1. Shawn you figet fi add “Razor TOngue ” Yup dem seh it badd like dat too. But mi cah believe seh wid dah plank deh you really gone play dentist ina di gal dem rotten hole. For the love of money you had to go there ha? :babyboy :travel

  2. From the odda day him put up pic inna kitchen mi couldn’t believe mi eyes 1 basic kitchen with a small dirty stove and skinny man with slippers no say no tired I’d the fake flossy glossy men dem

  3. Truss mi him fi glad him cah come back yah. You no see weh a reach him old crew? some 25 years and some hard cold life ina a cell wid some fish mates. At least him can go climb one tree and cook him meal. Shawn i can literally say you swimm like a fish outta dah drag net yah. YOu still a ppull a hype so di gal dem still ah runn een even tho you no have a $.

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