Hi Met,

Is this racist or just convenient cuz everybody knows black ppl love watermelon n chicken.So why not put it together for easy access?!



    1. There are certain foods associated historically by race. White ppl corndogs/hotdogs,black ppl,grape soda/red cool-aide,watermelons and fried chicken.Mexicans..tacos,asians with rats,cats and dogs but mainly rice and noodles.

      The Irish famous for liqour and being drunk. These are all stereotypes that many ppl assumed upon others and are offensive. If I ask you if you are hungry and I got like 10dishes of food prepared,dont you think it offensive if I say I bet u gonna want the fried chicken cuz u black??!

  1. Placed at a weird place fi true cause watermelons are fruits and should be placed with other fruits not beside already prepared meat and the fry chicken should be under one a those ovens to keep warm.

  2. Yes, there is an undercurrent of racism there. These foods have no reason to be placed next to each other. I have never seen cooked meat and fresh fruit next to each other, so placement was consciously made.

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