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  1. U know wen I saw the pic a d same thing comes to my mine. Di time him gal a walk a f**k with people with har knock off bags she go buy a barrel a bleach a dose him all ova. All u stiff face stay bad dapple mi no know Weh u fava u done Stan good none a oonu no look good.

  2. You know whats the bad thing? It look like when him did black (centuries ago) he coulda been a very handsome guy but a so dem stay dem wan run down the style sittin too much

    1. Coulda, shoulda, woulda…but right now him jus look real chupid!
      Senda mi believe say u color in dem foot deh before you sen di pic enuh dwl…cause di more mi tink bout it di more dis jus nuh make sense.

      1. The foot leg and the kamara neva go too good togedda so that’s the reason the foot leg blacka than black, unuh no kill me off today. LOL.

  3. Jadion please stop rub only your face every day choose one you have three options either rub down your whole body everyday or rub only the razaor bump mark area every three days if your truly bleaching for that purpose. Or just stop bleaching completely and let the black from your foot catch up with your face. You look like Jason with a white mask on smdh

  4. But me see him Saturday night and I was staring him up and down and him face is not that white and him foot dem is not that black so I don’t know what to say..

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