Good day Metters,peepers and well-wishers,

Met the place tense and the fragile peace don’t look like it will hold this time in Jungle.Last nite dem keep House Party by Benbow Street(near admiral town/off Bakers st).Many teen girls were in attendance and unfortunately this attracted some thugs to the party.Based on all the reports,ppl cussing,discussing this is what is being alleged transpired.

A group of 6 thugs (all over 30yo) offered a group of 5 girls(3teens+2 twenty-somethings) mixed liqour which they accepted at the party.The drinks were laced with “Spanish fly” and 4 of the girls were taken into a room and raped by the 6guys.For whatever reason the 5th girl wasn’t impaired after dem “fly her”so she was resisiting her attenpted rape, kicking n screaming. ‎She was given a long cut to her pretty face and this is the source of all the mayhem n war.

The girls who got raped didn’t create a scene or wanted to press charges but the girl who got cut went to her bad ppl family down by paisely road that’s near hannah town.Several men came with guns going house 2 house searching for the rapists to excact jungle justice.Ironically there was this working decent chap who took part in the batterying of the girls.His mom was of the view that he didn’t “rape or drugged anyone”so she went to the police by the admiral town station to protect her son b4 dem kill him.


Met everybody meet up at the Admiral police station.The bad men dem a demand the release of the alleged rapists,the 5girls dem,mothers of the victims and 2 mothers of the alleged rapists.The mother of 1 of the accused rapists say her son don’t wrong to “tek piece” but him shouldn’t cut the girl Inna her face!!!How can u not come to the conclusion this is 1 of the world’s worst mom ever who ok with her son raping but just that him shouldn’t cut di girl??Two brothers who live near me were arrested in the 6,knowing them i have no doubt about their guilt!

The community is now divided among those who a condone the rape that the girls dem bad n fool fi fall fi Spanish fly and those who‎ kinda ok with the battery but not the cutting Inna face and finally those like me who outraged about the whole sordid affair.The inspector is new and he is currently doing a walk thru jungle to assure residents the peace will hold.


  1. what kind of animals would do this, sometimes me haffi wonder if a cow some man born from. Them no have, mothers, sisters, daughters? How them would feel for man battery their family members.

  2. It’s really sad that a woman could really really condone rape…or anyone for that matter….bun up dem & all who support rapist and condone a violation. Like rape.

  3. This is why Jamaica is full of females (and males) that view sex as a casual recreational activity. It looks like most people dont have a problem with the rape(if they even view it as a rape) because they girls were ina party and too prime. So now most people dont see anything wrong with it which leads to girls continuing to be raped and thinking it is normal or not that big if a deal. I can go on and on about how sexual assault leads to promiscuity

  4. Women protect yourself and stop running down freeness and stop looking for fool-fool men who are willing to spend their money on you for nothing, they rarely exist. If you cant afford to go to a party and pay your own admission and buy your own drinks then don’t go. There’s a lot of evil, perverted, deviant people lurking around who are looking for licky licky females to exploit. I despise rapist and pedophiles so I hope these men face the full blunt of the justice stick. I feel the girls perhaps have a reputation in the streets as being loose, that’s why some people aren’t to worked up over the rape allegations (which doesn’t excuse the act but explains the their reaction). Overall let the police do their job and hopefully justice can be served. Ladies don’t accept liquor from strange men or men that you’re not interest romantically or platonically.

  5. The continues crime amongst are young adults and against are young adults, just because these young teenage girls were amongst the party goers doesn’t mean that the action these much older men took against them was warrant… That’s why we must talk to our young ladies and school them of the dangers outside the home and what is possible out there… I can’t believe these mothers, what if it was your daughter then would you feel the same way… Those boys should get whatever punishment this young lady family members were going to give them, especially the one who cut her inna har face…

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