1. And she still went ahead and marry him and refuse to press charges….like Kermit says, ITS NONE A MI BUSINESS, sips mi coconut wata

  2. She woke up long enough to marry this guy….
    Let’s see what’s gonna happen now that his pocket is knocked out!
    Back to my Red velvet cake.

  3. Gyal fool lakkah wah..di fuss ting she mussi did nyam when she born was baddu leaf..Sarve im ass right im lucky seh a only dat alone im get..dyamm abusah,and hab di narve fi seh a single parent..a woman at dat raise im..plus im have a young dautah..wandah wah im story to har going to be..

  4. Yes, striking a women down is wrong…..but the man should not lose his livelihood…..was a big mistake….he/she/NFL got past it….and now this

  5. It doesn’t matter that she married him. Nuff abuse women don’t just marry the abuser but they also stay in marriages and relationship with them. As women we should understand that it is never okay for anyone to hit you regardless of what you say or do. Real men walk away. And as our children first teacher we should not submit our children to witnessing abuse or abused them. Because this is where they learn this nasty behavior. The issue is about domestic abuse not the mindset of an ABUSED woman.
    Wife,mother,christian,social worker and my sister’s keeper.

  6. Good Evening Met & Metters
    They’re both lucky becauzen seh dat deh punch deh whe him gi r, could a land r straight a di burying grung an him in a jail. So him need fi rejoice seh a jus fire dem fire him. Dats a no holds barred punch u nuh.

      1. Met, I strongly disagree with your comment. As a woman abuse counselor and a child advocate, I am dishearten when I read comments about the intention(s) of a victim. Clearly, we haven’t done a good job of education people about abuse. Even, in this case with video evidence for all to see. He knocked her out, knowing that there is a camera in the elevator (abusers don’t care). He then dragged and kicked her. He showed such little concern for his fiance (now wife), who also happens to be the mother of his little girl that it broke my heart watching the video. I will share some information I learned form working with families like this: Most/if not all abused women love their life but remain out of fear/threat, trauma, etc. Abuse is about POWER and CONTROL. If she stayed because of money as you imply. Then how would you explain poor people who marry their abuser.

  7. Met me affi jump pan da ship ya. Inna reall real life wat him do is wrong, but the situation could be handled differently. Fi stop a man bread a nuh nice summin, and at the same time ms lady quite comfortable with her situation

    1. And prideless. They were wrong to terminate the contract but the video being public gave them no choice because it was really sickening to watch

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