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  1. Him have some bad karate move still… or is that jujitsu? In any event I was entertained… must be a rock star church judging from the size of the congregation. I could be wrong though…

  2. Tawkchuet… Dem a go tell God that they did signs and wonders in his name. And God will tell them depart for he know them not.
    Sad thing is lost souls out in the world want to be saved. If i could barrel dem False Prophets here n dash dem in a fire. Because if the go sea bottom then they become Marine spirits that rise up and cause more arm….I gone.Morning met

  3. The world infested with False prothets. And they causing more damage than some serious kind of cancer.
    Mine u,i believe in Prophets. But I don’t see where these antics line up with scriptures.No one wants to read the word for themselves. We are only interested in these action movies. Long speech on prosperity and sewing our children college money to buy prosperity while the soul on its way to hell.And yes there’s a hell.

  4. Dis coming like when yuh know yuh cyah fight suh yuh get couple ppl fi hold yuh back dwl..

  5. @Anon 12:41 you are exactly correct. The sad part is if you were to confront this bad and deceptive behavior people in that same congregation would throw you out and quote Scripture about not judging least you be judged or the other verse about ye without sins cast the first stone. They don’t read the part in Scripture about staying from those that preach another Gospel. They don’t read the verse that states that they are going to be made merchandise of. How false prophets are going to be on the increase. They go to see these spectacles because some how it makes them feel good. I will never understand why people would sit there and watch someone mock the MOST HIGH GOD.

  6. The Quietstorm…lack of knowledge… I my self was fooled by Mr Benny Hinn.And don’t u open u mouth n talk about Joel Osteen to some of my family members.this same man that refuse to say that Jesus is the son of God that died n rose again.My dear these Pastors hide the truth.And sugar coat God’s word by living under grace and forgetting the laws.

    1. Benny Hinn? Mi never ever believe that man. But what we must also know, that prophets are troubled people most of them are not perfect. Dem a go have all kinds of short comings .

  7. Met..Short comings a petty tief n foota hype behavior with the girl n the food.but these prophet’s are scammers, con man and women all in the name of their god.Not the Lord God.That same man name Jeremiah kong fu roun 20 people in a different sermon.

  8. Met…there’s this one name Edd Branson who interviewed this girl after he cast the spirit of prostitution out of her.And I’m watching with my eyes well squinch-up because the Bible say trust no man except God.Mi like Pastors like Appstle Andrew Scott,Kevin L A Ewing,the paraplegic Justin Peters,Dr.David Oloukoya And this man name Derek Prince.Because they teaching is radical.There’s allot more but these people led me to start watching for these false witnesses. I was recently delivered n I’m not about to mess it up behind these demonic actors.

    1. The thing about it is that you cant even allow these people fi touch u..Just going around them sometimes can set dem demon pan u..but a believer must always study the bible for themselves and keep prayerful

  9. One dead the other day. N the world acting like them don’t believe the little boys that got rape. The church quick take a girl off the choir for getting pregnant n not married but pastor can blow on them they fall back wards(1st sign of false) Then they jump and sew the morgage money because a bigger blessing coming. Or if they really want healing they sew according to the sickness for the healing.The other day one came from Canada n say God say 10 people must sew $5,000. I don’t even make that month. And that alone turn me off.

    1. Greed always get di best a dem. A so dem do all di while when dem get big, dem bring money ina di ting.

  10. Yes @Met it says to search the Scriptures like the Bereans did even as Paul the apostle got up to preach to make sure what we are hearing is true. My eyes were once closed to these false prophets. I never believed Benny Hinn but I would watch Joel Osteen even had his books, I woke up every morning before work and tuned into Joyce Meyer and TD Jakes every once in a while. It took falling to the same sinful behaviors in my life and crying out to God after my life being spared several times that my eyes were opened. I was comfortable being a hypocrite dressing up for church paying my tithes on Sunday but the worst scoundrel Monday through Saturday. I did not know I was a hypocrite then but deep inside something felt wrong. I was reading the power that raised Christ could set me free and would help me to overcome besetting sins but I couldn’t see the victory in my life.

    Now looking back it was when I admitted to the Most High my wrong doings, being honest with Him and myself and praying for Him to cleanse me, that I wanted the joy and peace His Word promised. That I wanted to know Him. I asked for revelations and boy did they come and rapidly. Am I perfect? Far from it but there is this thing called the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Now when I speak or act in an
    un-Christlike manner… the convictions and corrections come swiftly! I am no longer burdened when I sin I repent and ask for strength to overcome.

    These concerts in these big arenas put on with these false prophets using God’s name in vain they shall reap what they sow. I listen to pastors after praying about the message I am about to listen to. The discernment of the Holy Spirit is precise. It is hard for the wolves to deceive anyone if they are feeding on God’s Holy Word as well as fasting and praying on a regular basis. I watch at times the drama unfolding in some of these so called rivals people jumping and hollering, wallowing on the floor carrying on and just shake my head. If that’s how they completed then it will tale God Himself to reveal truth to them. He will not force truth we have to seek Him and He will reveal Himself of we are sincere.

  11. @Anon 3:05 yes I totally agree. Lack of knowledge and not studying for ourselves. I was once guilty of this. I was so lost and blind though I was attending church on a regular basis. There was a time that I too defended some of these false prophets so called “men and women of God”. I thank the Most High God for His revelation. That is why I no longer argue with people or get mad anymore. I sympathize because I was once blind and programmed. I try to instead point to Scripture. Try to show people that certain behaviors and traditions are not Biblical. All I can do is give the information that I was led to. It is sad the state of this new-age church, sad but not surprise because it is written that these things were going to be on the increase right before Christ’s second coming.

  12. Pure foolishness and I would not return to this church. These pastors making mockery of people’s faith. This is so sad.

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