1. She wants to know the lil nuances that can affect their decision ie if taking out all the money and putting back a larger amount will arose suspicion.

  1. Go on the Canadian government website. Or like the previous comment stated, just google ” applying for a Canadian visa” you’ll get all the answers and requirements there. I believe if it’s a visiting visa you will need an invitation letter or something like that…bwoy it’s a hard country to get into I heard, compared to the states

  2. Sender, there is no single reason that causes one to be “denied’ a visa. Notwithstanding, there are some factors which may be interpreted as less favorable to proving you have enough ties to your home country and that you can financially support yourself during your intended stay. The embassy does ask for a bank/financial statement which should cover transactions for a specified period of time. Withdrawing a specific lump sum and then subsequently depositing a larger lump sum can be viewed less favorably if the Applicant is unable to account for same especially if the amounts withdrawn is the sum total of the Applicant’s monetary net worth. Other factors that may bolster your application in such a situation for example would be a job letter or business account/financial information. Alternatively, you could write a supporting letter detailing the movements within your account but note that the officers have discretionary powers whether or not to accept said letter. If it is not accepted as part of your application then obviously that will not help. Do you have other bank accounts that are more stable over the past six months? Do you have other assets such as being a business owner, house/land title, currently employed with a steady salary and can provide salary statements for between 3-6 months etc.? No one except the Officer(s) attending to your case knows the reason(s) for turning down an application but the better view is that it is better to wait until one can provide more convincing proof of financial stability over the past six months which could be indicative of an ability to financial support one self for the Canadian trip even if the cost of the ticket is covered by someone else.

  3. If you have an American visa go to America then from there drive up to the Canadian border tell them you going to niagra falls they will ask for a return ticket from Jamaica to America once u have that they will grant you a visa.

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