Met what away puchi run guh pop secret wedding fi help the youth wid him (Edited) so you can be on public assistance and help somebody oh rass guess I didn’t know that.
Gyal pop up inna Dose party look like dem stuff flour bag she and shape less Krissy watch she come fi watch Dose and di man party sell off. The next day was her party and nuh body nuh guh like always nuh body nuh like her a rass. She cyah even post a pic of her party becuse nuh body never guh woooii Queens gyal dem life said tho.
Puchi guh feed yuh kids because every time I come to yuh house yuh big son a tell yuh him hungry and yuh a run him like dog how him greedy go be a mother to your kids and leave Dose him finally happy and free from you


  1. U send in the girl and u go to her house, unno is a wicked set, evil. U spoke of her child being hungry, y didn’t u encourage her to feed the child, evil. I wish there was away to detect evil dwellers, unno fi have a stamp pon unno head. Message to the girl uppa top, u need to play an active role in your children’s lives, uno worry bout the wrong thing, dance a di least, feed and take care of your child/children

  2. NaNa proper move you bombocloth and go look a life!!!!! Moe don’t want you, you nuh see a puchi him seh. you just mad b/c the gal f**k him weh from you Nasty big sour swarty self.. A you send this eehhn, stop watch out the gal underneath, everybody know you a carpet muncher but you can’t munch fi har carpet su stop watch har and just go one side. Big up puchie all day everyday when gal good dem good. Rayeee!!!

  3. I don’t care bout puchi boy then little boy deh cyah hungry they have a wonderful auntie and a caring father who work hard fi him kids I follow him on IG and he’s always out with dem so sender your wicked

  4. Senda mi nuh trust yuh… Yuh go a di ooman yawd…. if yuh go dat mean yuh muss close tuh har some how…. Yuh wicked doe…. Yuh play enemy real good doe.

  5. Woooiiiiiieeeee, scandal tun up inna queens….. Suh Momo and Pouchie?????!!!!! STD clinic wah si unuh caz to my understanding Momo have HERPES !!!!! Lard a wah dis, when yah dig crave dig too baby love

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