1. Busy yuh ting madd dawg, I wonder if is my eyes only, miss Ivy son look better looking, and cool, Vado yuh nuh see seh a you fava the goat that yuh claim u a call Killa, clean heart we seh STR88888, platinum wi selling fi this one, Vampire watch it u time numbered. Unity the man them a pree, and that is strength. Serious, the songs reach.

    1. Some ah dem fe know demselves; dem might can fool mankind, but dem cannot fool The Almighty God!!..wap wap :thanks2

  2. Love the song played about 10 times from mawning Mofraudo u lef u yard whey u a boss come tun butler n busboy fi big fat sour Kareem unnu too rawseeee frighten go siddung man kmt

  3. boy mi love busy, him just look like him can f**k good, anytime mi guh a Jamaica mi ago look fi him. if only for one nite, no strings attach…. lol.

  4. Mi not even go a de gym yet, and mi already get mi workout fe de day. Mi play dem 2 songs ya a few times and dance to dem. Mi really like dem.

    1. mi jus a ketch di word dem…busy say him a move bout long time widout question.. Mavado did really sell out busy fi true :nohope:

    1. dat is wha puzzle mi so i feel its my duty fi talk di tings as usual..I hope I finish today mi always a write and get distracted

  5. @Metty, sound di big ting dem fi dah chune yah!!! whe simply machine deh!!!.. Me say di chune dem bad like aids…tek it to dem signal chaa…

  6. Wack, they need to leave mavado alone until GOD ready to punish him for what he has done.. If GOD no ready for you no one can do anything.. God time a GOD time.. Busy and bounty heart more dutty than mavado days why mavado reach further than dem. Whatever a person thinks shapes his or her life.

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