Recently the popular instagram page Fakewatchbusta put athlete Ocho Cinco on blast for wearing a fake watch. He responded by saying he has never worn anything real, not even when making millions. Rich people are huge buyers of replicas, some think it is an insult to the designers/craftsmen. What are your opinions?


  1. Ochocinco is absolutely correct…and that statement goes for any brand that you buy..I would rather not wear that brand if I cannot afford it than to buy an imitation just to fake it as if I got it like that; I hate fake designer/imitation labels…even the t-shirt dem weh sell 3@$10 with big brand labels printed on them…that is affordable but I would rather buy a plain Hanes t-shirt than to wear and advertise for a company whose brands I cannot afford or wouldn’t even wear if I could afford; some of these big brand items are tacky anyways and I still wouldn’t wear some of their makes even if I could afford it…always stay within your means and buy what you like and can afford….

  2. Buy what you want and wear what you want .Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t buy a versace shirt for $5 and wear it.If I want to buy a fake watch and try to wear it with the intention of people think it’s not,that’s just my business .

  3. I buy what I like not because of brand. If I love a handbag and it cost $29 in Marshall’s then I will buy it. If I love a Chanel bag that cost $5,000 then I will buy it. Not for a show but just what I like personally. I would rather buy a non brand that is well constructed and looks nice than spend that money to buy a fake that will probably strip or crack and waste my damn money.

  4. If u nuh buy designer you are wearing a knockoff because all di cheaper versions are made from the style of other designers..Some switch it up and it look better so I have to agree wid ocho cinco..Mi nah wear nothing real. I have to have a nice bag though but nothing extravagant

  5. If you only have $500 to spend then buy a Movado watch and not a fake Rolex. I believe in supporting a brand.
    Personally I don’t get the same feeling when I wear a fake as oppose to an authentic brand.
    Maybe Ochocinco can explain to me how he earned tens of millions of dollars and bought fake jewelry for over a decade but is broke today.
    At least if he had bought real Jewelry he would have had them as assets…lol.

  6. Hmmmmm act your WAGE is a good motto to live by. If I like something and want it I may work a likkle overtime so I can treat myself, but everyday Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Consignment is good enough for me. But I’m a simple woman. I can’t imagine MYSELF spending $5K on a bag, but maybe $500. But that’s for ME. It’s true if you want to be rich you don’t waste money on things that depreciate in value. I was recently looking into buying Gold Bars. Seems like the BEST investment. Mi will work di extra OT on the job to do that too b/c that’s for my future!!

  7. I don’t support knockoff brands, but whoever feel comfy in them then more power and no judgement over here. Mi affi wear di real deal doe….but mi nah teef fi it.

    1. Fa real Yawdy…real, affordable and authentic name brands ca mi naah teef, sell miself nor mi soul nor beg nuhbody feet :ngakak

  8. I bought a china town Louie bag one time thinking please idk what anyone say is how you carry yourself and let me tell you!! I was so shame to wear it very self conscious since I knew it was fake! Never again I stick to my Marc Jacobs which is quite Alrite with me

    1. Cynthia Rowley, Lucky Brand, Patricia Nash and a few others *can’t quite think of them at the moment*, sell high quality n’ affordable genuine leather bags; you can purchase them @ T.J.Maxx…these designers make very very nice bags…

  9. I never buy fakes for myself, not even our version of perfumes. However, I think it is better to wear fakes than to do the unholy to get the real stuff. I also would never spend money on any luxury item that is made in China, to me made is China is just low quality and high production, not attention to details.

  10. I don’t wear fake…from the time a gawn wid mi self.. with the lv one strap bag until this guy at the airport walk up to me with the real one…hahaha oh gosh mi did feel some kinda way…suh mi wi just wah nice bag nothing pass $150 not cheap but I have kids to think about.

  11. People who can’t wear fake stuff have self confidence issues .I buy t-shirts from china that lasted much longer than t-shirts from designer shops .If you feel awful wearing something because you have not bought it in the ”real shop” that say a lot about your self confidence .
    I am a very confident person,a matter of fact, I can sell the stuff .I see people wasting money on things they can get cheaper,I just think those people are good for the economy and for the owners and investors of the brand .I am good for me and my children .Not wasting their money buying no real notten .

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