crash on the new toll road and 30 persons were injured according to the nightly news.The theory is that the road surface is damaging car tyres causing blowouts.The cops were saying speeding is a factor but they are awaiting test results for the toll road surface material because they won’t be able to say Definitively it is the road until then.


In the meantime Met, Can you please reitierate the police’s warning to take time on the toll road.The Chinese are also doing their own investigations the news said. Personally Met,imma avoid that road,the toll already sky high dear and now there is uncertainty abt it’s safety??


  1. Met I’ve driven on the road a few times and I don’t know what they call the things they put in the road. It’s not sleeping police but like some rough surfaces I guess to slow people down. They have them in several places throughout the road but everytime I go over them I wonder if that wouldn’t cause tyre damage because if I’m on a highway, I’m not looking for potholes and these rough surfaces so chances are, they will cause damage.

  2. Chinese arw reknowned for being hard workers but shoddy n inferior workmanship.Africans are more dedicated tradesmen!

  3. Bob Marley did seh “soon we’ll find out who is the real revolutionaries, cause I don’t want my ppl to be tricked by mercenaries” a pure mercenaries a run di country (dem sell out all dem mumma fi di mighty dollar). Dem just sign contract an collect money without making sure dem have smaddy pon site fi overlook di Chinese if dem a use di right an proper material fix di road.A me alone notice a only di Chinese leg a highway a gi problem? Di French did slow but di road proper, We nuh have NO LEADER a pure mercenaries deh yah.

  4. Me a one a di few anti-highway ppl, cause highway a dis distraction when more vital and pressing sectors nah get no attention. All mi can she fiddi drivers is dat di ole road dem still diddeh, use dem if unno can.

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