4 thoughts on “REAL BAD PEOPLE

  1. Wow dem ah go mash dung your self esteem.. Till you come clean wud unnuh fake boot and garments.. You even have people outside the jamaicanmg circle thinking your a man maaaaine. Not a good look! them even know seh the garment label dem paste in and shoes bottom painted on a China.. Woooiiiee. Old people always say “THE higher a monkey climb, He’s bound to expose his arse”” ROBERT your whole batty and breast and ugly toes and teefing business get expose daily on jmg. Go off always cause disgrace.. Look pon bolt…prime example; the fastest man in the world right now till him all a tease man while him a run. LOOK How HIM EXPOSE FI HIM ARSE. WHO HIM TECK UP. ONE CUNTRY BUT PRETTY TRAMP WEH DROP DRAWSE FI MAN AND WOMAN FASTER THAN HIM CAN REACH THE FINISH LINE. SHE TECK ALL HIM BREDDAH DROP DA BATTAN DEH AND MOVE TO BOLT. GAL BAD No CHU .. ROBERT GO EASY.. YOU NEED A TUB A ICE FI CHILL OUT…

  2. mi did tell unu from the pics first run dat she look like the tin man’s slutty sista name The Tin Ma’am. Fi see Daffles tek out the oil can outta him pink Chanel purse and oil har dung wen she rusty, aww that’s love.

  3. I actually think she she wore those boots better than Kim Kardashian. If you like the way you look don’t let no one put you down keep doing your thing.

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