10 thoughts on “R.I.P

  1. Damn,#RIP Miss Lady. I hope the government releases the cure for cancer soon. It has claimed too many lives, especially young lives.

    ***Before anyone tries to debate me, let me make this clear, call me a conspiracy theorists or call me crazy but I honestly believe they have the cure but because they generate more income treating the sick instead of healing they keep it from the public market. No, I don’t have conclusive evidence but with all we have accomplished with technology (exponential growth and improvement since Y2K) I find it hard to believe that we still haven’t found a cure.

    1. Don’t know if there is a cure for Cancer, but I know that Pharmaceutical companies Do NOT do research related to curing diseases. Their sole objective is to develop treatments/drugs that will maintain a patient. Their blockbuster drugs are those that a patient could take for life or as long as the patent on a drug last. Why do you think antibiotics is so cheap? In fact, certain pharmacies give away certain type of antibiotics for free.

      1. Yup, and then when they find a new treatment drug, they secure a patent for a few years (normally 20 yrs) in order to monopolize the market so the prices can remain inflated until the expiration date after which we are able to get generic drugs and lower pricing. Sick sad world.

  2. Rip baby girl.. Sorry to insert this here. But most as these young folks dieing check di bleaching cremes. Do we not see the Correlation?

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