He is a rapper not a DJ. See DVS aka Courtney Hutchinson we all know he beat, raped and tortured an Ex girlfriend, after a argument over the phone. Earlier today he tweeted that he is innocent, and thankful for the women and men that have been supporting him throughout his case. He is under watch in jail because he tryed to commit suicide leaving behind a note for his mother and friend.

Now if you are a innocent man, you won’t try to kill yourself ? Men only do that if your guilty.

This is not the first time hes done this though !

When he was just a teenager, he forced brothers to engage in sexual activities and he was put on the sex offenders register because he got charged.

Ladies you can see that he is hansom, he has nice garms and a nice car but he is not a nice boy. He is a Rapist becarefull of what man you pik up because not all men are good.

video is of him rapping about how he treats woman.

16 thoughts on “RAPIST NOT A DJ BUT A RAPPER

  1. Ladys some of these men don’t like woman ,them a born battyman ,but because them handsome drive a nice car look clean y’all run in and push up and then these are the stuff that happen,sorry for this young lady bad ,and I am glad she escaped with her life

  2. Talktruth that’s the truth dem battyman yah weh always deh wid a bag a man don’t love woman that’s why they abuse them.Then some of them idiot gal yah love the hype so them run in pon dem idiot man yah I don’t feel sorry fi dem.

    1. exactly born misogynist and closeted homosexuals and dem hide it by being promiscuous and extremely cruel to women. dem beat woman real bad, and treat dem like dogs. usually they are charismatic, have a likkle money,etc. something to make these women run in

  3. listen im exposing dvs because of this. Firstly he is NOT handsome, you must have low standards to think that and he is fat. Secondly he doesnt drive a “NICE CAR” its rentals he gets in the summer to floss however he owns a 2009 merc which is not expensive at all, its basic. He rents a flat in docklands which is mentioned in the article, he can afford the rent because he still owns his council flat in matts road which he rents out and he claims HB (shocked he hasnt been reported for BF tbh) all his post goes to the address in matts road. He boopes dumb 5/10 girls who have low self esteem to buy him stuff, he is manipulative and charming when you first meet him, however i dont have low self esteem so cut him as soon as He tried to tell me “i must seek permission from him” to go to my friends birthday party. I knew him TWO MONTHS when he tried to demand this! When I cut him off and wouldnt answer the phone he randomly phoned me on private at 12am asking me to come out when i cussed him he started saying “come link me you wont say this to my face watch when i see you”
    (exactly same things he said in story which is why i know its true)
    In his house he has barely any furniture and old cheap kitchen gadets and cheap sofas from ebay.
    He gets clothes wears them once for photos and bring them back.
    This guy doesnt have money like you people think. TRUST ME.
    It is all fake. He gets dumb girls to buy him shit this is the truth.

    1. @ lisa is he a Scorpio by any chance? When he was trying to get at me he used to give me a stalker vibe he also used to stare at me in a freaky way. I believe this story 100%

    2. That’s deep, when I first saw the article about DVS. I didn’t want to believe it, but after I read the article to the end. I knew that it was true, the way the woman described what happened. No one can lie about that, unless your sick. I use to rate DVS but hes lost all respect from me. I’m still shocked tbh, you know them ones where you don’t think someone moves bookie like that. SMH. Props to you though Lisa for clocking the early warning signs, bun fire pon DVS!

  4. Bwoy, afta reading dem sumin yah, is likkle wonda some woman juss dow badda wid man, an stay content pan dem own. Wow

  5. DeViouS is a Virgo. and he is not ugly just ugly on the inside think he has put on weight. He is very charming at first just like Lisa said. years ago he video recorded him self having sex with my cousin without her permission he put it out there and made everyone in brixton and my family think she’s Durty gyal. She didn’t knoe what was going on. hes evil nasty boy and his mum and big sister are nice people they’re embarrassed. DV lil sister natalie is a nasty gyal she f***d his friends.

    How many kids has he got and who is is older brother and babymothers

  6. Erm his council flat is not on Matts Rd lol…ppl should really state facts before they post! I dont know what has gone down so wont comment on something I know nothing about. Ladies yes I understand your anger or hate towards him bcos of the things he may of put u thru but i mean come on he never violated u highly to the point to say yes hes a rapist. The one with the videoing the cousin is a bit weird tbh n dnt rate that! But how do we know she never agreed to that either, not saying ur lying but its very easy for ppl to talk n ppl to just believe anything. I personally know him n no i dont condone this type of behaviour one bit it is absolutely disgusting if all what was said is the 100% truth! Until u spk to either both parties involved then ppl shouldn’t make judgement until then NOONE really knows what actually happened. I personally dnt think he is that bad from what i know of him i mean hes not a saint but from my experience with him hes far from the worse but yes ppl change but i wont make judgments until i spk to ppl involved cause we live in a world where ppl really do just chat SHIT. If all is true I sincerely hope the female involved is ok n can progress n that he pays for the crime committed.

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