Former Miss Jamaica, she passed away from complications that arose from sickle cell disease


17 thoughts on “R.I.P SHAKIRA MARTIN

  1. Very sad, I know people who live with sickle cell all their lives, even have kids and still living, Just wondering what could have possibly happened. Such a pretty girl, RIP.

    1. I thought most sickle cell patients dies before they are 30 years old. Is it that technology is so much advance that many sickle cell patients are living beyond 30, 40, 50+? Did she get it from her father or mother or both? Her mother is alive, so maybe her father? RIP Shakira.

      1. Yes, You have sickle cell patients that live beyond 30, 40 and even 50. They said in the news that her Mom and Dad had the trait and she got it full blown. When you have sickle cell you have to take care of yourself, I don’t know this young lady or what her daily routine was, They said she had blood clots in both lungs.

        1. Thanks…very informative. I hate to say it, but the little information I have about the disease was from the Sidney Poitier 1973 Movie, “A Warm December”, where the Jamaican-born actress, Esther Anderson, was stricken with Sickle Cell disease. Very touching movie btw.

    2. If you know about Sickle Cell then you’d know that ANYTHING could happen.

      Rest in peace Ms. Sunshine :maafaganwati

  2. my nephew has it, got it full blown, he is in and out of the hospital. he was recently in there for a blood transfusion. RIP to her I know it wasn’t easy fighting this monster

  3. Rest in peace dear. Loss a dear friend to this horrible disease. My heart still aches for her and the two children she left behind. One was a boy, was 3 and other was girl and 3 months old. She had sickle cell and thalassemia both inherited from her parents who only had traits. It’s was so painful for her when she was in crisis. Followed by many hospital visits for blood transfusions. This is a disease that can be prevented if black people (usually the carrier’s) get tested before starting a family family. I see this illness and its prevention the same way Ashkenazi Jews get genetic testing to prevent certain illnesses in their off spring because of the Hugh incidents in their community. Js

    1. You said it perfectly. Even if they don’t get tested it’s best to exchange health information with a partner.

    1. Pregnancy seems to set things off for the worst with Sickle females. Males go down in health from overexertion/stress and poor diets. My observations from friends and cousins who are gone now.

    2. Are you sure Shakira Martin had children? This is the first post I see with such a fact. From reading elsewhere, she had no kids.

  4. @Anonymous 12:58

    The sickle cell disease does not come from just one parent. Both parents would have to have been healthy carriers (at the least) of the sickle cell trait. Simple blood test for both partners before any baby talk should be common practice.

    It’s the most common hereditary blood disease in the world and yet the least funded and least spoken about. A sickle sufferer would do best to take medication, look after their health and see the doctor as regularly as possible but it’s a disease that can strike without warning and affect any part of the body/organs. People are living longer (oldest sufferer is a 90 year old African woman) but the disease is a real killer! #sicklecellawareness

    Met you have a great platform here and I knew you would post this story. It’s all about awareNess!! R.I.P Shakira

  5. Sad.SIP. I don’t know much abt the disease either. I know in Africa some churches won’t marry you unless you test to see if you you have a trait xx gene ?? Anybody know the chromosomes combination that causes it?

    1. Sickle cell sufferer blood – ‘SS’

      Normal blood is ‘AA’ – no sickle at all

      Mother would have to be a healthy carrier of the sickle trait – ‘AS’

      (Does not mean mother is affected by sickle cell in any way)

      Dad would also have to be a carrier of the sickle trait ‘AS’

      So if both mom and dad are ‘AS’ ‘AS’
      There is a 1 in 4 chance that the baby they make gets the ‘S’ copy from each of them. So that baby has ‘SS’ which is full blown sickle cell disease.

      Baby could get AA, AS, AS or SS. First 3 no problem but SS (big problem!!)


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