0 thoughts on “QUESTION ?

  1. :malu :malu :ngakak :ngakak @sender ‘baggy rice’ :ngakak :ngakak. Robert come talk up aka Snow White.

  2. :ngakak :malu :ngakak daffy yu no tekk heed u still go nyam the baggy rice yu gut ago bussss :ngakak :ngakak

  3. Wicked Robert aka Snow white I hope all the obeah you worked and working on people tun round and choke yuh. Mi neva like you before and mi nuh like you even more now. Kids are precious and innocent and yuh plan fi mek Samar baby come disabled? God tek the wheel and please spread your blood on Samar and her baby for a safe and healthy delivery.
    I hope everybody that reads this nuh listen to Robert when shi a talk about a badmind pple badmind and lying. Mi believe everything causen sey shi have evil print out inna her tough man face.

  4. *raises hand* miss the rice look crunchy …like d bun up parts a battam ina non stick pot…it nuh bingo miss =(

  5. is jasmine rice, but you know when you cook jasmine rice you noh need nuff water and she use the panty fe steam it, that is why it look like that cause if the panty a noh cotton the rice we bun up.

    1. No sah…lol…woiee Lord I need yu. unu out fi kill mi. 2cents seh she nevah use cotton draws suh it bun up..see yah puppah heheheheehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeee woieeeeeeeeeee Suh 2cents is wah u really telling me? nuh kill mi..but come hear mek mi whispah is wah u know bout di cotton drawers a wuk wid steam roice?? woiiiiee mi bodeh

  6. dwl me still a laugh…bwoy d tings ppl cum up wid n do..may god bless uno likkle hawt or watever substitute uno hab deh

  7. it luk like the drawz crotches neva stretch all de way ova dis rice robbaz a wah yuh hear daffy a cum and remove it quick mumz?!?!?

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