14 thoughts on “REAL GERMS

  1. Our culture, “sweep it under di rug and dont bring disgrace to the family”. Leave har to time,she ah go play inna har shit. That’s a disconnected mother, she showed no emotion or empathy towards her daughter. How da f**k you dont know your daughter’s name.

  2. My heart just broke god …the mom look like shi not even care..all shi wah know is why the girl come here..and then she try deflect bout the girl cuss at her on the phone bout shi love all har children as the lord..yuh see how har uniform tight…that’s why sometime when they cant empathize and treat people right wi nuffi question it cause if she can disconnect from somebody wha shi carry and give birth to my child on the street is REALLY gonna be nothing to her

  3. Y’all see it here we do have REALLLLLLLLL dirty mothers out there too , a swear me hate this fucking bitch !!!! a dem sit in dem shit and and by am it to iv see it with my eyes . Upset me

  4. I know this lady personally, she use to live on 225 she have a lot of kids met she sick for real. She cant help it. It’s a long story because if the mother never leave Jamaica they was going to kill her. The father use to rape her and she has a baby by him.

  5. Why she went to the lady job with he godliness girl by people just love to do thing for social media the woman nuh know yuh move yuh rass and lowe di woman KMT

  6. Wow dirty mother remind me of kim perfections smh she to left a disable son and 3 dayghters in jamaica scatttered with strangers then act like she has one daughter in jamaica.

  7. I wish to see a follow up if there is any on this story. This young lady is really intelligent and respectful. This so call mother is wicked ,selfish ,disgraceful,disgusting and evil. What a low life woman. My heart goes out to the sister in england be strong girl god covers you and to the disable brother god will keep on protecting you. This stoery have me dissie. Wow .this lady should and will be punish. Lady you are heartless.

  8. Nothing positive would come from ambushing and recording her. Why would you want or expect her to take care of your disabled brother? This has more to do with the sisters than the sick son. Leave the poisonous deadbeat mother alone. You will not get the outcome that you desire. You see how she look like smoking crack rotten har teeth? Lef har to God and try to carry on.

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