1. Ok Puss wi get it now inna u house nice so u can stap show it off. In dey mus hard fi dust d mount a coutriments u have all bout. U all waan show off u soup a cook u push whe di pickny sign from before u pot more dan once.
    Mine di type a figurine dem u have in u house, dem black scary lookin summin dere whe u a call Lisa n Dionne look quite evil like some vampire, devil bat
    No sah wha a bad livin fambily

  2. Ppl like this exist , u have too much time on ur hand y all taking this shit to next level I dnt knw this woman but she stay bad at least fix up urself if yah go put on a show

  3. Goodmorning all
    You know last night she call pon ragga show. She go ah fish fry and fight har family dem fling bottle and bare tings.

  4. Disyah sinting gone 2 far now….if unu nuh hab no respect fi unu self have some fi unu Mom and unu children…poor woman must be heartbroken. Unu do bettah now man..cho

  5. Dwrclllllll Jamaicans is not some ppl to mess with.no sah I don’t wrong her burry dem. Yes and get dem out your life after the service tho let the dead rest in piece lol you can keep a memorial for her once a year still lol mi like it you maddd

  6. Sometimes family do you no good just cause they your family don’t mean they goof to you.god knows what this family did to this woman seem like she had enough. I like her tho she make a good laugh out a bad situation

  7. If anyone watch the movie Blood sisters well that’s the kind of person Kerry is she is like the wicked sister in the movie I don’t feel sorry for her

  8. Bway puss. When Mi want bury some people ah you Mi ago call..You do funeral good..all keep dance after.. boy weh you deh???

  9. This lady is seriously hurting….I love her sense of humour though…What does RIF mean??? Rest if Fire??? dwl

  10. Puss, yuh shoulda neva get the kids dem involved inna unu cantakament…mi si pon one ah di papers the word hate and dat look like the children dem handwriting..Puss, it did funny at first, but best way fe deal wid yuh nemesis dem is tp pay them no mind; just let them sink in their own pile of shitt…don’t sink and stay on their level…yuh place nice mummy…

  11. I think this woman is hurting. Whatever Kerry did to her hurt her heart. Some people talk out their problems, some cuss, some drink, some run go counseling, some smoke and some mek videos. I hope one day they can forgive each other and live like how sisters should live. It don’t look good

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